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Brother St371hd Sewing Machine in-depth Review (2023)

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If you are a beginner or intermediate sewist, obtaining a heavy-duty sewing machine most likely isn’t at the top of your checklist. And why would it be? Not everyone needs to handle thick fabrics such as leather or denim, much less multiple layers of those. Also, you possibly do not need an efficiency beast that would certainly allow you to sew for hrs on end. Nonetheless, the fact is that a powerful workhorse is something every sewist needs, no matter his/her ability degree. Contrasted to the heavy-duty equipments, common sewing devices look like playthings. Today, we are to decide if Brother ST371HD, the so-called “Strong and also Tough” design , comes from the previous or the latter category.

However before I reduced to the chase, I need to think about an essential point. Why would certainly a machine verify not worthy of its name? The response is, it should not. However it still occurs fairly commonly. Basically, : if you desire a genuine sturdy workhorse, it’s best to go with an industrial or commercial sewing machine Those will certainly always deliver with the exact same power, speed, and accuracy. Made with industrial sewists in mind, they will sew continually for hrs without breaking a sweat.

Nonetheless, that isn’t to claim that there aren’t semi-industrial or perhaps domestic (portable) sewing devices with some minimal sturdy functionality. Also if you aren’t a professional sewist, you still might need to handle sturdy materials every now and then. That’s where such equipment can come in useful And also Brother ST371HD claims to be among these equipments.

In this review, we will delve into its features, performance, and user experience. After that, we’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages and also pass a verdict if this machine is worth your money.

Brother ST371HD Overview Features

On the surface area, this Brother ST371HD machine appears to be good equipped for the majority of tasks a sewist satisfies every day. Let’s see what you’ll obtain as you unbox this machine

  • 37 built-in stitches, consisting of most common ones such as zigzag, decorative, blind hem, stretch, support stitches.
  • Six presser feet that are very easy to attach. The snap-on feet, you will certainly obtain are buttonhole, zipper, blind stitch, button sewing, spring action zigzag, and nonstick feet. You can easily readjust the feet for an added height, so you can handle lots of layers with no issues.
  • The optimum stitching speed is 800 stitches per min. Enough for most hobbyists or fanatics, far from enough for commercial exists.
  • Go down feed option, a function crucial to free movement sewing as well as quilting.
  • Three needles, the dimension of # 16 (for thick textiles such as canvas, jeans, duck cloth, cloth, natural leather), # 14 (for several layers), and # 11 (for light-weight materials and also daily sewing jobs). Plus, you will get a twin needle.
  • Half-automatic needle threader saves lots of time. You simply require pressing the bar on the side and the thread will certainly go through the needle. It’s not as simple as completely automated threading, but it still does the work more flawlessly than doing every little thing manually.
  • Steel needle plate. Equipments within this rate range normally included plastic needle plate, which can cause a globe of discomfort if (or rather: when) broken.
  • Stitch selector will certainly make the procedure of picking your stitches extremely simple. Just transform the dial handle on the side to the best number. The numbers, together with the stitch styles, are published listed below the selector, so you will not need to do any type of uncertainty.
  • Top drop-in bobbin. Aside from being extremely easy to location and remove, the bobbin is additionally jam immune– approximately it must be.
  • Free arm options. The default sewing surface area is flat-bed, yet you can conveniently get rid of a part of the base to uncover totally free arm. You will certainly value it when it involves sewing cuffs, sleeves, or tiny and also difficult locations such as in child garments. And voila! This removable part will certainly also act as a little storage space for your extra bobbins, needles and various other tiny products.
  • Additional accessories. In addition to the machine itself, the needle collection and the presser feet, you will certainly also get 4 bobbins, an added spool pin, two spool caps, an educational DVD, a screwdriver, and also a dirt cover. The small devices come in a little bag, which is additionally hassle-free.

Durable Aspects

The fact that you will certainly obtain heavyweight needles doesn’t instantly make this machine durable. Allow’s see what else it has and can do.

Although it’s mostly made from plastics, Brother ST371HD has a metal inside frame and also a metal needle plate Both parts are very essential, the first adding to the machine ‘s strength, stability and longevity, and also the 2nd to better sewing rate and uniformity.

As most sexist know, the high stitching rate is needs to when it concerns actual durable makers. This little individual won’t be able to stitch at greater than 800 stitches per minute. That ought to suffice for many amateur exists. Yet it’s much from what a specialist needs.

