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5 Best Rotary Cutters of 2023 – Cutting Fabric With Ease

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You will agree that not all rotary cutters are the same!

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best roller cutter

Some are sleek, easy to grip or handle, cut smoothly and won’t even damage your work table.

With that in mind!

What are the best roller mills? Which one should you buy?

Everyone has a requirement or preference in the type of sewing and quilting cutting tool they use.

I have selected these considered and 5 top-rated rotary cutters from top brands that will make cutting easier for you.

This rotary cutter review will help you best one for you to choose.

Here are the best rotary blades to buy

1. Fiskars Contour Rotary Cutter- Budget Friendly


These certainly won’t be your first Fiskars sewing accessories, meaning you’ll be familiar with the quality the brand represents. The brand didn’t fall short with this rotary cutter either.

The 45mm rotary cutter looks simple and practical with sharp edges can cut through multiple layers of fabric. Besides thick fabrics, the rotary cutter can also handle felt, vinyl and paper.

You’ll wonder if you can use it with both hands. Yes, that’s possible. Just mount it in your strongest hands. There is no wobbling or the blades will dull after each cut. They make it of high quality stainless steel.

If you look at it from a blunt angle, the positioning of the release button is not good. You could hit it unconsciously all the time.

Without that minor glitch I found, this would have been a masterpiece, as the blades are very sharp and use a lot better than scissors. With the price tag, it’s a good buy, anyway.

Features Summary:

  • 45mm blade
  • Two-handed use
  • Can handle multiple layers
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Loop Handle Design

2. Olfa 60mm Rotary Cutter Review


Can you imagine how much time and energy you will save if you have a rotary cutter that can cut six layers at a time? Yes! It sounds crazy. Olfa scored all the right boxes with power, speed, convenience and safety with this rotary cutter.

The rotary cutter’s double-acting lock keeps you safe when cutting and when not in usage. A feature that makes this unique is the use of special blades for scalloping, pinking and wave. The design gives your hand the comfort you need (ergonomic).

What are you cutting?

Upholstery, felt, cotton, vinyl, fleece or fabric? You have a rotary cutter that can cut anything.

However, you must use this cutter on a cutting mat to extend the life of the blades. If you don’t speak Japanese, you’ll need a little Google Translate to understand the Japanese assembly instructions.

Other than that, the rotary cutter works perfectly and does its job of cutting without cutting the user.

Recap Attributes:

  • Cut through 6 layers
  • Dual Action Security Lock
  • Works for left-handed users
  • Tungsten Rotary Blades
  • Pinking, wave and scalloping
  • Ergonomichandle

3. Fiskars Craft 60mm rotary for thicker materials


It’s a different Fiskars, a stronger and bigger one for harder materials like bets and foam.

No matter how thick your quilting material seems, the 60 blade mm is sharp and strong enough to cut through.

To keep the blades sharper and more durable, Fiskars 60mm rotary cutter has a titanium coating.

Another unique feature is the Soft grip handle which ensures that your hand does not experience pain and fatigue while cutting.

Using the rotary cutter feels natural because we shaped exactly it for your hands. Whether you’re left- or right-handed, the design ensures visibility. There is also a slider that allows the blade to retract when not in use, preventing you from cutting.


You need to keep your blades sharp by using them properly, as replacement blades are available but expensive. Make sure to always check the nuts that hold the blade in place as it can come loose easily.

If you need a sharp rotary cutter for your thick and stubborn materials. Consider this one.

Features Summary:

  • 60 mm blade
  • Titanium coating
  • Suitable for thick materials
  • Soft grip handle
  • Slider
  • Lifetime Warranty

4. OLFA Rotary Cutter Review- Industrial Applications


If asked about rotary cutter history, this cutter must be in the lineup. Dating back to 1979, nearly three decades ago, it has changed the sewing industry ever since. While so many things have changed, the beautiful designs created with the Olfa rotary cutter have not changed.. There is nothing to learn about this, just buy and cut. For your safety, there is a blade cover to prevent accidental cutting. And for your comfort, we designed the handle to reduce hand fatigue.

As simple as it looks, it works for ambidextrous users. We can easily replace the used RB45 blade, even if it takes a long time to do so. This knife goes beyond quilting and sewing, but also for a whole range of other crafts.

If you are used to rotary knives with a curved handle, using the straight design maybe feel a little uncomfortable.

This rotary cutter has a place in the toolbox of experienced professionals because it is also suitable for industrial applications.


  • 45mm blade
  • Easy to use
  • Replaceable RB45 blades
  • ambidextrous use
  • Blade Cover
  • Industrial purposes

5. Pink Power 45mm Rotary Cutter


It is not only enough to have a rotary cutter that can cut through any material, but also one that guarantees the safety and comfort of the users. From the pink color of this rotary cutter to its ergonomic handle, it has taken great care of its production.

Powered by an SKS-7 steel blade that is continuously sharpened for long time, it should not replace the blade in a long time. The blade does not wobble or deviate as there is a built-in lock that ensures it always stays in place. cause no damage because of the double safety features. You can also use this for decorative borders as it allows for waves, scallops, peaks and it works as a serrated knife.

As with most rotary cutters, make sure that the nut securing the blades is tight. Any loose nut will lead to a wobbly cut.

Nevertheless, given the color and price, this will work as a perfect roller cutter for anyone new to quilting and sewing.

Features Recap:

  • 45mm SK-7 Blade
  • Double safety
  • Multi-layer cutting
  • Ergonomic clamping lever
  • Built-in lock


In case you are always dealing with thick materials, Fiskars 60mm rotary cutter is the right cutter to use in i

Olfa 60mm (or 45mm) Rotary Cutters€ The Safety Features of ™make it a good choice if you about safety. Finally, you can rely on the quality of Fiskars Contour Rotary Cutter despite a low budget.

I have considered safety, replaceable blade and comfort in this review of the rotary cutter.

Make sure to take necessary precautions to keep yourself safe when using this tool.

You can contact me through the contact box if in doubt. about one of these rotary knives

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