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SINGER Futura XL-400 Review (Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine 2024)

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A few months ago I planned to buy an embroidery and sewing machine of sufficient quality. This was when this SINGER Futura XL-400 caught my attention. We packed it with features and most of them were what I was looking for. So while there were few negative reviews about this SINGER Futura XL-400 embroidery and sewing machine, I went for it, anyway. This was also the cheapest model to offer these features, while others .

SINGER Futura XL-400 review

The SINGER Futura XL-400 package with all the accessories you need for a more enjoyable user experience. Some of the included accessories are:

  • Two embroidery hoops
  • A pack of needles
  • USB cable
  • Bobbins
  • SINGER Futura XL-400 User Manual
  • A CD of software
  • Button sew-on foot
  • Thread spools
  • Large embroidery area

    A handy feature of the SINGER Futura XL-400 is that it has a large embroidery area. It is approximately 10 “x 6” which can by multiple hooping and after adjusting a few alignments associated with the hoop.

  • Wide variety of designs

    The small and large hoops offer over 250 designs.

  • Easy Alignment

    The alignment option included with this machine allows you to adjust the design or embroidery to move a new area on the fabric, saving time re-hooping in the hoop. This feature turns out to be one of the unique benefits got for a good eight hundred dollars paid.

Product Maintenance

Singer’s customer service was very poor and I left many of my calls and emails unattended. It’s as if they are not responsible for their products. So the product maintenance was not at all satisfactory. To avoid such damage to your machine, we recommend you check out some tutorials on the singer Futura xl 400 website.

SINGER Futura XL-400 review

All parts of this embroidery and sewing machine are available for purchase on the manufacturing company’s website. Some parts, such as the needles, are easily interchangeable with other machines. But with other parts, it is advisable to purchase them through that website. Otherwise, they can cause problems in the future.


  • Harp throat or workspace
  • Unlike my previous sewing machine, the SINGER Futura XL-400 has a harp throat for large projects. So now I can sew all shirts and sheets with relative ease. Another important feature that may be new to you is the speed controller. You can control the speed of this embroidery and sewing machine by yourself.

  • Standard size needles are used
  • The needles of this machine have standard sizes and shapes. So I can easily exchange them with those of my old machines. It also features a simple threading system that will reduce the hassle of doing this job yourself.

    These are the positives I could think of when writing this SINGER Futura XL-400 review, a relatively cheaper product in its class of embroidery and sewing machines that is featured on the market is available. Let me now mention some drawbacks to it.


  • Partially functional threader
  • The threader provided for this machine is only partially functional;It is very difficult to use and only works fifty percent of the time. After getting annoyed with these threading machines a few times, I finally started feeding the thread manually, which seemed a lot easier.

  • Small unwanted shocks
  • Another problem I encountered was the machine shaking at high speeds. Almost every SINGER Futura XL-400 review mentioned this problem. This jerking stops when the speed to almost a quarter of the maximum. But this slows down my work. One plus of sin x1-400 is the speed control system. It is very useful when used correctly. Either way, this feature helps the loud, thumping sounds and jerks associated with high speeds.

  • The ongoing problem of bobbing threads
  • A major problem often mentioned in the SINGER Futura XL-400 reviews is incorrect handling of top and bobbin thread. The machine will stop when the upper thread breaks, but will not stop in the event of breakage or completion of the bobbin thread. The look of the machine is quite impressive, but not in build quality. Some parts literally came out after just a few weeks. I could also not glue most of these parts in place because of their functions. Occasional thread and needle jamming with the bobbin case is also another persistent problem. This could be because of the case rotation which has even ruined some of my embroideries.

  • Tension drop in the thread
  • There is also an occasional tension drop in the thread. This problem occurred after a few days after the first use. So I tried to re-thread the whole machine. Yet the problem persists. This problem occurs intermittently for a few hundred stitches and then returns to the correct state. But in embroidery we know this minor defect is enough to make the entire job a disaster.

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When I first got this machine, of course I really wanted to try it. Honestly, I had high hopes that just faded a few minutes after unpacking. The machine itself was very heavy compared to my previous one. So it is advisable to keep it on an iron or wooden table that is strong enough for safety. It has a satisfying look to a sewing and embroidery machine that can a plus. While this can’t the best embroidery machine on the market, it also has its own pros and cons.

So the first thing we need to do to operate this machine for the first time is to install the computer software. Something must instal the software on the computer connected to this machine. This installation and configuration process took about thirty minutes of my time. So this was a really tedious task.

Next I checked out the included hoops. These were extremely delicate or weak, which is of course undesirable. The hoops from my previous machine were much stronger and can have a big enough impact with no kind of deformation. This is a huge drawback that I found inevitable in writing this SINGER Futura XL-400 review. Embroidery works, the major purpose for which we customers bought this machine, has almost impossible because of these useless oops. They could not hold the fabric in place, which was very annoying. This monogrammed machine provided the basting function to outline the entire design with a running stitch. I used this feature at the end of each color to see movement at every step and the results were catastrophic. All of this goes to show how bad this machine is, how it has the worst embroidery function. So it is certainly not the best embroidery sewing machine for eight hundred dollars in cash.

Later I discovered this problem does not affect us if we only need a single color and normal stitching. But the multi-colored stitching that most of us would need is nearly impossible to achieve with this machine. I have chosen this product despite many negative reviews. I felt these embroidery machine reviews weren’t primarily from professionals and considered them irrelevant.

So in my honest opinion, this product seemed disappointing for the money paid.. It suffers from serious problems due to lack of proper engineering. Therefore this product, SINGER future XL-400, has many negative reviews on the Internet. There are flaws in most of the features on offer, although some of the fresh additions are proving to be really helpful. I am also frustrated with the customer service provided. So as a whole, I would not recommend buying this product if you expect a quality product for serious works.

Warranty Information

The Warranty covers different parts of the machine. But they vary in time or warranty period. Warranty only applies to manufacturing defects and not to the damage caused by the customers.

  • The sewing machine head has a warranty period of 25 years
  • For motor, speed controller, wiring and similar electronic components, the warranty period about 5 years.
  • Other equipment such as belts have a 1 year limited warranty.

Although we are paying a significant amount for this product, it does not provide many features that would have provided customers with a more satisfying experience. One of these functions is the automatic thread cutting function. I could have built this minor feature in with little extra cost as this machine already has working software for its operation. Another feature is the LCD screen now seen on machines that don’t cost half the price. This is a huge drawback given that LCD screens are we could have easily retrofitted so cheap these days and. Instead, LEDs that are so difficult to understand and interpret. So this product is a waste of money because of its many features that have not and we left some unattended.

In the long run, this machine turns out to be a decent choice for small or medium work. But this is certainly not the best embroidery sewing machine for this price range. Even though some reviews of the SINGER Futura XL-400 are positive, you don’t have to blindly to go it. It is advisable to compare all currently available embroidery machines before making a selection. Since most of this embroidery machine reviews may not be legit, also do a little research through various websites and blogs to make the right choice. So the overall experience was quite disappointing in my case and a definite waste of money. So, if you are really willing to buy SINGER future XL-400, read the maximum number of reviews along with a little research on the internet for the various other options.

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