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Top 5 Hat Stitching Machines of 2023

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the 5 best hat stitching machinesAre you looking for the best hat stitching machines? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the right one.

In this article, we will discuss the following machines:

  1. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine
  2. Janome Memory Craft Sewing Embroidery Machine Built-In Designs Stitches Fonts
  3. Singer Professional Serger Overlock Stitch Machine White
  4. Juki Tl 2000qi Sewing Quilting Machine
  5. Grace Majestic Quilting Frame

Additionally, we’ll provide tips on choosing the best machine as well as instructions on how to use an embroidery machine effectively for hats.

Key Takeaways

  • The Brother PE800 has a wide variety of designs and fonts, and a convenient LCD touchscreen for easy editing.
  • The Janome Memory Craft offers a seamless switch between sewing and embroidery modes, and a good selection of embroidery designs, stitches, and fonts.
  • The Singer Professional Serger provides high speed and multiple thread capabilities, with self-adjusting tension and speed control.
  • The Juki TL 2000Qi offers fast speed, a straight stitch, and convenient features like an extension table, automatic needle threader, LED lights, and a knee lift.
  • The Grace Majestic Quilting Frame has a large work area and adjustable legs for comfortable hat embroidery.

5 Best Hat Stitching Machines

Looking for the best hat stitching machines? Consider the Brother PE800 embroidery machine with 138 designs and the Janome Memory Craft sewing and embroidery machine with built-in designs, stitches, and fonts.

The Singer Professional Serger provides versatile overlock stitching, while the Juki TL 2000Qi handles heavy-duty quilting at fast speeds. Top it off with the Grace Majestic quilting frame for accuracy and quality stitch work.

With the right combination of advanced features, versatility, and durability, these machines can help take your hat stitching projects to the next level.

1. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine With 138 Designs

Brother Embroidery Machine PE800, 138View On Amazon
The Brother PE800 embroidery machine offers ample built-in designs and user-friendly capabilities, making it a worthwhile starter machine despite some initial learning curves. It has 138 built-in embroidery designs and 11 font styles, providing plenty of creative options right out of the box.

The machine features a large 3.2 LCD touchscreen, which allows for easy previewing and editing of designs before stitching. With a 5 x 7 embroidery field, it offers a decent size for various projects. Additionally, it comes with useful accessories like embroidery threads and cleaning tools.

While some users find the included hoop attachment a bit tricky at first, the PE800 earns praise for its durability and ease of use after getting over the initial learning curve.

One of the standout features of the PE800 is its USB connectivity, which allows users to import additional designs. This expands the creative possibilities and ensures that users are not limited to the built-in designs.

In terms of drawbacks, the tricky hoop attachment and steep initial learning curve are mentioned as areas for improvement. Additionally, there are mixed opinions on the price point, with some users feeling that it is reasonable for the features offered, while others may find it a bit high.

Overall, the Brother PE800 is an ideal first embroidery machine for creatives ready to explore the possibilities of embroidery. With its ample features and user-friendly design, it provides a solid foundation for beginners to start their embroidery journey.

2. Janome Memory Craft Sewing Embroidery Machine Built in Designs Stitches Fonts

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500View On Amazon
Your Janome Memory Craft beckons creative freedom with built-in designs to inspire your imagination on each project. Equipped with an extensive database of 90 embroidery designs, 98 sewing stitches, and 3 embroidery fonts, its library fuels a world of possibilities.

Toggle easily between regular sewing mode and embroidery mode thanks to the instant switch-over function—no need for separate attachments.

View and edit designs right on the touchscreen LCD before stitching. Compatible with design cards to import new motifs as you wish. Dial in the optimal settings like thread brand selections for flawless embroidered finishes.

An innovative telescopic arm grants superior maneuverability when moving the hoop.

This computerized dream machine makes monogramming, embellishing, quilting, and sewing a breeze for users of all skill levels.

  • Large built-in design library
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Instant switch between sewing and embroidery modes
  • Advanced editing capabilities
  • Expensive price point
  • Learning curve to master all features
  • Software compatibility issues

3. Singer Professional Serger Overlock Stitch Machine White

SINGER | Professional 14T968DC SergerView On Amazon
If you’re looking for a workhorse serger without the hefty price tag, the Singer Professional’s high speed and multiple stitch options make quick work of garment seams and edges. This machine can sew, finish seams, and trim fabric in one step, with a max sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute.

The 2-3-4-5 thread capability provides versatility for different types of overlock and decorative stitches. It’s equipped with useful features like self-adjusting tension, speed control, and easy threading guides.

While not as advanced as pricier models, it offers solid performance for finishing edges, rolled hems, and cover stitches.

  • Fast max speed of 1,300 SPM
  • Versatile 2-3-4-5 thread options
  • Self-adjusting tension system
  • 90-day limited warranty on adjustments/attachments
  • Mixed reviews on auto-tension
  • Limited built-in stitches
  • Basic accessories

4. Juki Tl 2000qi Sewing Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and QuiltingView On Amazon
You’d zip through heavy quilting projects in no time with the warp-speed Juki TL 2000Qi! This workhorse sewing machine delivers exceptional straight stitching up to 1,500 stitches-per-minute, letting you quilt, sew apparel, and craft home decor at lightning speeds.

Its heavy-duty die-cast aluminum arm and bed give you a sturdy foundation for smooth feeds through multiple layers of fabric without skipped stitches.

