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Bernina 560: Sewing Power at Your Fingertips – 2024 Review

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reviewsbernina 560The Bernina 560 is a versatile sewing and embroidery machine that delivers impressive power and precision. With its intuitive touchscreen navigation, you’ll effortlessly switch between sewing and embroidery modes.

The generous 9mm stitch width allows for a wide range of creative possibilities, while the memory function guarantees your favorite stitches are always within reach.

Whether you’re working with cotton, polyester, rayon, or even leather, the Bernina 560 handles it all with ease.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Bernina 590 is a versatile sewing and embroidery machine that offers impressive power and precision.
  2. It features an intuitive touchscreen navigation that allows users to effortlessly switch between sewing and embroidery modes.
  3. The machine has a generous 9mm stitch width, which allows for a wide range of creative possibilities.
  4. The Bernina 590 is compatible with an assortment of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, rayon, and even leather.

Overview of BERNINA 560

Overview of BERNINA 560
The BERNINA 560 is a versatile sewing machine that effortlessly alternates between sewing and embroidery. It provides a vast selection of stitches and designs.

This machine is renowned for its intuitive touch screen, memory capability for all its stitches, and a maximum stitch width of 9mm. It also boasts an automated thread cutter, a start/stop button, and a bobbin winding while sewing.

The BERNINA 560 is a more economical option compared to the BERNINA 580, with nearly all the same features. It’s available in various color choices and comes with a warranty.

When acquiring the BERNINA 560, dealer credibility and pricing should also be taken into account.

Alternatives to BERNINA 560

Alternatives to BERNINA 560
Having explored the BERNINA 560, you might be curious about other machines that can match your passion for sewing. Here’s a quick rundown of alternatives that could tickle your fancy:

  • Vintage Bernina: A nod to the classics, offering time-tested reliability.
  • Bernina 470: A spacious harp might just be your quilt’s new best friend.
  • Bernina 570: Dual feed system for precision that keeps pace with your creativity.
  • Juki alternatives: Robust contenders that stitch their way into every seamstress’s heart.
  • Suzie’s Magic Binding: The perfect companion for that flawless finish.

Features of BERNINA 560

Features of BERNINA 560
Explore the extraordinary features that elevate the BERNINA 560 as an exceptional sewing machine. Its intuitive touchscreen navigation and remarkable maximum stitch width empower you with the precision of intricate sewing.

Touchscreen Navigation

The BERNINA 560 boasts a large 7-inch touchscreen with clear images and easy navigation, making it a breeze to adjust stitch length, width, and density.

The display is intuitive, allowing you to easily switch between thread and bobbin colors, select buttonhole options, and even program custom embroidery designs.

With infinite stitch adjustments and a precision stop function, you’ll have complete control over your sewing projects.

Maximum Stitch Width

The BERNINA 560 offers a maximum stitch width of 9mm, which is ideal for handling thick fabrics and decorative stitching. This feature is particularly useful for quilt piecing and embroidery, as it allows for a wide range of stitch widths to suit different fabric types and sewing projects.

The BERNINA 560 is also compatible with the BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS), which provides the ability to raise or lower the presser foot without needing to take your hands off the fabric, potentially increasing sewing speed by up to 20%.

Memory Function

The Bernina 560 offers a memory function that allows you to store your favorite stitches, patterns, and embroidery designs. This feature is perfect for those who frequently use specific stitches or designs in their projects.

With the memory function, you can easily access these stitches without having to reprogram them each time. It’s like having a personal sewing assistant that remembers your preferences, making your sewing process more efficient and enjoyable.

Working With BERNINA 560

Working With BERNINA 560
Working with the BERNINA 560 is a delightful experience, especially when you consider the machine’s customized approach to sewing. The BERNINA 560 is equipped with a touchscreen that allows you to effortlessly switch between sewing and embroidery modes, making it a versatile machine for a wide range of projects.

Fabric handling is essential when working with the BERNINA 560, and personal sewing style plays a significant role in this process. The machine’s 9mm detection system can help prevent fabric damage and veering, ensuring a smoother sewing experience. Different sewing styles may yield different results, so it’s important to find the right needle plate and foot for your specific needs. A straight stitch needle plate and foot are recommended, and a new 97 foot is recommended for 9mm machines.

When selecting a machine, in-person testing is crucial to guarantee the best fit for your personal preferences and sewing style. Touchscreens may be preferred over buttons, and silver face may be preferred over black face.

The BERNINA 560 is renowned for its high-quality stitching, and the needle plate and foot can substantially improve stitch quality. Proper selection of these components can prevent fabric issues and ensure a more enjoyable sewing experience.

Suitable Fabrics for BERNINA 560

Suitable Fabrics for BERNINA 560
The BERNINA 560 is a versatile sewing machine adept at handling a diverse array of fabrics, encompassing cotton, polyester, rayon, and leather. Its compatibility with an assortment of stitch types facilitates seamless movement between sewing and embroidery, rendering it a superb selection for a multitude of projects.

While working with intricate fabrics, it is crucial to consider the stitch compatibility and maintenance guidelines to safeguard exceptional performance. Individual preferences and fabric variety exert a significant influence in determining the appropriateness of the BERNINA 560 for particular projects.

