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The Singer Touch and Sew 600e Review (Problems, Value 2023)

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It goes by many nicknames. There is’ touch as well as toss’, ‘touchy as well as stitch’ in addition to’ touch and promise’ and these nicknames are all well made over the 50+ years this embroidery equipment has actually remained in active solution. What you call it will be up to you.

The most frequently reported issue that almost every owner has is trouble with the bobbin. For some reason, Singer can not make the bobbin job well in this model of stitching device. As for its worth, by itself it is worth concerning $ 100.

To discover more regarding this vintage embroidery machine, just continue to review our write-up. It offers you the details you need to know regarding prior to you determine to purchase one that gets on sale. Old makers can be a prize to own.

Our Singer 600 Stitching Machine Review

There is one more name that the Singer 600 went by prior to it arrived as the Touch as well as Sew. That name was car reel and also it was the initial name for the company’s 600 Slant-o-Matic sewing maker. The only difference in between this variation and also the touch and stitch the series are a couple of rivets and a name plate.

The 600E was expected to be the last all metal component maker Singer made in this series and it featured a wind in place bobbin. That was among the enhancements Singer made over the top-mounted rocketeer bobbin winder on previous models.

If you do not mind less stitch setups than the 401 or 500 models after that you might like this embroidery equipment. It does have the important stitch patterns you utilize the most. For a classic device, it might deserve minority bucks you will certainly have to pay for it as it can still sew like it was new.

Older devices still work well when they were built with all steel components. Simply beware of the ones that have plastic bobbins as those can break extremely quickly. Basically, this is still a great device to use when you have nothing else to count on

While some sewage systems give it colorful labels, like the ones mentioned above, there are others that prize this device as it stitched faultlessly as well as did not give them any problem throughout the years they possessed one.

If you understand or have actually utilized an Auto Reel made by Singer, after that you will certainly have a great idea of just how this model will perform. It is a strong sewing machine that in some cases can have a few bugs in some of the devices. However after that lemons take place in practically every product that has actually ever before been made.

Touch as well as Sew 600E Year Made

There have actually been several performances of this design of sewing machine. The 600 was made between 1962 to 64 and afterwards the 600E variation appeared in 1963 and also lasted until 1965. A 600A as well as a 600W1 were made but there is no real info on those variations.

Likewise, throughout those exact same years, the 603 603E were created as well as they appear to be an upgraded version of the Auto Reel version simply like the 600 and 600E were. The very same applies for the 604 as well as 604E.

There were various other 600 series versions made yet they were not numbered in order. For instance, the 611G was made in between 1965 to 67 while the 606 and also 609 sewing machines were made after that in 69 to 72.

The 620 was called the Golden Touch and also Sew as well as it was produced in between 1969 and also 1972. Most of the 600 Touch as well as Sew versions were made in the 60s with a couple of lasting to 1970 or 1972.

The 700 series embroidery machine had at least one Touch as well as Sew stitching equipment and this series was produced primarily in the 70s. There was a 900 Touch and also Sew model made in the mid-70s but also for some factor, Singer changed the name as well as calling them Flip Sew after the 900 was created.

Singer Touch and also Sew 600 vs 600E

These are essentially the exact same device. The 600 was the original Auto Reel with a name change only. It featured an angle needle, horizontal rotating hook, top hat cameras, built-in stitches, and the zig-zag stitch.

The only distinction in between these two designs was that this alternative had a single thread chain stitch function, 2 needle sewing, and a push-button bobbin. Aside, from that the 2 equipments had all metal parts and also could sew like any other sewing maker made by Singer.

The steel equipments made certain the 600E executed to its maximum capacity and did not break down the moment there suggested an issue. The bobbin winder button was positioned on the front right edge of the brand-new design, however the company put it inside the bobbin area.

Both machines are really excellent when they are well maintained and kept in top running condition. A great service technician should have the ability to repair what is wrong with them if you discover one in need of small repair services. Otherwise, they constantly make a great parts machine.

Singer Touch Sews 600E Pros and Cons


  • Might chain stitch
  • Had all-metal gears
  • Slant needles
  • Featured several devices
  • Updated bobbin winder systems
  • A real workhorse that can sew for decades without problems


  • Can be rather sensitive
  • Not a brand-new version, the like the Auto Reel
  • Bobbins do not hold much thread
  • Couple of integrated stitches
  • Bobbins can break
  • Reduced metal top quality than the 600

Singer Touch and also Sew 600E Value

Older devices tend to lose their worth. The reason for that loss is not due to the fact that they do not work well, there were simply a lot of made at the time for them to be of any kind of value. There are special situations that will make the 600 or 600E more valuable than it ought to be.

