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What is the Best Sewing Machine for Leather? (2023)

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Singer CG590 cram in so many features that it is our top pick if sewing leather is your prime concern.

Janome HD1000

With a cast aluminum body and also easy lines, the Janome HD1000 emits the strength of sewing machines from an earlier period. Marketed as “Heavy Duty,” the HD1000 costs cases to be a budget-friendly sewing machine for jeans and leather.

Singer CG590

In the exact same rate range as the Janome HD1000 is the Singer CG590 With a stiff steel frame, the CG590 promises to bring “Commercial Grade” results, consisting of the capability to deal with hard materials.

Toyota FSG325

While Toyota has been creating sewing devices given that 1946, they’ve just been selling in the United States for the past couple of years. Like the various other machines in this article, the Toyota FSG325 is placed as a “Heavy Duty” machine meant for whatever from crafting fine garments to functioning numerous layers of leather and also jeans.

Sewing Machine Janome HD1000 Vocalist CG590 Toyota FSG325
Motor Power 1.0 amp 1.6 amp 0.6 amps
Sew Length 4 mm 6 mm 5 mm
High Presser Foot? Yes Yes Yes
Sew Speed (in stitches per min) 840 1,100 800
Metal internal parts? Yes No No

Electric motor Power

Electric motor toughness is a crucial consideration when sewing leather. While the Janome HD1000 is powered by a reputable 1.0 amp electric motor, the Vocalist CG590 boasts a 1.6 amp motor, one of the best offered in a residence sewing machine The Toyota FSG325 can be found in near the bottom with a 0.6 amp motor.

Sew Length

Because sewing leaves irreversible holes in natural leather, selecting a longer sew length ultimately causes more powerful seams. All three equipments use stitch sizes well above the basic 2.5 or, with the Janome HD1000 covering out at 4 or as well as the Singer CG590 expanding to 6 mm. The Toyota FSG325 is a middle-of-the-road alternative with a maximum stitch size of 5 is.

Tackling Thickness

An additional important characteristic that helps certify these designs as natural leather sewing devices is their capability to deal with thick material. The Janome HD 1000, Vocalist CG 590, and Toyota FSG325 all include an extra-high presser foot lift that gives an added 1/4-inch of clearance when required. To better fit thick materials, the Janome and also Toyota equipments allow the customer to by hand adjust the presser foot pressure. The Singer design takes this set action better as well as supplies an automated pressure system that gets used to handle fabrics of differing density.

Stitch Speed

Like various other natural leather sewing makers for sale, the Janome HD 1000, Vocalist CG 590, and also Toyota FSG325 function high stitch rates, with the HD1000 getting to 840 stitches-per-minute and the Toyota FSG325 close behind at 800 stitches-per-minute. The Singer comes to a head at a remarkable 1100 stitches-per-minute. To assist deal with these rates, the Singer CG590 has a managing dial that can be made use of to restrict the speed when required and both the Singer and Janome designs consist of a finger guard to keep hands securely far from the needle.


Dependability is one area where the Janome HD1000 sparkles. All 3 equipments have metal inside the frame, but the Janome has actually additionally included steel components throughout. Comparative, the body as well as numerous various other parts of the Toyota and also Singer are plastic. Grievances connected to needle positioning, stress concerns, bobbin performance, jamming, and also broken components are usual with the Singer CG 590. Although not as widely tainted as the Singer, there is concern that Toyota’s choice to make use of plastic for crucial components such as the drive gear is bothersome.

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Recommendation – Singer CG590

The Janome HD1000 , Singer CG 590, as well as Toyota FSG325 each position themselves as the best home sewing machine for garment-weight leather in their price array. The Vocalist CG590 brings much better requirements to the table nearly all the method around, although all 3 machines consist of enough attributes to achieve most home leather jobs. If you desire a machine you can hand down to your grandchildren, Janome’s track record, solid electric motor power, and dependability make it the best selection. Nevertheless, the Singer has the best well-rounded set of attributes and also it has a tendency to be the most affordable of the 3, making it a major worth if long-term reliability isn’t your primary problem.

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