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How to Sew a Pillowcase With Flap: Step-by-Step Tutorial (2023)

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how to sew a pillowcase with flapEmbark on a journey of fabric and thread mastery as you delve into the art of crafting a pillowcase with a flap closure. Picture the satisfaction of creating not just a functional piece, but a symbol of your prowess in the realm of sewing.

In this tutorial, you’ll unravel the meticulous steps, guided by your innate desire for liberation through crafting prowess. Visualize the transformation of raw materials into a symphony of stitches, as you unlock the secrets of sewing a pillowcase with a flap.

Channel your focus towards the calculated selection of fabric and the precise measurements, embodying a commander of your creative domain. With swift yet deliberate actions, you’ll master the hemming of short ends and the seamless stitching of sides, cultivating an aura of control over every fiber.

And as you meticulously sew the decorative flaps, envision your mastery unfurling like a tapestry of skill. This tutorial empowers you with the knowledge to fashion not just a pillowcase, but a testament to your journey towards sewing sovereignty.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose the right fabric for comfort and aesthetics.
  • Measure and cut the fabric accurately for a snug fit.
  • Hem the fabric edges for a crisp finish.
  • Experiment with different flap closure variations for a polished look.

How to Sew a Pillowcase With Flap: Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Sew a Pillowcase With Flap: Step-by-Step Tutorial
Embark on creating your own stylish pillowcase with an envelope-style flap closure and decorative flaps. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to master the process, from calculating fabric size and hemming the short ends to sewing the sides, decorative flaps, and effortlessly inserting the pillow form.

Materials and Tools Needed

To get started, you’ll need 2 yards/meters of natural fabric, an iron and ironing board, a sewing machine, a tape measure, sharp fabric scissors, straight pins, a size 90 sewing needle, and matching thread.

Customize your fabric, master pinning techniques, and ensure precise fabric cutting. Choose the right sewing machine for the task and explore various sewing needle options for optimal results.

Calculating Fabric Size for a Pillowcase

With just a pinch of imagination, your chosen fabric transforms into a canvas of comfort waiting to embrace your pillow form. Calculating fabric dimensions for your pillowcase involves precision and creativity.

Consider the standard pillow size guide: 75 x 45 cm (29½ x 17¾), plus an envelope closure flap of 17 cm and two decorative flaps of 4.5 cm each. These measurements ensure a snug fit and a stylish outcome for your sewn masterpiece.

Hemming the Short Ends

Now, let’s move on to hemming the short ends for a polished finish. Begin by folding the fabric edges twice, about 1/2 inch each time, to create a clean hem.

Choose a suitable needle, like a size 90 sewing machine needle, and adjust your stitch length for the fabric type. A shorter stitch length works well for securing hems. Position the fabric under the presser foot, aligning the folded edge with the edge of the presser foot.

Start sewing, backstitching at the beginning and end for durability. This not only creates a neat hem but also reinforces the edges for added strength.

With careful attention to pressing techniques and seam finishes, you’re ensuring that your pillowcase with flap will maintain its integrity and charm over time.

Sewing the Sides of the Pillowcase

Next, carefully align the edges of your fabric rectangle, ensuring they match up perfectly, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together.

Maintain a consistent seam allowance as you stitch, ensuring a secure and polished result.

Explore different flap closure variations as you sew, allowing your creativity to shine. For seam finishing tips, consider using a zigzag stitch or serger for added durability.

If desired, add decorative stitching options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pillowcase. Your power lies in these sewing skills as you bring the sides of the pillowcase together in a masterful display of craftsmanship.

Sewing the Decorative Flaps

Embark on the final touches of your creation by bringing an artistic flair to the edges, crafting captivating details that add a touch of elegance to your fabric rectangle.

As you approach the finishing line, focus on creating flap corners that boast crisp angles. Use your ironing techniques to ensure these corners are sharp and polished, giving your pillowcase a professional finish.

Experiment with flap attachment variations, selecting the style that resonates with your vision. Whether you opt for a neatly sewn inner flap or an intricate envelope closure, your mastery over the sewing machine will shine through.

The cotton fabric serves as your canvas, ready to transform into a functional and visually appealing masterpiece.

Now, it’s time to infuse personality into your creation. Explore flap design ideas that align with your aesthetic sensibilities. Consider adding embellishments like fabric appliques, embroidery, or decorative stitching to elevate your pillowcase’s allure.