Regular, 600E stitching machines are not that beneficial. There are a great number of them on the market as well as around still, which means you can discover one if you look hard enough. Typically, you are checking out $100 without the closet for your Touch as well as Sew 600E and also the opportunity of $200 if it is available in a cabinet.

The condition of both will establish the price. Yet there is an exception to that analysis. A lot of 600Es were marketed via fairs, presentations, and various other essential occasions. They were given a certain badge, say the 1962 Seattle’s World fair as one instance, which badge makes all the distinction.

When you see a 600E with a non-generic Singer badge and also one discussing details fair, presentation and so forth, after that you can expect to have your machine worth concerning $700 or $800 relying on the person doing the examining.

Similar to any kind of various other sort of sewing makers , the value of your 600E will rely on just how much a purchaser is willing to spend for it. If you are not inspired nor need to market it then you have time to hold out for the higher price.

Additionally, you may make even more if you simply remove the embroidery device of all great and functional parts and market it by doing this. Selling bits and pieces constantly earn you more than trying to offer a complete unit.

Downloading the Singer Touch and also Sew 600E Manual pdf

There are many places where you can download and install a PDF variation of the proprietor’s manual. The method is finding one that is really full as well as low-cost enough to do that. One location is located at this link. it is one of the best manual web sites that generally comes with for us.

After that you can always inspect straight with Singer. Their hands-on websites is at this link as well as if they do not have any kind of. Hopefully, they can recommend someone that does. Then there is the firm located at this web link Its guidebooks are download only so you conserve on delivery costs.

They likewise do fixings so you might be able to locate spare parts when you need them through that company. An additional area will certainly be located at this link It resembles they just have 1.

If by opportunity you are not lucky sufficient to discover the design and cost you want, a quick web search will create even more options. Far as well various to place them done in this little section.

You can also try as well as see if anybody has actually noted one for sale on its web site however that won’t be a PDF variation but a hardcover original. The exact same will go for sewing device repair service stores, antique shops, flea markets, and so forth.

Usual Singer Touch as well as sewing 600E Problems

No machine is ideal and also the 600E includes its share of problems. You might discover that as the upgraded designs were offered plastic components, they tended to have even more issues than those with all steel components.

Right here are some of the issues that feature the 600E and also its subsequent upgraded models:

Unusual sounds – it takes place to the best of makers and also for the 600E that seem tells you that dust or a piece of thread got stuck somewhere.

Loosened bobbin situations – you might have taken it out when cleaning or it simply worked itself loose. It simply requires tightening up to solve yet beware, it might additionally be a loose bottom plate that requires to be re-tightened too.

Knotting bobbin thread – the source for this concern is the string tension is established at the incorrect degree. Just make a change to repair it.

Bobbin string not turning up – check the bobbin winding pin to make certain it was set up appropriately, after that inspect to see if the bobbin was wound correctly. Inspect your presser foot too to see to it remains in the ideal position

Bobbin winder problems – if you see the needle going up and down constantly then the needle winder did not disengage properly. The repair for this issue is to eliminate any old oil in your maker as well as re-oil it.

Various other concerns associate with having the appropriate bobbin in location when you start sewing. Sewing equipments can be fussy and also if you have the incorrect bobbin in your 600E after that you are mosting likely to have troubles.

Also if you recognize you have the appropriate bobbin in position, double-check to make certain. Simple mistakes occur also to the best sewage systems.

Cleaning and also Oiling a Singer Touch Sew 600E

The primary step in cleansing your 600E is to clear out any type of lint, items of string, or material stuck in all the easy to see or revealed areas. After that utilizing a soft cloth to wipe the stress disks, take up lever, thread overviews, equipment arm, presser bar, and also needle bar.

The 600E was expected to find with a dust brush as well as if you have it or have a comparable one, utilize it to clear out the feed pet dog as well as rotary hook. General cleaning does not require you to take the machine apart at all times.

When you are done, the owner’s guidebook claims to use 1 decline of Singer oil as well as only 1 decreases. After positioning that drop in your machine at the ideal areas, get a scrap piece of material and sew a straight line to eliminate any type of excess oil.

Some Final Words

Your experience with this machine might be good or bad. It will depend on how well it was cared for or if you obtained one that was as well sensitive to deal with. The 600E is still stitching after 50 years so you understand it can be a great maker to own as well as make use of.

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