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Sewing Machine Thread Breaks | 17 Common Issues Full Guide of 2024

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Sewing devices are a great tool to assist you stitch your projects swiftly and also with a considerable amount of consistency.

Just due to the fact that sewing machines can be extremely helpful, it does not suggest that they are susceptible to possible issues — one really discouraging potential concern when sewing with a machine is when you have your thread break.

A damaged thread can break the circulation of your joint as well as can look untidy. In enhancement to looking untidy and also being irritating, a broken thread can also indicate that you have an issue with your machine that you need to care for.

So why does it take place?

Top Thread Breaking:

Your thread damaging is a common concern that can take place to any individual as well as doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your machine

Fixing a thread that maintains breaking can be very easy as quickly as you identify the trouble. The primary step in learning what your problem is to establish which of your threads is breaking.

If it is your leading thread that is damaging, you can have any of the following possible issues:

1. Incorrectly Threaded:

One of the most essential blunders to make that can impact your leading thread is improperly threading it.

The majority of sewing machines have a comparable way to thread the top thread, yet they can all vary somewhat. If you are not knowledgeable about your machine or you merely miss a step, you can trigger your thread to damage.

If you think your machine could be threaded poorly, or if you aren’t one hundred percent certain that it is done properly, the simplest means to check is to rethread your machine

If you reread your machine and it does not fix your problem, then you might have various other problems affecting your machine

2. Stress Issue:

Stress issues are extremely common when you are using a sewing machine Lots of people are worried when it concerns altering the stress on their sewing machine due to the fact that they are afraid to establish it inaccurately.

You do not need to be worried when functioning on the tension of your machine Various thread kinds will certainly require various tension settings, so you need to need to change the tension in your sewing machine sometimes.

It is also feasible that your tension got transformed on mishap by bumping the dials.

Altering your tension is usually as simple as transforming the dials on the machine The greater the number, the more tension on your thread

If you’re thread is breaking, you can have too expensive of a tension set for your certain thread

The best way to examine stress is to utilize a test item of your material that you mean to use, and the thread you are using to sew some examination joints on fabric that does not belong to your actual project.

3. Inspect Your Setup:

An additional prospective concern is that you have an improper configuration. Make certain you are utilizing the proper spindle and spindle cap. See to it that your spindle is put correctly, and your thread is unraveling in the correct direction.

You also want to ensure that you are making use of the best needle for your thread and textile. Make sure your needle has no damage and also is not bent.

If you do not generally inspect your needle for damages, chips, breaks, or bending, you might experience constant thread damaging.

Ensure you are making use of the right bobbin. If you are not utilizing the bobbin that is created on your machine, your thread can break while moving through the machine

4. Old Thread:

One more common problem is that your thread can be old.

If you’re thread is old, you can risk it being used down and possibly be lower top quality.

This would trigger more all-natural breakage than using a brand-new thread would.

5. Needle Touching the Needle Plate:

If your needle is touching your needle plate, you have a problem. If your needle touches the needle plate, your needle will certainly go with a disconcerting activity.

This will not only break your thread, however it can also damage your needle. It can also trigger damages to your machine or the other interior components.

Make certain your needle and also needle plate remains in the proper setting. To inspect to see to it that they will certainly not clash, you must make use of the handwheel.

Making use of the handwheel will certainly allow you extra control, as well as you can quit if they obtain close, as opposed to the rapid as well as much less controllable choice of making use of the foot pedal.

Bobbin Thread Breaking:

Not just can your top thread break, but you can also have issues with your bobbin thread also. The factors for a bobbin thread breaking can be comparable to for the top thread

Some related problems that can influence both the leading thread and also the bobbin thread consist of:

There are likewise a couple of different factors that your bobbin thread might be damaging. These factors include:

6. Dirty Machine:

One reason that you can be having issues with your bobbin thread is a filthy machine Beneath the needle plate can be among the dirtiest position on your machine

Beneath your needle plate in your bobbin location can gather dirt, debris, broken thread, fabric, and also other mess. If you do not clean it out on a regular basis, it can trigger issues with your machine

Some bobbin situations have a springtime that triggers your bobbin to obtain snagged if there is excessive dust below it. These issues can likewise cause your thread to break.

