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What Are the Best Embroidery Machine Needles? (2024)

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Choosing the best needle for your embroidery jobs can be a bit like going through a minefield. There are many options. The dimensions, the products we constructeofem from and the factor they have. Then you require thinking about the textile you are using and the thread.

So which ones are the best First we will discuss all you need to understand regarding the needles themselves, and also which ones to make use of with various textiles. We will certainly after that information some that we think are the best

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The Parts of An Embroidery Machine Needle

There are 6 components to a needle for embroidery, discussed below.

The Shank

this is the thicker component at the top of the needle that you insert right into the machine they round it on one side and also flat on the various other. This guarantees a good fit right into the created opening.

Select a needle shank that fits your particular machine You may require referring to the manufacturer’s referrals to examine which dimensions and also brand names deal with your machine

The Point

As the name suggests, this is the sharp end of the needle that makes call with your textile. The bigger the factor, the larger hole it will leave when it pthanses through the textile as you stitch.

The Shaft

This is the component that connects the factor to the shank and includes the various other parts of the needle.

The Eye

The eye is the hole in the shaft where the string goes through. It brings thread from the top of the machine via the textile to the bobbin case and also types stitches. The dimension of the eye will change with the needle dimension, the bigger the needle, the larger the eye.

The Groove

This is a tiny cut-away just over the factor and it causes the eye of the needle. It always encounters to the front.

The Scarf

The scarf is on the rear of the needle, simply over the eye. It allows the eye of the needle to get close sufficient to the hook of the bobbin to grab the thread and also create a stitch.

The headscarf likewise secures the string from shredding or splitting. This serves when you are stitching some of the dense, intricate styles that embroidery can involve.

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The dimension of the needle refers to the width at the point. It displayed them as two numbers, such as 75/ 11. This means the statistics size of the needle is 75 and also the US dimension is 11. it will certainly present This size outside of the packaging.

The size is additionally usually published on either side of the needle, however, you could need a magnifying glass to see it.

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There are several different needles readily available. These include specialized needles, for textiles like natural leather, or glitter strings.

Typically, you might discover that a person’s needle will certainly function well for all your tasks, in which situation there would certainly be no demand to transform it. Having a selection of needles can be valuable if you wish to sew something various.

In some cases, discovering the needle that is most ideal for you is a concern of experimentation. Check out variouneedlesles and see what jobs best with your machine

Let’s take an appearance at the different needle readily available.


Sharp needles have a honed factor which can permeate most textiles. They create a little opening for the thread to go through. They work well with weaved as well as woven fabrics, as well as larger fabrics such as canvas as well as denim.

A sharp needle is essential when making use of a water-soluble or a great stabilizer. It will permeate easily and also not tear it.

Take care with sharp needles if you have a fabric like a knit that may run, they make openings through the fibers.

Ball Point

This needle has a rounded factor and passes in between the fibers of the material, instead of penetrating them. They are excellent for using on knits, sheer or fine materials.

When making use of round factor needles, make certain they are “keen.” If they aren’t, they can cut the textile and also cause openings or runs.

Sphere factor needles are available in 3 different. I can use a light ball point for fine knits or sheer woven material, such as silk. A medium round point is best matched for T-shirts, fleeces, sweatshirt fabric, and also hefty knits. A hefty ball factor benefits a lot of elastic goods— except spandex– and also for hefty coats.

There will typically be a sign published on the needle, marking it as a ball factor. They usually mark this as B or BP. It could additionally be adhered to with SES for light sphere factor, SUK for medium round point or SFK for hefty sphere factor.

Not all brands make various round factor needles. If this holds true, just I will show the B or BP on the needle, as well as it will typically be a tool one.


These needles have tips that are rounded and tapered, comparable to a sharp needle. They travel through the weave of the textile instead than reduced through the fibers.

An universal needle will certainly work well on knits and woven textiles.


An embroidery needle is created for use with embroidery machines as well as embroidery threads. They are ideal for many fabric yet might damage a cleanable stabilizer.

The eye of these needles is longeandas larger than other types as well as they have a spherical factor. The deep scarf on the needle helps avoid threads from breaking or shredding as it stitches.

Natural leather

This needle reduces via natural leather and also suede when sewing. This fabric does not have a weave for a needle to pass through. The needle has a wedge-shaped factor which passes quickly via the thick product, developing a little opening.

An 80/12 size leather needle would certainly be a good choice for stitching on suede or leather. If the leather is soft, a 70/10 or 75/11 sharp needle could function as well.

Thick Thread

sometimeo deal with a thicker string, such as a 12-weight wool. As you would certainly expect, thick string needles have a larger eye to accommodate the rise in the thread’s density.

