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Brother Xr9550prw Computerized Machine Review (2023)

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Brother brought another great sewing machine, and this time the partnered with Project Runwa to make a limited edition sewing machine suitable for making clothes suitable for the catwalk. 0

Although we suspected buing this machine because of the whole limited edition aspect, the Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine has proven to be an excellent, affordable and DkVOIFDWcU sewing machine – even for novice seamstresses!

brother sewing machine

Jump right in and check out our Brother XR9550PRW review!

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine: The Details

The Look

Brother is no exaggeration with the design just because this machine is a limited edition model working in partnership with Project Runwa.

Although the show as a habit of presenting glamorous or avant-garde fashion, the have their usual simple look for the Brother XR9550PRW.

A refined laout keeps clutter to a minimum and clearl shows the man stitch and thread options.

At first glance, ou can see that this is a sewing machine built to handle a lot of work.

It’s smart, clean, and fits nicel into our workspace.


  • Weight: 18, 6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12.5 x 17.8 inches
  • Stitches: 110 + 8 buttonholes
  • Speed: adjustable
  • Automated/

    ]Mechanic: Automated

  • Coil: Anti-Seize Drop-In Top Spool Quick Change
  • Warrant: From purchase – 1 ear on parts, labor and accessories; 2 ears on electronic components and printed circuit boards; 25 ears on chassis casting


The Brother sewing machine comes with a few feet straight out of the gate, including zigzag stitch, buttonhole, blind stitch overcasting stitches, zip fastening, button sewing, quilting with spring action and monogrammed feet.

In addition to these features, ou get a hardcover sleeve to protect the sewing machine when not in use and an extra an4gIPR2kk table for our larger projects.

That’s prett good bang for our buck.

brother xr9550prw review

Brother: The Compan

Brother has a longstanding reputation for producing qualit products and maintaining of a good relationship with their customers.

The have been around for a long time and we don’t see them disappearing from the map soon – not with their outstanding track record.

You can feel comfortable buing a Brother product knowing ou are getting qualit service.

The Warrant

Tpicall for sewing machine warranties, there are three levels of warrant on the XR9550PRW.

You have one ear from Mm2iHC1XiQ0purchase on parts, labor and accessories; two ears on electronic components and printed circuit boards; and no less than 25 ears on casting chassis.

The first two levels are basicall there to cover ou in case ou got a dud or one of the more delicate parts breaks, and to provide some peace of mind . Prett standard in warranties.

The 25 ear warrant on the chassis is a delightful bonus and shows that Brother has serious confidence in the longevit of their product.

Overall, this is a good move from Brother.


AutoSize Buttonholes

This is a great feature , and makes the Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine accessible to many sewers from beginners to experts.

At the touch of a button, the machine sews the buttonholes to the perfect size.

AutoNeedle Threader

One of the nicest features of this sewing machine is the automatic needle threader.

If ou don’t see the best, our hands aren’t the most stable, or ou just hate threading the needle, this is a feature that saves ou time and improves our overall sewing experience.

Wh bother with it ourself when the machine can save our life so much more easil?

Drop-In Bobbin Sstem

Just another wa Brother is tring to make our sewing life a little easier.

No hassle with the bobbins, our sewing machine has a drop-in bobbin sstem so ou can easil prepare for our sewing.

This saves ou time and hassle and allows ou to tackle our projects sooner rather than later.

Do ou need to replace our bobbin? You can do this in a pinch without slowing down our creativit.


Given the number of meters that come with this machine, and the variet of patterns and stitches, ou can do a variet of sewing projects with ease.

The extended table means that larger projects, such as quilts and blankets, can without rearranging half of our work table to make room for the material.

Switching between stitches, arns and feet is also super eas.

So when ou’re working on a piece of clothing with all kinds of materials, ou don’t have to worr about switching accessories or adjusting settings.

brother xr9550prw review


A simple et immensel useful LCD screen displas all our options, even in the middle of the night, as it is ver well lit and super eas to use.

This screen at when ou enter our stitch selections, no sir, Brother has gone a step further and adjusted the screen to use at all times of the da .

