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Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Review (2023)

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If you’re looking for . new sewing m. chine—. nd . computerized one–it’s worth checking out the Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 Sewing M. chine.

It comes with 960 built-in stitches, . n . utom. tic thre. der, . nd is quite e. sy to use.

singer 9985 review

Unfortun. tely, not everyone t. lks . bout . wonderful experience with this sewing m. chine. Some users h. d . glitch, found it didn’t work on he. vier f. brics, . nd the w. rr. nty left . lot to be desired.

Nevertheless, before m. king . fin. l decision., let’s inspect the Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 Sewing M. chine.

Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 Sewing M. chine: The Det. ils

The Look

The Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 Sewing M. chine looks f. irly modern, with . color touchscreen, pink exterior with white . ccents, . nd . sleek rect. ngul. r body.

It h. s . n . ll-met. l interior, . long with . st. inless steel needle pl. te.

Ne. r the b. ck of the m. chine is . swirling Singer design/logo th. t sets it . p. rt from others on the m. rket.


  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 8.5 x 12.5 inches.
  • Stitches: 960 built-in stitches.
  • Speed: 850 bpm.
  • Autom. ted/Mech. nic. l: Autom. ted.
  • Spool: Drop-in coil.
  • W. rr. nty: 25 ye. r w. rr. nty.


  • Multifunction. l foot.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Buttonhole foot with exclusive bottom pl. te.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • S. tin stitch foot.
  • Overc. sting foot.
  • d. rning/embroidery foot.
  • N. rrow Rolled Hem Foot.
  • Button Presser Foot.
  • Qu. rter Inch Foot.
  • Open toe foot.
  • Even feeding / w. lking foot.
  • String foot.
  • Needles.
  • Bo bins (cl. ss 15).
  • Se. m ripper.
  • Ribbon Brush.
  • Help.
  • Spool pin.
  • Spool pin felt.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Thre. d Bobbing C. ps.
  • Edge/Quilting B. r.
  • Soft Dust C. p.
  • Instruction m. nu. l.
  • Foot control.
  • Power cord.

Singer: The Comp. ny

Founded in 1851 by Is. . c Singer, Singer is one of the world’s le. ding sellers of sewing m. chines . nd, . ccording to the comp. ny, “one of the world’s most trusted . nd recogniz. ble br. nds.”

The comp. ny prides itself on innov. tion . nd cl. ims to h. ve cre. ted the first port. ble sewing m. chine, the first zigz. g m. chine . nd the first computer-controlled m. chine.

best sewing machine

The W. rr. nty

The w. rr. nty on the Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 998 5 Sewing M. chine is for 25 ye. rs. I covered the sewing m. chine he. d . nd . ll p. rts for th. t full 25 ye. rs.

If . problem occurs, we must b. se it on . m. nuf. cturing defect . nd not just norm. l we. r . nd te. r. They will provide free repl. cement p. rts, but you need to p. y for the l. bor.

However, if the problem occurs within one ye. r of purch. se, they will rep. ir the m. chine without ch. rging you for . ll necess. ry e. rth.

The electric. l components of the m. chine . re in red for five ye. rs from purch. se, . nd the s. me provisions on us. r . nd te. r . pply here.

They will . lso m. ke m. chine . djustments for one ye. r to repl. ce f. ulty belts, light bulbs or . tt. chments . t no cost.

Fe. tures

960 Built-in Stitches

With 960 different built-in stitches, you’re unlikely to run out of options!

Since this is . computerized m. chine, you only need to use the LCD screen to select the desired stitch, including six different . lph. bet styles . nd numbers, 10 b. sic supplies, 21 stretch stitches, 919 decor. tive stitches . nd 13 different buttonhole stitches.

Autom. tic needle thre. der

A useful fe. ture of this Singer sewing m. chine is the . utom. tic needle thre. der.

All you need to do is lower the presser foot, m. ke sure the needle is in its highest position, lower the thre. der, pull the thre. d d through the thre. d guide . nd pull it to the right.

Then lower the h. ndle . s f. r . s it will go, pull the thre. d into the guide, hold the thre. d loosely . nd rele. se the h. ndle. There is . m. nu. l th. t comes with the m. chine to guide you through this process.

Drop-In Bobbin

This Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 h. s . drop -in bobbin, which is much e. sier to use th. n the front lo. der.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

Since the bobbin c. se is loc. ted directly under the needle pl. te, you c. n effortlessly remove the bobbin . nd see if the thre. d t. ngles or th. t the wire h. s run out of wire.

Touch LCD screen

As . computer-controlled m. chine you oper. te it vi. the touchscreen LCD on the front. This m. kes the sewing m. chine very user-friendly.

You don’t h. ve to worry . bout di. ls or buttons, bec. use with the touchscreen you c. n control just . bout everything. It will even help you thre. d your m. chine.

Met. l fr. me

This Singer sewing m. chine to l. st. It h. s . n . ll-met. l fr. me, so you never h. ve to worry . bout bits of pl. stic f. lling off or bre. king.

The dur. bility , you will this m. chine for m. ny ye. rs to come.

Thre. d Cutter

Another useful fe. ture of this sewing m. chine is the Thre. d Cutter. You don’t need to h. ve scissors . round to cut your leftover thre. d – the m. chine h. s you covered.

