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Dollar General: Sewing Supplies for DIY Projects (2024)

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does dollar general have sewing suppliesSewing can seem daunting, but with the right supplies, you’ll be stitching up stylish creations in no time. Start your sewing journey on a budget by heading to Dollar General for all the thread, needles, kits and more that you’ll need.

With sewing, you can make practical items like curtains or express your creativity through quilts and clothing. Bring your homemade touches to any space with Dollar General’s wide range of sewing supplies.

Once you’ve gathered the essentials like quality sewing needles and versatile thread, the possibilities are endless. Breathe new life into old garments or craft thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Even if you’re new to sewing, Dollar General has everything required so you can learn at your own pace.

With the right materials, you’ll find comfort in the repetitive motion of stitching. The pride in crafting something with your own two hands is incredibly rewarding. So visit your local Dollar General today to find the sewing supplies that speak to your creative spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • Dollar General has a wide range of sewing supplies, including sewing kits, needles, threads, pins, and more from quality brands like Dritz and Gütermann.
  • They offer different types of sewing needles such as sharps, embroidery, ballpoint, and machine needles in sizes for hand and machine sewing.
  • Dollar General sewing supplies are suitable for sewers of all skill levels, from beginners using their sewing kits to experienced sewers finding specific tools.
  • In addition to Dollar General, other places to shop for budget-friendly sewing supplies include Goodwill, Michaels, Target, and craft stores.

Dollar General Sewing Supplies

Dollar General Sewing Supplies
Dollar General does have sewing supplies available at low prices that can be useful whether you’re taking up sewing as a new hobby or for your ongoing projects. Their standard sewing kit includes common tools like needles and thread, while other basics like additional colors of thread or finer needles for detailed work can also be picked up affordably.

Sewing Kits

You can grab a sewing kit with threads, pins, a tape measure, and more for just a buck at the dollar store.

Navigate the sewing notions aisle for plastic cases loaded with sewing essentials. Compare trusted brands like Singer and Dritz for quality threads, sharp pins, metal tape measure, buttons, elastic, and more.

Scout sewing kit options under $1 to $5 based on your project needs and budget. Read reviews online for top dollar store sewing kits praised for value and handy accessories.

Equip your sewing station for less by stocking up on budget sewing kits with needles, thread, pins, scissors, and measuring tools.

Sewing Needles

A needle and thread, stashed in your pocket, let creativity flow through fabric artfully.

  • Hand Sewing Needles: Sharps, Embroidery, Tapestry, Ballpoint, Chenille
  • Machine Needles: Universal, Stretch, Denim, Leather, Microtex
  • Needle Sizes: 60/8 to 120/19 for hand sewing, 70/10 to 110/18 for machines
  • Match needle size to thread thickness
  • Dritz, Gutermann, Organ, Schmetz are quality brands
  • Store loose needles in a book, keep threaded ones in cases

At Dollar General, pick up quality sewing needles for hand and machine projects. With a range of needle types and suitable threads, your sewing inspiration can take form.

Sewing Thread

I got some spools of coordinating and contrasting thread on sale at the dollar store to use for my next quilting project. Polyester, cotton, and rayon thread are available in basic and vibrant colors from quality brands.

Though inexpensive, these threads are fine for stitching fabric strips or assembling a sewing kit. With such affordability for quality threads, your creativity and projects need not be limited by budget.

Get the shades and sheens you desire for applique, piecing, quilting, or garment sewing.

Where to Find Sewing Supplies

Where to Find Sewing Supplies
When you’re looking for sewing supplies on a budget, know that you have options at dollar and discount stores as well as craft retailers. Dollar General, Goodwill, Michaels, and Target all offer sewing notions, tools, fabrics, patterns, and kits at various price points to suit your needs and budget.

These stores provide an affordable way to find thread, zippers, buttons, measuring tools, sewing machines, fabric, kits, and more without spending a lot. Exploring dollar stores and thrift shops can help you discover hidden gems for your projects.

Additionally, craft stores frequently run sales and coupons to make supplies even more budget-friendly. With a mix of discount retailers and specialty craft stores, you can shop smart and build your sewing collection without breaking the bank.

Careful browsing and clever use of promotions allow crafters to outfit their sewing room at low cost.

Dollar General

Believe it or not, 7 in 10 Americans shop at Dollar General each year for everyday discounts on household essentials and more. You can find great deals on sewing supplies at Dollar General. Check the crafts section for sewing needles, thread, felt rolls, measuring tools, and other DIY essentials.

Raid the school supplies for items like plastic bags and spray bottles too. With Dollar General’s selection of sewing bargains and craft kit finds, you can stock up on the necessities for your next sewing or craft project on a budget.


Goodwill might have old sewing machines and fabrics folks have donated. Look for:

Treasure hunting at Goodwill can uncover budget-friendly materials for sewing and crafting projects.


Michaels has quilting fabric and more galore for your next project. With rows of cotton prints, solids, batiks, flannels and more, it’s a quilter’s paradise. Check out their varied selection of quality threads, needles, pins, scissors, rotary cutters and other sewing tools too.

Don’t forget to grab some project inspiration from the DIY kits and pattern books as well.

Store Fabric Selection Notions & Tools Craft Kits
Michaels Wide variety of fabric types and prints Extensive selection of high-quality tools and notions Many project kits and pattern books for inspiration
Joann Good selection of cottons and flannels Decent variety of tools and notions Some project kits available
Hobby Lobby More limited fabric selection Smaller variety of lower-quality tools Very few kits or patterns


Your heart skipped a beat as you rounded the corner at Target and saw bolts of beautiful fabrics, an array of colorful threads, and an entire section devoted to crafting supplies. Target has a wide selection of essential sewing supplies like needles, pins, thread, scissors, and fabric, as well as storage solutions and craft extras.

Check the dollar spot for mini irons, project bags, buttons, and more. With regular sales and deals, you can stock up on all your sewing needs affordably at Target.


Do you need to find perfect sewing supplies for your DIY projects? Look no further than Dollar General! They offer a great selection of sewing kits, needles, and thread. Plus, you can find additional items at stores like Goodwill, Michaels, and Target.

With a few supplies, you can create anything you imagine. Whether you are a beginner or experienced sewer, Dollar General has the supplies you need to get the job done.

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