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The Craftool Pro Stitch Master Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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Locating the best sewing machine is important if you desire your sewing jobs to come out looking excellent and also like a professional did them. If you have a great deal of sewing to do you may intend to select up a wonderful industrial sewing machine

This is an industrial machine so do not expect to select it up for much less than $1400 unless it is a used version. Industrial equipments handle a great deal of sewing as well as they are constructed to be durable. When you have the ideal machine expect to be able to do your sewing without a whole lot of issues appearing.

To find out more concerning this leading industrial sewing machine, just continue to review our short article. It evaluates this fine item of equipment and also lets you know how great a work it does as well as can do for you.

Stitch Master Sewing Machine

The stitch master sewing machine is made by Sailright a firm that was drawn back in 1969 when the founders Jim and also Connie Grant chose to make their own sails.

Their story all began when a neighborhood sailmaker could not make the sail that Mr. Grant required for a regatta that was approaching fast. His second-place finish raised a great deal of interest in his freshly made sail and also a firm was birthed.

Out of that modest beginning, Mr. Grant produced a correspondence training course on sailmaking as well as then the company went on to make a variety of items including about 435 sewing devices.

It remained in 1981 that the company produced the very first mobile commercial sewing machine as well as it was imitated the Brother B652 version. That machine lugged them via to the year 2000 when the company made an improved sewing machine called the Ultrafeed. 20 years later it is still the best seller for the business.

It had not been up until the year 2018 that Sailbright created the Craftool Pro Stitch Master for the Tandy leather corporation. It is this solid foundation that has actually made that sewing machine an item that is worth having in your home or sewing organization.

Tandy Leather Sewing Machine

As mentioned the Craftool Pro Stitch Master sewing machine especially for the Tandy Leather business. It is a machine that is made to be used in either your residence or your service and also ought to handle all your sewing jobs with ease.

Inside the sewing machine includes a rate reducer. This enables you to change rates on the go. Plus, you can modify the power without shedding whenever. This reducer deals with the Workhorse Servo motor which in and also of itself is an extremely effective and also sturdy tool.

Also consisted of in this machine is a variable stitch by stitch speed procedure that is manipulated by the leading walking foot. That foot is made to manage leather fabrics without damaging right into a sweat.

However those are not the only attributes that feature this top industrial sewing machine Likewise consisted of are a sewing table and magnetic light in addition to # 92 polyester string as well as needles sized at # 18 and # 20. The machine is flexible enough to use any type of needle between the sizes of # 10 and also # 22. Those are natural leather needles.

With a broad thread range, from residence thread sizes to # 92 you need to be able to develop some excellent sewing tasks. The power of the electric motor also makes sewing harder textiles a great deal extra pleasurable.

Then the table size steps 23 by 18 1/2 by 27 inches giving you great deals of space to maneuver the fabric and yourself. Despite its 16 by 7 by 8-inch dimensions, this leading sewing machine packs an effective punch when it pertains to sewing

Craftool Pro Stitch Master Pros and Cons

Every item will certainly include its own collection of benefits and drawbacks. That is, since that item may work well for some people and also not so well for others. Not every machine is made for everybody, even commercial machines.

This design is no exception to the rule and it has its assets as well as its poor factors. First the positives concerning the machine


  • It features a very powerful electric motor
  • Manages regarding 10 ounces of leather effortlessly
  • Can sew layers rather well
  • Features a needle dimension range
  • Features a large thread size range
  • The sewing table is just large enough as well as made of wood and steel
  • Well developed and also easy to use
  • It is really durable
  • Made by Sailright particularly for Tandy
  • Variable rate and reducer option


  • It is rather pricey to acquire
  • Hard to locate service centers
  • It doesn’t satisfy every drain’s needs
  • Only deals with 10 ounces of leather or less
  • The motor can be loud
  • May mark the natural leather

Where to Find the Craftool Pro Stitch Master

It seems that this sewing machine is discovered just at Tandy Leather stores. They have about 100 locations all over the world, however the majority of those stores lie in America, Canada, and the UK.

They also have shops in Spain as well as Australia if you happen to stay in Europe or South East Asia as well as New Zealand. This lack of areas may make it more challenging to find a qualified repairman if anything goes wrong with your new sewing machine

What Others are Saying About This Machine

Reviews are coming in as well as some individuals actually such as this machine It manages their workload well and also one customer went as far as to say that it is better than his Juki leather model.

Others like the simplicity of usage and the sewing table size. They also liked the large needle as well as thread dimension range. That flexibility along with the speed reducer choice made the machine extremely flexible as well as they could make the machine match the work they are attempting to do.

Others are not so nice as they feel this is a really expensive sewing machine option with little assistance to support the sales in instance anything fails. With only 100 shops globally it is easy to see that individual’s worries.

After that an additional individual did not such as the sound that the electric motor was making and the whining obtained on their nerves eventually. These are typical problems and the same level for the course.

The actual surprise was that the many people that place top 10, to 8 leading 5 and even top 23 commercial sewing machine evaluations on their blog site websites did not state this machine at all.

There was one Tandy in one competition but the remainder did not discuss Tandy or this leading item. The opted for the much more popular name brand names like Janome, Juki, and so forth.

This might be normal as the machine has just been out for a number of years and also because of its price, those customers may have determined to review a lot more cost-effective makers. Or they just determined not to review for any type of variety of factors.

The truth that the machine has the power one needs to stitch through leather a great deal less complicated as well as it has wonderful rate control is shed on those reviewers. Not every sewing machine will please all the people wanting to use it.

Our Opinion of This Sewing Machine

From what we had the ability to figure out, this Craftool Pro Stitch Master seems to have the devices as well as attributes most drains need. The speed reducer is a great feature that lets you make alterations to your rate and also power also while sewing That is a helpful device to carry hand. It makes sewing a great deal less complicated to do.

After that we suched as the sewing table. It is an excellent size and permits you to adjust the heavier textile without slowing down or getting it captured. The only disadvantage that we discovered was the price. Industrial devices are mosting likely to set you back a great deal more than normal sewing equipments so you far better to have a real use for it if you are going to acquire one.

The thread and also needle size variety might not be to everybody’s taste however it is vast sufficient to see to it you can utilize the appropriate needle or thread for your sturdy sewing tasks.

All in all, it might be the machine for you as well as it might not be. Not all sewing devices are developed the exact same and also you never ever understand, you might go residence with one of the best ones made in that model line.

Some Final Words

You may or might not like the Tandy Craftool Pro Stitch Master sewing machine Among the positives it has going for it is that Sailright made it. That suggests you are getting top-notch elements inside a tough machine that deals with leather items.

Whether you like it or not will certainly depend on you, the condition of the machine, and also the jobs you intend to make use of on it.

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