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EverSewn Sparrow 30 Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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[945900]The[9459002]EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine[9459003]is definitely one of the more automated machines out there.[965900]It comes with 30 different stitch patterns, is easy to use and is fairly lightweight. However, not everyone who has tested this machine speaks of a pleasant experience. The sheer amount of options was confusing.[9659002]Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s inspect the EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine.[9659003]EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine: the details[9659004]The Look[9659005]The[9459002]EverSewn Sparrow 30[9459003]looks modern and sleek. The outer casing is off-white with gray highlights on the tension bar on the front of the machine, as well as on the dial on the back.[9659006]On the back of the machine are several buttons that allow you to choose the stitch, width, length and any other options on the screen.[9659007]There is also a bird (EverSewn’s logo) on the front of the machine, which completes the neat but essential look.[9659008]Specs[9659009]Weight:[945902]7 lbs.[965900]Dimensions:[945902]5 x 6.5 x inches.[96590]Stitches:[945902]30 stitches.[965902]Speed:[945902]850 bpm.[965903]Automated/Mechanical:[945902]Automated.[965904]Spool:[945902]Top-loading/drop-in coil.[965905]Warranty:[945902]0 year warranty.[965906]Accessories[965907]Standard foot.[965908]Zipper foot.[965909]Buttonhole foot.[9659020]Overcasting foot.[965902]Blind hem foot.[9659022]Satin stitch foot.[9659023]Button presser foot.[9659024]Brush / seam ripper.[9659025]Spool cap.[9659026]Spool pin felt.[9659027]Edge/quilt guide.
][9659028]Spools (3).[9659029]Large screwdriver.[9659030]Small screwdriver.[965903]Pack of needles.[9659032]Extra spool pin.[9659033]Soft cover.[9659034]Expansion table.[9659035]EverSewn: The Company[9659036]EvenSewn is a Chicago-based company with a mission to “encourage the next generation of artisans, seamstresses and artists to keep this amazing industry alive with creativity![][9659037]They focus on getting children interested in sewing and crafting by providing easy-to-use and fun devices that help them embrace their talents.[9659038]Warranty[9659039]The limited warranty includes 0 years of coverage for all mechanical parts in the machine, one year for the automated parts and one year for labor.[9659040]Any the warranty does not cover abuse, abuse or g Tampering with the machine. EverSewn does not pay for parts shipping, only the cost of the part an allowed repair service center.[965904]Features[9659042]30 may only perform it, and repairs Stitch patterns[9659043]The Sparrow 30 comes with 30 different stitches, including 84 decorative stitches, 32 stitches and a range of different quilting stitches.[9659044]There are also two different alphabet fonts that allow you to personalize each of your crafts.[9659045]If you To choose a stitch, scroll through the options on the LCD and make your selection, while also select the length and width of the stitch up to seven millimeters.[9659046]Finally, there is a chart on the machine for easy reference![9659047]Needle Threader and Automatic Thread Cutter[9659048]One of the more useful features of the Sparrow 30 is the automatic thread cutter. All you have to do is press a button and the[9459002]Mus 30[9459003]will cut the thread for you.[9659049]In combination with the automatic needle threader, you can streamline the start or end steps of your project better than ever.[9659050]Drop-In Bobbin[965905]The EverSewn Sparrow 30 also has a drop-in bobbin, so you can easily fill your bobbin with thread and then place it in the box next to it on the stitch plate.[9659052]It’s easy to find and if there are hooks and eyes with the bobbin thread, you can get to it right away.[9659053]Stitch function[9659054]As a computerized machine, it can save a series of stitch pattern combinations if you ever need them again.[9659055]Because many projects require the same stitch over and over, only on different. This is an invaluable feature, allowing you to switch to a particular mode without having everything.[9659056]Adjustable sewing speed[9659057]Would you like through a thick piece of fabric or an incline Increase the pace for an easy hem, the Sparrow 30 gives you complete control over your sewing speed.[9659058]Just flip a switch and choose your setting; you can even control this via a foot pedal, depending on your preference.[9659059]Tension[9659060]The Sparrow 30 makes it is easy to adjust the thread tension with just the turn of a knob.[965906]Your initial setting starts at 4, which is the default level, and then you can adjust the tension from there.[9659062]Extension Table[9659063]In an effort not to limit sewerage, EverSewn has included an extension table with the Sparrow 30 This makes it easy to move on to larger projects like quilting without changing machines. which usually results in errors.[9659064]Warranty[9659065]You don’t have to worry about this sewing machine. Ever Sewn has a 0-year limited warranty on sewing machine parts and a -year limited warranty on electrical components.[9659066]Should you experience a defect in your machine, you just need to contact customer service, they will replace or repair your machine with little effort.