Your journey from novice to skilled artisan unfolds as you finesse each seam and integrate every design element with intention and skill.

Inserting the Pillow Form

To complete your stylish pillow project, imagine sliding your pillow form into the awaiting embrace of your fabric creation, like a hand fitting snugly into a perfectly tailored glove.

Ensure your pillow form is a suitable match for your pillowcase dimensions, guaranteeing a snug fit. Begin by turning your pillowcase inside out. This ensures that the neat edges and decorative flaps you’ve crafted are on the outside for a polished finish.

Now, measure the folds of your envelope flap closure to make sure they align perfectly. Adjust if needed to ensure a symmetrical fit. This attention to detail elevates the overall appearance of your pillowcase.

Gently slide the pillow form into the open end of the pillowcase, taking care not to catch the fabric on the corners. The envelope closure will securely cover one end of the pillow form, keeping it in place.

As you complete this final step of inserting the pillow form, consider experimenting with different flap closure variations and decorative flap ideas to further personalize your pillowcase project. Embrace the challenge and revel in the mastery of creating a beautiful and functional pillowcase.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric for Pillowcases

Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric for Pillowcases
Explore a variety of fabrics to find the perfect match for your pillowcase creation, considering factors like texture, pattern, and color.

  1. Cotton Comfort: Opt for a soft and breathable cotton fabric to guarantee a cozy night’s sleep. Its natural fibers feel gentle against the skin and are easy to care for.

  2. Tutorial on Texture: If you’re new to sewing, stick with fabrics like cotton sateen or flannel. Their smooth surfaces make stitching a breeze, ensuring your pillowcase comes together neatly.

  3. Mind the Raw Edges: Choose fabrics that don’t fray easily, as raw edges might be exposed on the inside of the pillowcase. This way, your creation remains polished and professional.

  4. Flap-Friendly Fabrics: Keep the flap’s construction in mind – select a fabric that folds nicely and holds its shape, contributing to the polished look of your envelope-style closure.

  5. Color Coordination: When it comes to color, consider the existing palette in your bedroom. Whether you’re going for calming neutrals or vibrant hues, make sure the fabric enhances your space’s overall aesthetic.

Experiment with various fabric varieties and combinations, exploring their textures and drape to unleash your sewing mastery. By carefully choosing the right fabric, you’ll elevate your pillowcase project from a simple sewing endeavor to a work of art that graces your bed with style and sophistication.

How to Cut Fabric Perfectly for a Pillowcase

How to Cut Fabric Perfectly for a Pillowcase
Transitioning from selecting the ideal fabric to the meticulous art of crafting a pillowcase with a flap closure involves mastering cutting techniques that lay the foundation for a perfect result.

  1. Fabric Selection: Your choice of fabric profoundly influences the outcome. Keep in mind the overall aesthetic and the feel you want the pillowcase to have. Whether it’s the softness of cotton sateen or the cozy warmth of flannel, let your selection speak to your desired comfort and style.

  2. Measuring Tricks: Before making a single cut, measure twice, cut once. This timeless wisdom holds true, especially in sewing. Utilize the tape measure to ensure your fabric is aligned with the required dimensions. Double-check the numbers to avoid any mishaps later on.

  3. Cut Fabric with Finesse: Armed with fabric scissors that cut like a dream, approach the fabric with intention. Utilize the rip method to achieve precise edges. A straight cut ensures a professional finish, while a steady hand and a dash of patience can make all the difference.

  4. Flap Alignment: The success of your envelope-style flap closure hinges on precise alignment. Use your measuring skills to fold and pin the fabric correctly. Each fold must align flawlessly, setting the stage for a neat and secure flap.

Embrace these cutting techniques with an experienced eye and a passion for mastery. Your dedication to precision will yield a fabric canvas ready to be transformed into a pillowcase with a flap that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As you dive into the cutting process, your confidence will grow, setting the stage for the next steps of this engaging sewing journey.

Common Problems When Making a Pillowcase and How to Solve Them

Common Problems When Making a Pillowcase and How to Solve Them
Tackle those frustrating obstacles that can arise during the crafting process, finding ingenious solutions to ensure your creation turns out just as you envisioned.

  1. Fabric Wrinkles: Wrinkles can mar the polished look of your pillowcase. To avoid this, iron your fabric before cutting and sewing. Smooth out any wrinkles during the sewing process to ensure a crisp finish.