An extension table expands your workspace for managing large quilts or projects. With effortless features like a built-in needle threader, bright LED lights, and a knee lift to raise the presser foot hands-free, this machine aims to make sewing faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

Convenience and precision unite in the TL 2000Qi for avid quilters, sewers, crafters, or small business owners seeking unstoppable productivity paired with Juki’s signature stitch quality.

  • Fast 1500 SPM for increased productivity
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • LED lighting
  • One-pedal operation
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Wide work area with extension table
  • Limited to straight stitch only
  • Manual thread tension adjustment
  • No speed control
  • Small throat space
  • Mixed reviews of walking foot

5. Grace Majestic Quilting Frame

Grace Majestic Quilting FrameView On Amazon
Having the capabilities for larger quilting projects, Grace’s Majestic is a quilting frame to rely on for delivering precision results on bigger sizes with its durable steel construction. As an upgrade from past Grace frames, it brings together favorite features and new innovations for taking your quilting accuracy and quality to the next level.

The dual-wheel carriage system creates smooth and consistent stitches across the generous 120-inch king size work area. Adjustable legs provide flexibility in setup heights, and the 18-inch throat space gives ample clearance for your machine.

You’ll have professional results from edge-to-edge with the fourth rail and bungee clamps keeping your layers taut.

  • Dual-wheel carriage for improved stitching
  • Large 120-inch king work area
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Expensive price point
  • Heavy weight, less portable
  • Assembly can be tricky

Tips on Choosing the Best Embroidery Machine for Hats and Shirts

Tips on Choosing the Best Embroidery Machine for Hats and Shirts
Keeping in mind the key factors of needle threading systems, embroidery field sizes, and the availability of hat hoops, choosing the right embroidery machine for your hats and shirts is crucial. Consider your needs and project plans as you evaluate options to find the best match.

Needle Threading Systems

Consider threading systems when purchasing a hat embroidery machine. An automatic needle threading system is a convenient feature that can save significant time and hassle. However, not all are created equal. Test the automatic threader and ensure it works smoothly with different needle sizes.

If prone to frequent thread breaks, a manual threading system may prove more reliable for intricate hat embroidery.

LCD screens that allow close monitoring can help catch threading issues quickly. When buying a hat embroidery machine, prioritize a threading system that’s efficient, consistent, and suited to your unique needs.

Embroidery Field Sizes

Why wonder about the size you need when even 4 to 6 inches open up a world of embroidery possibilities? The standard embroidery field size for most home machines ranges from 4 to 6 inches. This gives ample room for creativity with hat and shirt designs. Consider options with expanded work areas if your projects demand more space.

Just ensure the machine includes hat hoops to accommodate cap embroidery. With the right accessories and technique, small spaces unlock big potential.

Hat Hoop Availability

Check if the embroidery machine you choose includes hat hoops specifically designed for stitching logos and designs onto caps and hats. Hat embroidery requires hat hoops to keep the curved crown taut. Opt for machines with multiple hoop sizes to accommodate different hat styles and sizes.

Smaller hoops allow for intricate designs on narrow spaces like visor tips. Consider adjustable and magnetic hoops as well. Test hoop stability with fabric scraps before embroidering hats. Proper hoop selection prevents puckering, distortion, and needle breaks.

How to Use an Embroidery Machine for Hats?

How to Use an Embroidery Machine for Hats
When embroidering hats, proper hooping is crucial for good results. Place the stabilizer inside the hat. Position the hat in the special cap hoop, securing the front center. Ensure the fabric is taut.

Consider the brim, shape, and cap height when hooping. Follow design placement guides to orient designs attractively on the hat. Scale or rotate designs as needed. Use thread colors that pop against the hat color.

Choose a lightweight stabilizer like tear-away to prevent stiffness. Use the smallest needle possible, like a 65/9 or 70/10.

When finished embroidering, carefully remove the stabilizer. Check for puckering, loose threads, or damage. Make any needed adjustments to the hooping, stabilizer, or design before the next attempt.

With practice using proper techniques, your embroidery machine can easily decorate caps with custom designs.

How Do You Hoop a Hat to Machine Embroider It?

How Do You Hoop a Hat to Machine Embroider It
Once you’ve settled on the perfect design, grasp the crown firmly and slide the hoop up from underneath to keep the hat material taut like a drum for the machine to embroider its melodies across the canvas.

Choose the right hoop size to fit snugly around the crown without distortion.

Place a tear-away stabilizer inside the hat for support.

Position the design placement lines on the hoop over the desired embroider area.

Set your machine tension and select high-quality embroidery thread.

Slowly stitch out the design, keeping an eye for any puckering or shifting.

With the right preparation and hooping technique, your embroidery machine will handle the hat canvas beautifully, letting your custom designs shine. Follow these key steps for professional results on any hat project, whether it’s a simple monogram or an intricate design on the bill or side panels.

Proper hooping prevents mistakes down the line, ensuring crisp, clean embroidered hats.


Choosing the right hat stitching machine for your needs can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top five hat stitching machines of 2023.

From the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine with 138 Designs to the Grace Majestic Quilting Frame, each of these machines provides great capabilities and features to help you get the most out of your hat stitching project.

Be sure to consider factors like needle threading, embroidery field size, and hat hoop availability when selecting the perfect machine for your needs. With the right machine in hand, you’ll be ready to tackle all of your hat stitching projects with confidence and ease.

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