However, the machine is pretty light-weight With somewhat below 19 extra pounds, it’s light enough to carry around, which is good. Yet is that adequate to avoid tottering and shaking of the table as you sew? Allow’s check out customer testimonials.

What Do Users Say?

Brother Sewing Machine needle close up Judging by the customers’ experience, Brother ST371HD has taken care of to stabilize security with light weight in this version In my experience, that’s not a simple thing to do, and they are worthy of every praise for making it possible. The machine has a rubber base, which is in charge of reducing the resonances level. And also, honestly, it is a couple of pounds heavier than a lot of entry-level devices.

When it concerns the durable component, there are no excellent problems about Brother ST371HD According to the evaluations on Amazon, the machine stitches through both thick and tough products. You do not need to emphasize out if your corduroy will get punctured with, or if your silk will certainly get spoiled. That’s obviously if you focus on your needles. Take this as a policy of thumb: no needle is a jack of all professions. You require to pick them very carefully, according to the producer’s suggestions.

Other individuals assert that it’s a baseline version. Well, of course that’s true. Would certainly anyone expect anything else from a machine that is greater than reasonably priced? I believe it would be unrealistic to try to find miracles within this price array.

However, the machine has quite a great deal of unfavorable evaluations too. Some twists report that it broke on them within very first hours or days of use. When they called Brother’s customer solution, they were told to bring the machine to their accredited repair service shop. In many cases, it costs even more than a brand-new machine Those consumers could have done something wrong, however it’s still worth to keep their experience in mind when making your acquisition decision.


  • Really budget friendly. I would certainly also say it uses one of the best proportions of top quality vs. rate that I’ve ever before seen. Call it heavy-duty or not, it still supplies better outcomes than a routine, light-duty sewing machine
  • There’s no requirement to oil the machine So, it needs little to no upkeep. Simply eliminate the needle plate and also tidy the dust from time to time.
  • A respectable quilting capability. Not only will this machine take care of thicker materials, but you can likewise do free activity quilting. To drop the feed pets, open up the storage area and you will certainly reveal a bar.
  • The arrangement is simple, as with many mechanical devices. As soon as you unpack it, you will begin stitching within half an hr. For those that have never had a possibility to use a Brother machine, the training DVD will be of excellent aid.
  • It experiences thick and also slim without much effort. Also though the sewing rate isn’t fantastic, it will certainly do the job without skipping stitches. At least the majority of the moment.
  • It’s stronger than many makers within this rate array. Both the needle plate and the chassis are made of steel. Theoretically, this machine should get approved for your sewing companion for many years to come. In practice, we have yet to see if it’s worth the name “Strong and also Tough”.


  • It’s not really a sturdy model. Despite doing better than a lot of versions at this rate, sewists who desire a true sturdy machine won’t be extremely pleased. For example, it will not do much justice to really thick seams. And, if you run a sewing service and require stitching for hrs without a break, the engine may tire and also reduce a little bit.
  • There is no up/down needle switch. It’s an attribute that would certainly can be found in handy when you need to pivot the fabric without shedding your stitch.
  • The LED light illuminating the stitching area isn’t bright enough. Admittedly, it’s also pricey to purchase an added light. Yet still, it wouldn’t have actually been expensive for Brother to develop in a brighter light bulb.
  • Some clients report that particular components broke or malfunctioned within very first months– the timer, the plastic hand wheel, the bobbin winding shaft.

Final Verdict

If you regularly collaborate with durable fabrics, this is not the appropriate model for you. Even though it outperforms many of its peers, Brother ST371HD will certainly still feel a little bit like a plaything when contrasted to an industrial or semi-industrial machine After that again, it’s a few times cheaper than the standard industrial versions.

Yet in terms of getting your money’s worth, I can securely state that you will get back at more than what you spent for. You can select a magnificent machine that will certainly sew via thicker materials if as well as when required. Or you can spend the exact same amount of cash on a computerized, feature-rich version that will certainly fight with tougher projects.

Basically, this machine should be perfect for sewists that deal with a broad selection of textiles , as well as are not specifically devoted to working with denim or leather. Those of you who discover the number of stitches unacceptable, have a look at my review of Brother ST531HD. It’s almost similar to ST371HD, other than that it includes 53 integrated stitches, and also a couple other bells and also whistles.

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