  2. Thread Tangles: Thread tangles can lead to messy seams and uneven stitching. Keep your sewing machine well-maintained, and use good quality thread. If tangles occur, gently pull out the tangled thread and rethread your machine, making sure the tension is adjusted correctly.

  3. Uneven Seams: Uneven seams can affect the symmetry of your pillowcase. Use fabric markers to mark your sewing lines accurately, and sew slowly and steadily along the marked lines to maintain even seams.

  4. Misaligned Flaps and Fitting Issues: Flaps that don’t align properly or fitting issues can result in an ill-fitting pillowcase. Double-check your measurements and markings before sewing, and use fabric scissors to trim any excess fabric. If your flaps misalign, carefully remove the stitches, realign the flaps, and sew again.

With these solutions in mind, you can confidently navigate and overcome common problems that might arise while crafting your pillowcase with flap closure and decorative flaps. Achieve mastery over your sewing project, ensuring each step brings you closer to a flawless and stylish pillowcase that reflects your creative prowess.

Top 5 Essential Sewing Tools for Making Pillowcases

Top 5 Essential Sewing Tools for Making Pillowcases
To craft the perfect pillowcase with a stylish envelope-style closure, you’ll want to have these five essential tools in your sewing arsenal.

First and foremost, selecting the right rotary cutter is paramount. The OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G, designed for both left and right-handed users, ensures clean and precise fabric cuts effortlessly, thanks to its titanium blades that offer lasting sharpness.

Next, mastering pinning techniques is crucial. The Glass Head Multicolor Pins 150-Pack is a vibrant assortment that adds both visibility and creativity to your projects. These pins come in three different sizes, making them ideal for marking, pinning, and working with various fabrics.

Your choice of fabric thread is equally vital. The Colorful Polyester Thread Set 10x100m by Gutermann offers tear-resistant threads in a burst of vibrant colors, enhancing your sewing experience and minimizing fiber lint.

Hemming tips are essential for a polished finish. Use the Fiskars RazorEdge Fabric Shears/Seam Ripper for accurate fabric cutting. Additionally, the Universal Machine Needles by Euro-Notions, compatible with various fabrics, ensure a smooth sewing process.

Lastly, explore decorative flap variations with the SINGER ProSeries Retractable Tape Measure, perfect for measuring folds and flaps accurately.

By harnessing the power of these tools, you’ll master the art of crafting pillowcases with flair and precision, unleashing your creative potential.

5 Best Tape Measures for Accurate Measurements

5 Best Tape Measures for Accurate Measurements
Explore a realm of precise measurement mastery with the SINGER ProSeries Retractable Tape Measure, a versatile companion designed to effortlessly adapt to your measurement needs. Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast meticulously measuring quilt fabrics or an individual seeking efficiency in everyday tasks, this tape measure is perfect for you.

Crafted with flexibility and durability in mind, it offers a generous 96-inch length, all neatly housed within a compact case featuring a convenient keyring hole.

The tape measure’s dual-unit display showcases measurements in both inches and centimeters, catering to a range of measurement needs. Customers have raved about its quick delivery and lauded its retractable functionality, which adds ease and efficiency to a variety of tasks.

From sewing enthusiasts using it to measure quilt fabrics with precision to individuals finding it indispensable for everyday measurements, this tape measure has found a place in many hearts.

What’s more, the ProSeries Retractable Tape Measure goes the extra mile by including millimeter measurements on the reverse side, proving invaluable for those who require even finer accuracy. In crafting, accurate measurements form the foundation of every successful project.

The SINGER ProSeries Retractable Tape Measure stands as one of the Measuring Tool Innovations, offering a powerful instrument to achieve Crafting Measurement Mastery.

Whether you’re meticulously calculating fabric lengths for a pillowcase with flap closure or ensuring the perfect fit for your sewing creations, this tape measure empowers you with precision. With its reliability, adaptability, and ease of use, this tool becomes an indispensable part of your crafting journey, elevating your creations and bringing you one step closer to Measuring Mastery.

5 Best Fabric Shears/Seam Rippers for Clean Cuts

5 Best Fabric Shears/Seam Rippers for Clean Cuts
Transitioning from the realm of accurate measurements, let’s delve into the world of fabric manipulation and cutting-edge precision. As you embark on your journey to master the art of sewing, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the finest tools that bring liberation, power, and mastery to your craft.

