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Brother Pe525 Embroidery Machine Review (2023)

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I’m going to do an in-depth and detailed Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine review you may be interested in. The current era is the era of technology and it has affected all spheres of life, including the operation of sewing and embroidery machines. Today, electronic embroidery machines are much more popular and sought after machines than mechanical embroidery machines. Electronic sewing machines produce higher quality designs and are also available in the market at reasonable prices. The Brother PE525 embroidery machine is one of the remarkable electronic machines on the market. It has more software updates compared to its predecessor model. It is a computerized embroidery machine.

Some of the important accessories / services that come with the machine are also:

  • A starter kit for embroidery. This will help you get started designing in no time. It is beneficial for both professionals and beginners.
  • The starter kit comprises three plate stabilizers (medium weight) and three spools of embroidery thread.
  • There are many built-in designs to choose from; 70 designs.
  • Up to one hundred and twenty frame patterns are also available.
  • In addition, there are also five built-in fonts.
  • In addition, users of the embroidery machine can get technical support from experts under some facility (free). that comes with the machine

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine review

Now let’s look at the principal features of the Brother PE525 embroidery machine. They are as follows:

  • An important feature that cannot is the well-lit work space. We do not require additional lighting while working on the machine. The machine has built-in lights that make every part of the machine sufficiently visible. The illumination is especially strong in one of the sensitive and crucial areas that is the needle area. Therefore, turning and moving your garment will not be a problem.
  • The LCD touch screen makes it easy to select designs, change designs and access help and support.
  • In addition, the needle threader of the device , which prevents your eyes from getting overloaded.
  • A unique feature of the embroidery machine is that it allows you to rotate designs up to 90 degrees. It also gives you the option to combine different embroidery designs.
  • In addition, the number of stitches is quite high. It’s about 400 stitches per minute.
  • Another important feature is that it is a monogram machine.

Maintenance of the machine

Maintenance is always a problem for devices, especially electronic ones. The Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine Instruction Manual also comes with a maintenance guide that allows users to view the operation of their machine. It contains all the information and details that can be valuable to users to maintain the machine. One of the most important maintenance tips is to use only good quality yarn for weaving. Also make sure that the used needle . Something must replace immediately damaged needles. In addition, if you notice the device is not operating normally and you think there may be internal malfunctions, have the device checked by experts immediately.

The Brother PE 525 Embroidery Machine is one of the most popular Brother brand embroidery machines. Therefore, replacement parts are relatively easily available in hardware stores and also on the Internet. The best website on the Internet for looking for replacement parts is the official website of the machine website itself.


There are several advantages that the embroidery machine offers:

  • It is electronic as opposed to mechanical. This means that the weaving and sewing process is both easy and fast. Hence, it also has higher efficiency, productivity and effectiveness as compared to mechanical embroidery machines.
  • In addition, there are many websites online where you can buy this embroidery machine. This has simplified the entire product purchase process. Nowadays almost everyone has access to a stable internet connection. Therefore, almost anyone can take advantage of this benefit and save time and effort by not going all the way to the store.
  • It can connect to a computer using a USB port. This is a useful feature as you can easily transfer designs from your computer (or the Internet) to the sewing machine.
  • For troubleshooting and a manual for operating the machine, it also provided a user manual with the machine.
  • There is also a large warranty period of 25 years available for the machine (for a limited period).


This review of Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine cannot be complete without also mentioning its disadvantages:

  • First of all, a wide variety of functions can also be a negative property. The operator may become confused by the complexity of the machine and therefore cannot operate it properly or take full advantage of its capabilities. This drawback is not minor and certainly cannot . It can make an excellent device look bad.
  • In addition, electronic devices are always susceptible to hardware damage. The life of electronic parts is not very long because it does not handle properly them. Be very careful if there is any water source near the machine as water can completely damage it.
  • In addition, the machine weighs nearly twenty pounds, which means it is relatively heavy. That makes it less portable and more difficult to transport from one place to another.

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There are also many factors to consider regarding the utility of the Brother PE525 embroidery machine. The 4-inch by 4-inch sewing area suffices for home sewage rings (usually). This makes it one of the best home embroidery machines on the market. Space is enough if you are making small designs. One of the most important things that make the Brother PE525 embroidery machine easy to use is the comprehensive manual where you can view all the features and functionalities. The manual contains information about every process and function that the machine can perform. In addition, the machine makes little noise during use. The output displayed on the LCD screen is quite sharp, clear and has a high resolution. You also get the option to vary the brightness of the screen. If we compare it with other embroidery machines, many of them do not have this feature.

Beginners are not fully aware of the range of embroidery tasks and therefore this machine is right for them. Yet this machine has solidified its place in the market and is popular with many people. It is definitely one of the best Brother embroidery machines. I expect it to remain in demand as it is fast, efficient, effective and electronic. Plus, it has most of the features that an average person embroidering would want or need. That we automate the embroidery machine makes it truly unique and a modern machine. Many processes because like this. In addition, we can use a wider variety of designs because of the ability to import designs from the antineutron. The internet has an abundance of designs of almost all shapes, sizes and colors.

Warranty Information

Be sure to read thoroughly the warranty card that comes with the machine. It contains all the details you need to know the warranty statement fresh, what the warranty does not cover and limitations. The warranty period of the warranty of this machine is 25 years. We also included free technical support via internet and telephone in the warranty package.

Therefore, my final verdict is that if you are a beginner in the world of sewing and embroidery, this machine is well worth your money. The wealth of features and ease of use help you smoothly transition to more advanced and complex embroidery processes. As for professionals, this device is not worth the money.

To Close This Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine assessment, it can be safely said that it is undoubtedly a quality machine. However, it is the best possible embroidery machine, especially for beginners. The primary reason for this is the limited embroidery area and they can perform the fact that only embroidery. For professionals, this machine can also be good, but it certainly cannot the ideal machine. The range of functions is more suitable for beginners so that they can smoothly transition to the whole embroidery process. But that’s not to say that the device is of no use to professionals. The professionals who know how to handle settings can also well use this machine. Hence, it can that this machine is a must for beginners.

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