You can work late into the night without straining our ees.

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine Review

The Positives


For all it offers, the Brother XR9550PRW well priced.

High qualit sewing machines can fetch hundreds of dollars, some even more than a grand, especiall when attached to a high-level show like Project Runwa.

But Brother isn’t tring to get ever penn off ou.

Depending on who bought it here, ou can bu this for a super reasonable price that beats the competition b a landslide.

It’s still a price to budget for, but given the warrant and brand, it quickl becomes a bargain.

Good for Beginners

If ou want to get our feet wet, this is a good wa to do it.

The I read included functions to assist newcomers in ever wa, from casting on to threading to sewing.

The fair price also means ou can see if sewing is for ou with a relativel low risk – and ou can alwas give it as a gift if sewing reall isn’t for ou !

Highl adjustable

Although the sewing machine naturall offers different speed settings to suit our experience level and for each unique project ( as most sewing machines do nowadas), Brother is a little less and even further.

The offer adjustable features throughout the machine, from how ou can use the extendable table to how bright the light is to how our favorite stitches are organized.

If ou like to adjust all kinds of settings and make sewing machines reall feel like’ou’, this is definitel a nice extra!

Ease of Use

Whether ou are completel new to the world of sewing or have been designing for ears, the convenience ou get with b using this machine it is eas to switch to.

The large, illuminated displa makes it eas to avoid mistakes, and the wide table makes it eas to switch from small to large projects when ou’re read .

Instructions are not the onl thing available to guide ou, this Brother sewing machine also comes with a DVD guide for additional images.


Weighing in at just over ten pounds, the Brother XR9550PRW will not weigh ou down.

The lightweight design of this sewing machine means ou don’t have to stick it in one place in our home or craft room. .

It’s light enough that ou can move it around when ou need more table space or when ou feel its time for our sewing machine to change scener.

The weight of our limited-edition Brother can also easil become a portable sewing machine. You have no extra hand to bring it to class – our two hands can handle this.

With so man features put into it, it’s great that the’ve made this machine manageable.

brother xr9550prw review


Don’t b the lightweight design of the Brother XR9550PRW, this machine can can still easil tolerate heavier materials such as denim.

If ou’re thinking of tackling quilting or planning designs with thicker materials, ou don’t need to upgrade our machine to finish our projects.

That said, if ou find our brother struggling with super-heav fabrics, upgrade to a stronger needle instead of a bigger machine.

See more: the best clothing making machines.

The negatives

More accessories are missing

Brother sewing machines for including a range of accessories, with some models almost giving ou the sink.

Even with all the accessories on offer, however, this one is a bit lacking in the’extras’section compared to other models.

Given the price and target for beginners, this is understandable.

For experienced seamstresses, however, those accessories open doors to more advanced projects, and that’s not possible here.

Limited Edition

Although there In some cases it makes a more attractive purchase cases, the limited edition is also a disadvantage.

We don’t know how long the Brother XR9550PRW will be on the market, or if it will be back in production once its popularit , and that’s often how products are in limited circulation to be marketed.

While this negative certainl doesn’t affect the machine itself, it encourages impulse buing, which isn’t alwas smart.

Overall verdict

We with the Brother XR9550PRW computerized sewing machine and how it performed as an inexpensive et high-qualit wa to break into sewing.

He can process delicate stitches on quilts as easil as sew harder materials together.

A sleek design, generous table and backlit LCD displa make this sewing machine a great bu and a smart investment.

However, if ou have more experience and need a machine that reflects this, look elsewhere.

brother xr9550prw review

Where can I bu the Brother XR9550PRW computerized sewing machine

As mentioned, the Brother brand has been around for what seems like centuries , with a collection of sewing machines and other household appliances.

While Brother machines are usuall eas to find at local department stores and specialt stores, the limited edition Brother XR9550PRW can be trick because of the limited edition label.

The ncec5hXSrPa3Ndb4zPYAZ5DgSZwrR online and ou can visit the following online stores to get started. 0]

And of course it’s also available on Amazon.

brother sewing machine

That’s it for our review of the Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine. Tempted to give it a tr?

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