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How to Sew an Infinity Scarf Full Guide of 2023

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You’ve seen them all over Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook. They are always all the rage in the fall and it seems like every woman has at least one: Infinity Scarves.

Simple, often handmade accessories that complete any look, add low -key’s appearance has been attractive for many seasons and for many reasons.

But what if you want to make your own? Especially if you’re not a knitter or don’t want a knitted look, but wish there was a way to make an infinity scarf out of comfortable fabric?

There is! And this tutorial will show you how to do it. And patterns for your project. They also make wonderful personalized gifts for loved ones.

The method we’ll be using today will show you how to make a double-layer scarf with the seams hidden and enclosed in just one piece. Few minutes of work.

What you need to sew an Infinity scarf

  • Two (2) meters fabric (in any material, pattern or color)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine or sergeant. (This manual provides details about the sewing machine only.)
  • Hand needle
  • Scissors and pins

How to sew an infinity scarf

Some tips:

Although you can choose any fabric you want, as we have only just started our first project, it you use a lightweight fabric, such as rayon or even silk.

Avoid heavier materials such as canvas or will and other thicker options, which are more difficult to work with, especially for beginners.

However, flannel, linen, cotton, and lightweight wool are all perfectly acceptable fabrics to spin into an infinity scarf and are often the ones you’ll see!


To start, cut a rectangle in the fabric–to the desired length and width. About 60 inches will make a close-fitting scarf that wraps around the neck twice, but more than that is fine.

Remember that in this tutorial we are making a double-layered scarf, so the width should be double what you want the finished project to be.

how to sew an infinity scarf

For example, if you want 20 inches wide at the end, make sure you have the fabric up to 40 inches wide.

Second, take the cut fabric and fold it so that the right sides meet. Next, break out your sewing machine and sew the long sides of the rectangle together with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. (The serger may to a 3/8″ allowance).

You want to try sewing along the length of the fabric to make a kind of long tube. Remember, you must turn the fabric inside out before sewing.

Third, turn the fabric right side out and lay it completely flat. Move things so that the seam is in the middle and facing up so you can see it clearly.

Now take a short seam of the fabric and pinch it so that you can trace to meet the other short seam end, right sides together. Pin this together to create a seam intersection.

Then work away from the intersection you just pinned, continuing to pin along the raw edges of the two short ends.

If you continue with this, remember that you are pinning two circles together and the fabric will try to roll itself into a bag. This is normal! Continue until you see your first pin.

Don’t place the last pin too close to the first. You want to leave a 15 cm gap between your first pin and the load.

Allows you it right side out after you finish sewing the seams together. Otherwise, you may have a bigger struggle than the easy project they promised you! you’re going. Do not sew the opening together! Leave it so that you can turn the scarf right side out through the opening you made earlier.

Then take that needle we mentioned earlier and sew the opening to each other by hand. Tuck it underneath so the seam is as invisible as the rest of the seams in the piece. If you can imagine a better way to do this, do it, but make sure the seam .

If you have this task finished, tie off the thread. and cut it with the scissors. There you go! Your very own stylish, versatile and now admirable handmade accessory that everyone can envy.

Here’s a video explaining sewing an infinity scarf.

Who could have known it was so easy to do? With this project under your belt, you can sew as many infinity scarves as you want!

Have you tried this method to sew an infinity scarf?

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