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Seam Finishes Using a Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2023

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I hear it all the time, “I have to have a zigzag stitch to finish seams”. While you can use a zigzag stitch to prevent a seam from fraying, it’s certainly not the only good option.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of garments out there made and warn long before home zigzag sewing machines , and I’m pretty sure these clothes didn’t routinely fall apart in the wash.

I was reading one of my vintage sewing publications and discovered a wonderful section on seam options and finishes for a straight stitch sewing machine.

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So I scanned the section on the various seam and seam finishing options using just a straight stitch. I’ve turned these pages into a PRINTABLE PDF to share with everyone on my blog.

The book is from 1934 and published by the SPOOL COTTON COMPANY. Today it addressed the company as Coats Clark. Click on the cover image to download the file.


Credit—Jenny @ stitch classic

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