7. Thread Caught on a Burr:

Metal parts in your sewing machine are prone to obtaining burrs.

Burrs are sharp areas on the steel that can be produced after being in use.

If you observe sharp components on your metal items, you need to sand them off. If you can replace that specific component, you must do so.

Places that are most vulnerable to burrs include:

  • Bobbin case
  • Springtime in your bobbin case
  • The bottom of your throat plate

Burrs can trigger your thread to break because the thread obtains caught and also breaks on the metal burr.

8. Improperly Placed Bobbin:

Like the leading thread being threaded incorrectly, you can also have issues with exactly how your bobbin was put in your machine

If you do not appropriately place your bobbin in your machine, that will cause problems with your thread

Each machine is various when it involves how your bobbin should be positioned within. Some equipments want your bobbin to take a break clockwise, and others want the bobbin to loosen up counter-clockwise.

See to it you know what direction to put your bobbin in.

If you place your bobbin in backward, it may work for a couple of stitches, yet then your thread will certainly grab and break.

9. Bobbin Wound Incorrectly:

Many bobbins ought to be wound on your machine When you wind your bobbin, you will intend to make sure that your bobbin’s thread is wound evenly.

If your bobbin does not wind appropriately, you might have an issue with your washing machine that is made use of on your bobbin winder. You will certainly need to change it periodically.

If this does not function, you might need to get your machine looked at by a skilled specialist.

10. Knots in the Thread:

When you wind your bobbin, if there are knots in the thread, this can likewise negatively impact your bobbin thread

If you wind your bobbin without your bobbin winder, you could have knots in your bobbin, or your bobbin thread might not be wound consistently.

You additionally wish to make certain that you do not wind your bobbin as well much. If your bobbin is also complete, it can stop it from properly spinning in your bobbin situation.

Either of these issues can trigger your thread to damage.

11. Various Other Bobbin Issues:

Among the previous problems, there are some more issues that you could have with your bobbin that will certainly stop your machine from sewing effectively.

If you are utilizing the incorrect bobbin, you could be taking a look at thread issues along with other potential problems.

Although all bobbins can look the exact same, they can have different measurements that can create them to not fit correctly in your machine

Make sure when you obtain bobbins for your sewing machine, that you are getting ones that are the appropriate size for your machine If your bobbin is too tiny, it can jump about in the bobbin case, which can cause your thread to break.

If your bobbin is also big, it will certainly not spin appropriately in your bobbin instance.

12. Hook Timing Off:

Hook timing is vital for your sewing machine When your needle goes down, your sewing machine ought to produce a loophole that helps to develop a stitch.

If this is not happening, you may have an issue with your hook timing.

To inspect your hook timing, you can decrease your needle slowly using your handwheel. If you do this, you will want to see a loop when the needle begins to return up.

If you’re machine does not create an appearance, you can attempt to consider the issue on your own, or you can take your machine to a repair professional to try to fix your machine ‘s timing.

When you do this, bear in mind to turn your hand wheel in the direction of on your own, so you do not further shake off the timing of your machine

The Thread Breaks When I Sew Reverse:

Sewing in reverse can be useful for your task as long as it is working appropriately.

If your reverse function is causing issues or your thread to break, after that you could have a problem.

13. Issues with Reverse:

Some potential issues with your machine remaining in reverse could be a synchronization problem or a problem with your needle and also hook.

If your feed timing is out of sync, this can trigger your thread to break while in opposite. If your machine is out of sync, you could not see when your machine is sewing regularly, however changing it to turn around may bring the problem to light.