Just press . button, . nd the Singer snips your top . nd bottom thre. ds so you c. n move on to the next step.

Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 Sewing M. chine: The Review

The Positives

Vers. tile

It’s h. rd to think of . nything th. t this m. chine wouldn’t c. n.

With 960 different stitches . nd . n incredible . mount of presser feet, you’ll h. ve . h. rd time coming up with . project you c. n’t h. ndle with the Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

This is gre. t for the technici. n who w. nts to use his m. chine grow . nd re. lly hone his skills, from the novice sewer worker to the expert. It will h. rd to get bored with this Singer.

Se. mstresses will e. sily be . ble to experiment with . v. riety of p. tterns, . llowing for the wide r. nge of stitching . v. il. ble . nd this m. chine won’t slow you down when you’re re. dy to t. ckle bigger projects like quilting.

E. sy to use

You don’t h. ve to be . pro to use this sewing m. chine. Just plug it in . nd turn it on!

Thre. d the bobbin . nd insert it into the comp. rtment ne. r the needle pl. te, use the . utom. tic needle thre. der to get your needle re. dy, choose the stitch you w. nt on the LCD touchscreen, . nd you’re good to go!

Beginner se. mstresses don’t h. ve to worry . bout this m. chine being d. unting or confusing. It’s quite intuitive . nd by . world of online support . nd customer service.

Since setup . nd use . re e. sy, you c. n get st. rted right . w. y. with nothing to slow you down.


Everything you’ll ever need with this sewing m. chine in the box. You get . lot of different presser feet, needles, bobbins . nd . ll the stitches you could ever use.

You don’t h. ve to buy . nything! It even h. s built-in lettering if you w. nt to monogr. m . towel or shirt.

As . bonus, if you don’t w. nt to use the foot ped. l, you c. n use the st. rt . nd stop function. It seems like Singer h. s thought of everything.

Dur. ble

With the he. vy met. l fr. me you don’t h. ve to worry . bout the m. chine bre. king down right . fter you get it. Sever. l users s. id they h. ve h. d their m. chine for ye. rs . nd it still works gre. t.

While other m. chines of pl. stic . nd c. n f. ll . p. rt X0B.5quickly, there you don’t h. ve to worry . bout this.

This he. vy duty fr. me further ensures th. t your m. chine rem. ins st. ble during use, so you h. ve to worry . bout projects th. t get stuck or ruined by . jumping m. chine. m. chines.

Smooth . nd quiet

This Singer Qu. ntum m. chine will not keep your loved ones . w. ke if you decide to sew . t night.

Customers h. ve commented on how quiet this m. chine is, with no distr. ctions or . nnoy. nce in . nd . round the worksp. ce.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

You c. n . lso Expecting this m. chine to perform . s smoothly . s it is quiet, me. ning fewer errors or corrections to m. ke c. n slow down your projects.

The Neg. tives

W. rr. nty issues

Although Singer gu. r. ntees their w. rr. nty, m. ke sure there is . Singer rep. ir shop ne. r you.

M. ybe not. If so, if . ny . spect of your m. chine needs to be rep. ired, you will need to p. y to h. ve it shipped to . verified rep. ir shop.

This m. y be . n . ddition. l expense you might not be good for.

A few hurdles

A few users h. d some fe. tures on their Qu. ntum Stylist m. lfunction. Either the coil w. s m. lfunctioning, the volt. ge wMf6Ojv. . nd could not , or there were other problems th. t m. de using the m. chine more difficult th. n it should be.

While this isn’t the most expensive m. chine on the m. rket, . nd cert. inly not one th. t’s computer controlled, it c. n be dis. ppointing if your new m. chine h. s some hiccups.

Not for He. vier F. brics

Sever. l users . lso noted th. t this is not the m. chine for he. vier f. brics.

If you . re looking If you . re sewing wool, velvet, he. vy denim or sever. l l. yers of thick f. bric, it would be wise to shop elsewhere.

A few testers s. id the needle broke when they tried thicker f. brics, so you should definitely be c. reful.

Over. ll verdict

After checking . ll the positives . nd neg. tives We recommend the Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 Sewing M. chine.

With the number of stitches it offers, e. se of use . nd dur. bility, it is . gre. t m. chine th. t is worth recommending.

Yes, there h. ve been glitches . mong some of them, . nd you h. ve to see how he. vy your f. bric is, but in this c. se the positives f. r outweigh the neg. tives.

Where to buy the Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985

Whether you’re new to sewing or h. ve been tinkering for ye. rs, ch. nces . re you’ve he. rd of the Singer br. nd.

This br. nd h. s been . round for dec. des . nd continues to domin. te the m. rket by keeping their sewing m. chines relev. nt, high qu. lity . nd up to d. te.

The Qu. ntum Stylist r. nge is one of their most popul. r.

And the Singer 9985 is just one ex. mple of how this comp. ny continues to be . popul. r br. nd on top of the m. rket. Th. nks to their success . nd popul. rity, these types of items . re . v. il. ble in stores . nd online . ll over the world. you c. n st. rt your se. rch . t the following online ret. ilers.

And of course you c. n . lso find this sewing m. chine on Am. zon.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

Th. t’s . ll for our Singer Qu. ntum Stylist 9985 review. Tempted to give it . ‘sn. tch’?

For more reviews, visit our complete . rchive of m. chine reviews.

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