Metal Thread

This is an additional needle which has a larger eye. Developed for usage with metal string, it enables the thread to go through it quickly.

This YouTube video explains the various kinds and dimensions of embroidery needle and also their uses:

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Caring For Needles

Seeing to it your needles are sharp will certainly guarantee you get the best quality stitches. Right here are a few pointers to guarantee you get the best arise from them.

Just how Often Should You Change Embroidery Machine Needles?

There are differing pointers when it concerns altering an embroidery needle. Some claim every 50,000 to 60,000 stitches, while others say as much as a million stitches or more. I base an additional measurement of use upon stitching hours, the basic one having to do with eight hours of sewing time.

if a needle is sewinappropriately,ly then it does not need altering. If you see thread breaks or harsh stitches, after that it’s time to change it for a new one promptly.

Thf product you arusingng, and the sort of stabilizer you make use of, can influence the endure your needle. The speed your machine stitches at is another variable that needs to be taken into consideration.

It’s great technique to inspect your needles and also perhaps alter them on a monthly basis, besides other basic machine maintenance.

Keep a Diary of Needle Changes

Keeping in mind which needles you have made use of, as well as for how much time, can posture a memory difficulty.

It’s an excellent suggestion to maintain a note of which needle you are making use of and the time you have actually used it for. Keep a note pad near your embroidery machine and also make a note of your needle adjustments. Comprise the datandas needle’s size and also type.

In thimanner,er you’ll constantly understand which needle remains in your machine and how much time you have actually made use of each one for. It’s also an excellent way to advise yourself when you require buying substitutes.

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With many needles to picfrom,om it’s tough to understand where to start. Below are some of our best choices. Prior to purchasing, examine your maker’s recommendations to make certain your choice will certainly fit your machine

Schmetz Gold Titanium

Schmetz Gold Titanium Embroidery Needles Size 75/11, 5 CountView On Amazon


Schmetz has actually been generating high quality stitching needles considering that 1851. These needles are dimension 75/11 and also have a titanium nitride finishing. This makes it possible for the needles to resist adhesives and last longer than lots of other needles.

They have a bigger eye for simple threading when making use of embroidery type threads. The slightly rounded point makes them ideal for stitching nearly all textiles. They are especially helpful for largely woven or crude fabrics.

These needles are appropriate for most brands of embroidery machines, comprising Brother, Baylock Janome, Singer, and also Bernina.

They are likewise readily available in a 90/14 dimension, for much heavier materials and also thicker strings.


  • Titanium finishing makes the needles more powerful.
  • They last much longer thamanyus other needles.
  • Suitable for a lot of make from embroidery makers.


  • Needles can damage if they are not an excellent suitable for your machine

Ought To You Buy Schmetz Titanium Needles

The basic sensation is that these needles are a cut above most of their competitors. This tallies with our findings.

The needles are strong and also, although a little a lot more costly, great worth for cash as they last much longer. They can cope with many materials and also ary helpful for metal thread because of their larger eye.

They are a great suitable for a lot of sewing devices. However, on the disadvantage, they can be vulnerable to breakage when the fit is not right.

Body organ SAEMB 20-Piece Set

Brother SAEMB 20-Piece 75/11 and 90/14 Machine Embroidery Needles 15x1ST With BONUS Needle Threader

Organ is a Japanese company, which initially generated gramophone needles in the 1920s. The firm conformed to creating needles for sewing in 1939.

These 10 packs of embroidery needles are available in 2 different dimensions, 75/11 as well as 90/ 14. They have a enormous eye to make threading very easy and to aid prevent breakage as well as shredding.

The flat shank is suitable for several makes of embroidery machinecomprisingof Singer, Juki, Baby Lock, Brother, as well as Bernina. It can fit metallic and also other embroidery threads.


  • Big eye to reduce breakage of thread.
  • Easy to thread.
  • Suitable for many makes of embroidery machines.


  • Won’t fit some Husqvarna machines

Should You Buy Organ Machine Embroidery Needles?

These needles are sharandas strong and can take care of many embroidery tasks. The two different sizes give flexibility, letting you stitch most kinds of fabric.

Appropriate for several constructs from embroidery equipments, thgigantic eyeye makes the needles a wind to string. They are additionally appropriate for many various embroidery threads.

the only adverse is that not all Husqvarna devices are compatible.

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We have actually laid out the various needle you can purchase for an embroidery machine While some are specialized, typically a 75/11 will cover most embroiderer’s demands.

Often, you get used to making use of one dimension and also brand name that fits your jobs. It’s good to know the other types offered, for when you determine to work on something new.

Both sets of needles featured will certainly take care omanyus embroidery tas. Thehe selection is up to you which you would favor.

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