[9659067]EverSewn Sparrow 30 Sewing Machine Review[9659068]The Positives[9659069]Versatile[9659070]With 30 different stitches, the is hard for the Sparrow 30 not to be versatile. Users commented on how much they enjoyed all the different projects they could do with this machine.[965907]Whether you’re new to sewing or have been sewing for decades, you’ll find yourself in the able to find something unique to try with this device.[9659072]This is great for intermediate sewers looking to hone their skills while improving their tricks. You can learn a variety of sewing projects with just the Sparrow 30.[9659073]Easy to use[9659074]With the display that you can choose a stitch, a length and a width, and that it tells you which presser foot works best with that stitch, the[9459002]Sparrow 30[9459003]is almost foolproof.[9659075]Once you have it all you need to do is plug it in, the machine and your coil (there’s a tutorial with pictures if you need help), choose the stitch you want on the LCD and get started![9659076]Whether you’whether you are tech savvy or not, you can work with this device. Customers also noted that the manual accompanying this machine is well-written and easy to follow, so you won’t in the dark.[9659077]Lightweight

][9659078]At 7lbs, it’s not the lightest machine on the market, but with everything it can do (plus the computer screen), it might be the lightest of its kind.[9659079]There are other machines on the market with the same number of built-in stitches, but they can weigh twice as much as the Sparrow 30.[9659080]At 7lbs you can realistically carry it from room to room or even travel to a class with no effort. It won’t be hard to find a place for this in your closet or closet until you need it.[965908]All-Inclusive[9659082]Ever Sewn gives you everything you need in one box. You don’t have to spend more money on extra feet, bobbins, needles or even a screwdriver if you don’t already have one, because it’s everything in the kit.[9659083]If there’s a specific foot or needle you want it’s obviously not included, but for your basic everyday projects EverSewn has more than got you covered.[9659084]Powerful[9659085]Just because this machine is lightweight doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the power you need to get the job done.[9659086]Users have praised the Sparrow 30 for being fast and powerful, so you know your machine will never be slowed down. This is especially great for professional seamstresses who need to complete projects on a deadline. caused by your machine. It doesn’t matter which fabric you choose, the machine will glide over it like butter. table as if an earthquake hit your study.[9659087]The negatives[9659088]Noisy[9659089]This is definitely a noisy machine, not designed for people who want to sew quietly early in the morning or late at night. Even working around such a loud noise for a long time can be frustrating.[9659090]There are certainly quieter machines on the market, and if the noise level is a concern, a better one could option.[965909]Too many features[9659092]Many users found the Sparrow 30 to be quite cumbersome in its options, with some that it was hard to choose and even harder to learn them all.[9659093]This is definitely not the machine for a beginner, as she can get bogged down in many things. choices and get overwhelmed before they’ve even sewn their first stitch.[9659094]If you’re looking for a basic machine with maybe 50 to 00 stitches. This isn’t the one for you.[9659095]Spool problems[9659096]There were also users who complained about problems with the bobbin, where it FsY0G9yMOlPCCtbF2oTW3K touched while they were trying to sew.[9659097]That could be a tension issue, although others said thought they were having trouble filling the bobbin with thread. This certainly wasn’t an overarching issue, but it’s worth noting.[9659098]Here’s a video showing what the EverSewn Sparrow 30 looks like from the box and looks in action.
][9659099]General opinion[965900]After looking at all the positive and negative points, we recommend the[9459002]EverSewn Sparrow 30 Sewing Machine[9459003].[96590]The different options, the ease of use and its lightweight make it a great buy if you are looking for a computerized sewing machine. for the noise, the positives far outweigh the negatives in this case.[965902]Where can you buy the EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine[965903]EverSewn for crafting beautiful machines that are intuitive and accessible. The EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine is just one example.[965904]With a variety of sewing machines behind them ranging in sewing levels, EverSewn has become a popular brand in the sewing community.[965905]Thanks to their success and popularity, you can find products like the Sparrow 30 both in-store and online.[965906]Although it best to browse sewing, craft and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search at the following online retailers.[965907]Sew Vac Direct[9459003](from $399)[965908]All brands[9459003](from $398)[965909]And of course you can find this sewing machine on Amazon.[96590]That’s all for our EverSewn Sparrow review. Are you tempted to give this machine a’sew’?[9659]Not sure if this is the model for you? Browse the rest of our sewing machine reviews.[9459004]

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