Another opportunity is that your needle hits the needle hook or needle plate, which can additionally trigger your thread to break.

The Thread Keeps Breaking at the Needle:

If you’re thread is breaking at the needle, maybe any kind of one of the factors that the leading thread might damage. However this is not the only possibility.

You could additionally be having a problem with the needle itself.

14. Bent or Damaged Needle:

If you do not examine your needle regularly, you will certainly intend to see to it that you begin to. If you are having issues with your machine inspecting your needle is an excellent place to start.

Your needle can be curved or otherwise broken, which can trigger getting or various other issues If your needle encounters your bobbin, if your needle is curved, or if there are various other issues with your needle, you could be checking out a busted thread

Lots of people do not change needles unless they require to. This implies that they do not examine their needle as often as they ought to be. It is a good technique to maintain an eye on your needle and its problem.

Transforming the needle is the best means to repair this concern.

When you do change your needle, you will certainly intend to ensure that you make use of a needle that is specifically for your machine

The Thread Breaks When I Sew Thick Fabric:

Altering to a thicker material can influence how your machine sews.

A thicker textile or a thicker thread can affect just how your machine sews.

Besides having a tension problem, you might also have an issue with your needle working appropriately in a thicker material.

15. Material Too Heavy for Needle:

If your material is as well hefty for the needle, you might have an issue with your needle or your thread A fabric that is as well thick, your needle might bend or damage.

You could likewise have a concern with your thread knotting up, puckering, snagging the material, or other issues. This can cause your thread to damage.

To repair this concern, you will certainly intend to transform your needle to match your textile and also your thread Checking your products prior to sewing is a wonderful method to make certain this doesn’t occur in the center of a project.

What is the Correct Tension for My Sewing Machine?

Tension is a complicated beast when it pertains to your sewing machine

This is among those questions that there is no correct response to.

The proper tension will depend on a selection of elements.

16. Unequal Tension:

The very first point that you need to look out for, in terms of tension, is that your leading stress and lower tension must match.

If your bobbin or leading stress runs out sync with each various other, then they will certainly create thread issues with your machine

Depending upon which one is tighter, you will certainly have various threading issues Also tight tension can trigger your thread to damage, however other stress issues can create thread bunches, birdnesting, or other problems.

17. Thread and Fabric Choice:

Your tension will likewise be figured out by what thread you are making use of. A thinner thread will certainly need less stress than a thicker or denser thread

If you do not set your tension, both on leading and in the bobbin for the particular thread that you are dealing with, you can have issues when sewing

These issues consists of thread damage, gathering, as well as various other problems.

It could also be a material issue. Various textiles will identify exactly how the needle undergoes, and also you wish to ensure you are using the appropriate needle as well as thread for your selected textile.

So How Do I Know?

Some sewing machine manuals will provide you an idea concerning what sort of stress is required for your particular thread selection.

You can also seek out what sort of tension is best, yet take care since this will certainly vary from machine to machine

The best way to ensure you are making use of the proper tension, and that your tensions are even is to evaluate it out.

Ensuring you examine your very first joint on an examination material can conserve untidy stitches and also other issues on your real project.


Sewing with a machine is a fantastic as well as reliable means to stitch your job.

When your machine is operating at its best, this can be the best method to complete your sewing job.

Nevertheless, simply since a sewing machine is a wonderful tool, it doesn’t suggest that it is fool-proof. You might have a concern while using your sewing machine

The best method to deal with any kind of potential issues that showed up is to deal with them the 2nd you see them. If you do not manage an issue right away, it might intensify or harm your machine

Identifying the issue can be tricky, but it is important that you do so. If you are unable to identify the problem yourself, you can always take your machine to an expert to look at.

It is also handy to maintain your machine tidy, to ensure all the parts are functioning properly, as well as to get your machine serviced on a regular basis. This will certainly help prolong the life of your machine and will certainly keep it working at its maximum ability.

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