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Brother Se400 Review (Embroidery & Sewing Machine 2023)

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Brother SE400 combo computerized sewing and 4 × 4 embroidery machine is an excellent embroidery machine with a long list of substantial properties. It comes with the most modern embroidery machine technology and offers excellent performance on both the home and commercial level. One of the most striking features of this embroidery machine is that it comes with a very large embroidery. This feature allows users to maximize the result of their embroidery. As emphasized in every trustworthy review of the Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine it comes with a long list of embroidery designs making it a very useful tool for doing embroidery work.

Brother SE400 review

  • USB cable
  • Foot controller
  • User’s Guide

LCD touchscreen and show

Brother SE400 combo computer sewing and 4 × 4 embroidery machine comes with a remarkable and very responsive LCD Touchscreen and Screen. Users have the chance to easily and effortlessly change the operation of the machine with a single click. Observing the outcome of a particular embroidery pattern is also possible by using the screen.

Automated threading

You do not need to thread the needle of this model yourself. I designed this machine to do it independently.

67 built-in stitches

Users choose from 67 stitches this machine offers. You can sew with different stitches depending on your personal preferences and specifications of your design.

120 frame patterns

You can choose from over 100 frame patterns, making it very easy for users to merge embroidery patterns and designs.

5 fonts

Users choose from the 5 fonts the machines offer. You can also come up with different embroidery pattern combinations and designs by varying the fonts.

70 built-in embroidery designs

It contains a long list of highly decorative designs that you can use to create beautiful embroidery designs. to make. Choose your desired embroidery designs and frame combinations to create a wide variety of embroidery designs.

USB port

Connectivity to a computer via a USB cable is possible thanks to the USB port that allows they deliver the machine. This feature allows users to update the machine as needed and import a variety of embroidery designs. They can also manage the result of embroidery work with the computer.

Automated Thread Cutter

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized sewing and 4 × 4 embroidery machine comes with an automated thread cutter at the touch of a button, making it very convenient to cut wire in seconds. With this function you can easily cut long threads.

Instruction Manuals

Users learn more about the operations and functional capabilities of this embroidery machine from the tutorials. The information that emerges in the tutorials is quite easy to understand.

Product maintenance

To ensure that the machine to continue to operate properly, they must service regularly it. There are tons of ways you can actually do this. However, it is important to always ensure that it properly cared about the delicate parts for. Especially cleaning the LCD screen and the coil as much as possible is essential to prevent dust. We must lubricate the movable parts for efficiency and optimum performance. Cleaning the moving parts is also important to prevent the build-up of fabric and subsequent irregular movement of the sewing area. Tighten any loose screws and replace as often as necessary. Covering the embroidery machine when not in use is a perfect way to keep it safe.

You can easily replace the parts that come with the machine. Some of the replaceable parts are its bobbin, needles and LCD screen. Such parts are available through online stores.


  • It is automated: This is a non-manual embroidery machine. Rather, it and runs on sophisticated yet highly effective computer systems.
  • Comes with a twin needle: This feature of the Brother SE400 combo computer sewing and 4 × 4 embroidery machine is important for sewing with threads of different colors. You can sew a variety of materials with a twin needle for more elegance and a variety of designs.
  • Upgradeable: You can use a computer to upgrade this embroidery machine if needed. All you need to do is connect the machine to the computer with the USB cable and you can update the software from your computer.
  • Can perform many tasks: This machine can perform many tasks including sewing, embroidery and crafting. It is entirely up to you to choose the operating mode based on the tasks you want to perform. This makes this embroidery machine perfect for users who want to complete a long list of tasks in a short amount of time.
  • Automated Tasks: It can perform several automated tasks. For example, it comes with an automatic thread cutter which is very useful for cutting thread. This automatic function allows you to cut the top and bobbin threads easily. This embroidery machine also features an automated needle threading system, making it very convenient to use.
  • Large area for embroidery tasks: Brother SE400 combination computer sewing and 4 × 4 embroidery machine comes with a very large area of 10 x 10 cm.
  • Many built-in embroidery designs to choose from: Users have up to 70 different embroidery designs available to them. You can choose to use your favorite embroidery design based on the design you want to come up with. 70 of its built-in embroidery designs are highly decorative and extraordinarily elegant.
  • Highly responsive LCD screen and touch screen: It features an LCD touch screen that is very responsive and is easy to use. They made the display using advanced technology.
  • Import New Embroidery Designs: Not all users may like the 70 built-in designs, even though they are decorative. You can import new embroidery designs if you want to expand your range of embroidery designs. All you need to do is visit the manufacturer’s official website and download new embroidery designs based on your personal preferences.


In general, there are very few disadvantages associated with this product. Its collection of unique features and a long list of automated attributes make it stand out from other embroidery machines. That it may not work properly in countries that do not use 110V AC great machine often limited to certain parts of the world. It also cannot perform sewing tasks with endless bobbing.

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All users agree that using this embroidery machine is straightforward. If you read the user manuals that come with the machine, you certainly find that it is very easy to use.

In general they Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4 × 4 Embroidery Machine definitely deserves a lot of credit. I would recommend purchasing this machine. In particular, the automated functions such as the automatic needle threading mode and the automatic thread cutter make it easy to use. The collection of this embroidery machine with decorative decoration. Because of the designs and stitches it has , it is one of the best embroidery machines I have ever encountered. That it is also very easy to use and comes with a 25-year warranty period with manufacturer support and free updates are some of the key features that make it worth buying every day.

Warranty SE400 combination computer sewing and 4 × 4 embroidery machine comes with a 25 year warranty period. This is an unlimited warranty that also includes free manufacturer support. The support comes as information, computer updates and other needs. For more information about the warranty of this embroidery machine, please refer to the manufacturer’s official website.

When you buy the Brother SE400 computer combo and 4 × 4 embroidery machine, you learn it offers users an astonishing level of performance in every way. The collection of highly decorative built-in embroidery designs and the fact that it comes with a foot control make it one of the best embroidery machines the market offers. This monogrammed machine is undoubtedly worth the money it raises.

Brother SE400 combo computerized sewing and 4 × 4 embroidery machineThe built-in stitch collection of
also makes it one of the best embroidery machines the current market offers. In addition, they knew it for combining an extensive list of functions, including sewing, crafting and embroidery modes. The automatic needle threading system also makes it a reliable embroidery machine you can use for optimal results.

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