In this pursuit, the tools you wield become an extension of your creativity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the meticulous process of creating a pillowcase with flap closure and decorative flaps.

Seam rippers have evolved beyond mere thread-cutting implements. They now incorporate ergonomic designs that fit snugly in your hand, allowing you to navigate seams with unprecedented ease. These modern marvels ensure that mistakes are gracefully rectified without leaving behind a trail of wear and tear.

Cutting fabric transforms into a dance of precision with fabric shears boasting ergonomic handles. Designed to reduce hand fatigue, these shears fit seamlessly into your grasp, elevating your control and accuracy as you effortlessly glide through layers of fabric.

As you embark on the creation of your envelope pillow cover, precision becomes your ally. The tools you choose should mirror your commitment to excellence. With razor-sharp blades that effortlessly pierce through fabric, you’ll experience the gratification of clean and exact cuts, transforming your vision into a tactile reality.

Delve into your sewing project armed with needles that promise consistent quality and compatibility with a range of fabrics. The right needle enhances your stitching experience, allowing the thread to flow seamlessly, stitch after stitch.

Just as a painter wields a brush, a seamstress wields blades. A rotary cutter becomes your instrument of creation, embodying ease and accuracy as you shape your fabric with the grace of a seasoned artisan.

The OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G, with its titanium blades and safety mechanism, becomes your partner in this crafting journey.

With these professional-grade tools in your arsenal, the creation of an envelope pillow cover with decorative flaps transcends a mere project. It becomes an endeavor that unites precision, innovation, and mastery in your hands, setting you free to express your creativity with newfound power.

5 Best Sewing Machine Needles for a Smooth Sewing Experience

Discover the top performer among sewing machine needles—the Universal Machine Needles by Euro-Notions. With their consistent quality and adaptability to various fabrics, these needles have gained the trust of sewing enthusiasts.

Impressively, they effortlessly glide through layers, even sturdy materials like nylon straps, reducing frustration and saving you valuable time.

When choosing needles, consider both the fabric and the task at hand. These Universal Machine Needles come in an assortment of sizes, ensuring you have the perfect needle for every project. From lightweight materials to heavy-duty fabrics, these needles offer a seamless sewing experience.

The compatibility with different sewing machines adds to their versatility, making them a must-have tool in your sewing arsenal. The needle types and sizes you select can significantly impact your sewing outcome.

Whether you’re using a zig-zag stitch or working with delicate printed fabric, these needles ensure smooth sewing.

When paired with the right thread and sewing pins, you can achieve mastery over your creations. Upgrade your sewing prowess with the precision and reliability of Euro-Notions’ Universal Machine Needles, and transform your projects into showcases of craftsmanship.


In wrapping up this detailed exploration of how to sew a pillowcase with flap, you’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that transforms fabric into a canvas of creativity. Armed with the step-by-step tutorial, you’re ready to venture into the world of sewing and craft your very own masterpiece.

From calculating fabric dimensions to mastering the art of hemming and sewing, each technique is a brushstroke in your sewing palette. With your newfound expertise, you’ll confidently choose the best fabric for pillowcases, ensuring comfort and style.

When it comes to precision, you’re armed with the top tape measures, fabric shears, and sewing machine needles to sculpt your fabric with finesse. Through common troubleshooting, you’ll conquer challenges that arise, elevating your craftsmanship.

In your crafting journey, the SINGER ProSeries Retractable Tape Measure will unfurl a tapestry of measurements. Like a seasoned seamstress, you’ll wield the Fiskars RazorEdge Fabric Shears/Seam Ripper, making each cut a symphony of precision.

Your craft will be pinned with artistry using the Glass Head Multicolor Pins 150-Pack.

As your sewing machine hums along, guided by the Universal Machine Needles by Euro-Notions, you’ll thread together the fabric of dreams with the Colorful Polyester Thread Set. And the OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G will dance through fabric, creating edges as crisp as a winter morning.

Your skills, nurtured by this tutorial and accompanied by these tools, transform a simple fabric rectangle into a pillowcase adorned with flap closure and decorative flaps. You’re now primed to embark on your journey of expression, where every stitch is a testament to your craftsmanship.

So, armed with your knowledge and these tools, it’s time to sew a pillowcase with flap and elevate your sewing endeavors beyond imagination.

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