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Traveling With a Sewing Machine | Tips & Best-practice (2023)

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Exactly how can you best bring a sewing machine during travels? There is actually a great deal to think about right here.

Can you bring a sewing machine on a plane? What are the best travel sewing machines What are the best travel instances and also bags? Just how do you bring a sewing machine in a watercraft as well as an RV?

We will certainly dive right into all this and a lot more in this blog article!


Prior to we look at the best sewing devices for traveling and the best the best bags and also take a trip cases, we will certainly check out how you can bring the sewing machine with you on an aircraft. It’s quite simple, yet there are some things you require to know before you leave for the airport.

Let’s begin out by looking at some of the most asked questions for traveling with a sewing machine

Bringing a sewing machine on an airplane

You could be asking yourself if you are also enabled to bring a sewing machine on the plane. It’s full of sharp and pointy items and it can seem like that would be impossible.

[su_note note_color=”#e7ffcf”] