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How to Find & Fix Embroidery Machine Problems on Your Own? (2023)

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Embroidery is the art of sewing or forming designs on garments and fabrics. In the past hand did these works. So at the time they knew it as a popular craft. But nowadays even embroidery is being mechanized. Some embroideries can include beautiful metal pieces besides colorful threads.

While the embroidery machines have significantly reduced or eliminated many embroidery imperfections, certain embroideries also occur. Machine problems. Some of these problems, such as the machine, cannot pick up the bobbin thread; can to some extent.

Types of machine embroidery

Types of machine embroidery

The embroidery works by these machines into different types based on their methods.

First, we have basic free-motion machine embroidery using the traditional zigzag sewing technique. We do most of the work in this method, so the overall finish and look will depend on our skill. Embroidery replication is only possible to a certain extent with this method.

The other type of machine work is more sophisticated or more precisely automated. In this method, I connect a computer with the software installed on the embroidery machine. The computer, which significantly reduces the number of errors, controls the embroidery .

Tips and tricks for repairing an embroidery machine that does not choose bobbing thread

Fix Embroidery Machine Problems 7

This has been one of the most common problems with embroidery machines. I listed some tips and tricks that can come in handy when encountering this problem below.

As the needle descends to take up the bobbin thread, try to thread the to the left. Then check if the bobbin thread is present using a darning needle.

You can try threading the whole machine again, which has proven useful many times.

The tension in the coil screw should accordingly. Very low and very high stresses are both undesirable.

You may know that the bobbins are available in different sizes to fit different models. So the one causing problems may not be the one for your machine.

Fix Embroidery Machine Problems 5

Adjust the position of the needle as this helps sometimes. You must also make sure that the flat part of the needle and the holder or correctly aligned.

Care must to ensure that the needle fits properly in the holder. prior to sewing. The fluff in the flushing area should and the correct tension adjusted. The drive belt must also fit appropriately in its position.

The timing of the machine must . Before starting your work, you can check the needle is fully performing the up and down movement by manually turning the wheel. You also need to make sure that the thread used for machines and not for hand sewing.

These tips and tricks should help you when dealing with such embroidery machine problems..

Tips and tricks in repairing embroidery machines that do not crop

Fix Embroidery Machine Problems 3

Embroidery machine problems such as these can by for various causes. Thus, several steps must to resolve them. We list some tips that can when facing this situation below.

The manual provided with purchase may show the cause of the problem. So try to check before proceeding.

Try to adjust the tension in the wire. If the thread is too loose, the trimmer may miss the thread or it may not be identical.

Excess thread in the needle plate may cause the cutter to malfunction. Check that the movable blade is in the correct position and that the wire wraps around the wheel sufficiently.

Replace the needles as they can cause burrs after extensive use due to blunt tips.. Also make sure you have the correct needle depth before use.

If the thread breaks, it can cause many such embroidery machine problems. So old and overused wires need to be replaced. Using hand sewing thread can also cause such problems. So replace them with machine wires. With dry wires, silicone sprays .

Fix Embroidery Machine Problems 6

The cutting blades, both stationary and mobile, must . Also try to adjust the position of the blade guard. Make sure the drive knife grips the bobbin thread as it will come loose during trimming.


Most of the embroidery machine problems that have plagued users over time are now being addressed by technological and technical progress. Before using a machine, you must go through all the instructions in the owner’s manual, which can help to avoid foolish and unnecessary interruptions in your work. So by following all these tips and tricks, you will certainly enjoy your embroidery experience to the fullest.

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