Accessories Included With BERNINA 560

Accessories Included With BERNINA 560
With the BERNINA 560, you’ll discover a wealth of accessories that come with it to enhance your sewing experience. These accessories are designed to provide ample work surface for various sewing projects and offer storage solutions for your sewing tools. The machine comes with an accessories box that securely positions on your sewing table, providing a clear view of all your sewing tools through its transparent doors.

In addition to the accessories box, the BERNINA 560 E is equipped with the embroidery function and embroidery module as standard, offering 70 embroidery patterns integrated into its software. This allows you to create intricate embroidery designs right from the start. The machine also includes a slide-on table, which offers practical click locks and ample work surface for a variety of sewing projects.

The BERNINA 560 is designed to cater to both sewing and embroidery needs, providing a wide range of stitches, embroidery designs, and functions to suit your creative projects. The touchscreen navigation makes it easy to switch between sewing mode and embroidery mode, ensuring you can access all the features without any hassle.

To maintain the quality of your stitches and improve your sewing experience, the BERNINA 560 E features a memory function that allows you to save individual stitches, embroidery designs, and stitch combinations even after powering off the machine. This feature ensures that your creative ideas can be easily recalled and used in future projects.

Maintaining BERNINA 560

Maintaining BERNINA 560
Maintaining your Bernina 560 is essential for its durability and optimal operation. Here are some maintenance recommendations to keep your machine in excellent condition:

  1. Cleaning Schedule: Regularly clean your machine to prevent dust and debris accumulation. Disconnect the machine, detach the needle plate, and use a soft brush to clean the machine’s frame.
  2. Needle Replacement: Change your needle every 8 hours of sewing. This guarantees a clean, sharp needle for improved stitch quality.
  3. Bobbin Winding: Always wind bobbins with the appropriate thread tension. Excessive winding can lead to thread breakage and tension problems.
  4. Troubleshooting: If you encounter any difficulties, consult the user manual or contact Bernina’s customer support for assistance. Regular maintenance can prevent minor issues from escalating into significant problems.

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560
Regarding troubleshooting your BERNINA 560, several prevalent issues may arise. Here’s a succinct guide to assist you:

  1. Bobbin Loading: Verify that the bobbin is loaded properly and the thread is untangled.
  2. Presser Foot Pressure: Adjust the presser foot pressure to guarantee proper stitch formation.
  3. Thread Tension: Inspect the thread tension to avoid skipped stitches or inconsistent stitching.
  4. Fabric Quality and Needle Selection: Utilize high-quality fabric and the appropriate needle for the material you’re working with.

User Reviews of BERNINA 560

User Reviews of BERNINA 560
User reviews of the BERNINA 560 reveal a mix of personal experiences, fabric preferences, color preferences, feature comparisons, and brand comparisons. The machine is praised for its user-friendly touchscreen, memory function for all stitches, and maximum stitch width of 9mm.

Some users appreciate the 5.5mm feet for tight spaces and the free arm for easy sleeve and narrow area hemming. Others mention the sturdy, precision-engineered components and the quieter and more refined operation compared to the Janome S7.

However, some users have noted issues with the hook and jumbo bobbins, which may not fit correctly and can cause user error. Overall, the BERNINA 560 is considered a high-quality machine that offers a range of features for sewing, embroidery, and quilting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the Bernina 560 and 770 models?

Wondering how the Bernina 560 and 770 stack up? The 770 packs more advanced features like a larger touchscreen, faster sewing speed, and a dual feed system. But the 560 offers excellent value at a lower price point. Which one suits your needs best?

How does the Bernina 560 handle delicate fabrics compared to heavier fabrics?

The Bernina 560 handles delicate fabrics with a deft touch, yet its robust power effortlessly conquers heavy-duty materials. Whether you’re sewing silk or wool, this machine adapts to your project with precision and ease.

What is the maximum sewing speed of the Bernina 560?

The Bernina 560 sews up to a lightning-fast 1,000 stitches per minute, powering through even the densest fabrics with ease. Its robust mechanics and BERNINA hook guarantee consistent, precision stitching at breakneck speeds.

Can the Bernina 560 be used for garment sewing, home decor, and bags?

The Bernina 560‘s might and accuracy manage delicate and thick fabrics equally, making it perfect for garment construction, home adornment, and bag-making. Its adaptability and unwavering execution stand out in each stitch.

How does the Bernina 560 handle quilting projects with its large harp space and Free Hand System (FHS)?

The Bernina 560’s generous harp space and Free Hand System make it a dream for tackling quilting projects. Glide through bulky layers with ease, letting this machine’s power and precision handle the heavy lifting.


Indisputably, the Bernina 560 is an exceptional powerhouse that will propel your sewing endeavors to unprecedented levels. Its user-friendly touchscreen, generous stitch width, and exceptional memory capacity make it a dream for sewing aficionados.

Whether you’re embarking on intricate textile creations or simply seeking to enhance your stitching efficiency, this machine’s capabilities and accuracy are unmatched. For the discerning sewist, the Bernina 560 is an indispensable tool that will transform your sewing experience.

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