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How to Make a Pop Up Card for Beginners Step by Step? (2023)

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In this post, I’ll show you how to create a simple yet elegant pop-up card. Even a beginner can easily make this pop-up card.

Required items:

To create this pop-up card you need:

  • Two sheets of paper in different colors, size A4 (I used one red and one white sheet)
  • Printed template
  • Paper cutting machine / scissors
  • Single paper punches for decorating the card
  • Glue
  • Scalpel
  • And some patience and I want to make this card ????

items pop up card

Draw a template for the pop card:

Draw the template on the white sheet. To make this, place the template under the white sheet and start drawing. If you have a good printer, you can print it directly on the card stock. When you complete this sstep,you should get something like this.


Cut out the template:

In the next step, you need to cut the template. The best way to do that is to get a hard surface that you won’t need in the future (you’re going to damage it by cutting out the template there). Place the white sheet on the surface and start cutting with the scalpel. REMEMBER: YOU ONLY HAVE TO CUT THE FULL LINES !!

cutting template of pop card

When you acutting you should get something like this:



Now you have to go through the template and fold each line with hyphens. When and if you make the fold to the right, yake the characters pop out of the card.


How do you make pop-up card borders beautiful?

This step is optional. If you have some paper punch for edging, you can use that and make it a bit more chic.


Time to glue:

Choose the appropriate glue for the card. You don’t want to use the hot glue gun for this project, as I used in the main band project.


Take the other sheet of paper you will buse(red in my case) and fold it in half. This way you will make gluing easier.

Now put the white sheet on the colored sheet and glue them together. When you’re done with this, yome up with something like this:


Now it’s time to close the map, and it looks like we have aa minor problem


How to fix character heads?

The heads of the characters come out, and we don’t want that. To solve this minor problem, take a small piece of sheet with the same color as the background color and cut two strips.


The strips should be 2 cm wide and 21 cm long. Now I take my paper cutting machine and the wavy cutting blade.


If you don’t have the card / paper cutting machine at home, you can do the same with scissors. To make it easier and cut the same way, you can cut the strips together. Now glue the strips to the edges of the card and the problem i


How do you decorate the card?

If you have time, you can personalize the outer layer of the card. I used my paper punch to cut hearts, and this is what I made.


And vviola you made this beautiful pop-up card. Congratulations !!

18 pop up card last

Additional advice:

VDo not fold the white paper in half before cutting the template so that you do not get that fold on the heart and legs. To get a better result, cut the template first and then fold it.


Free Template:

You can download the free template for this pop-up card here.


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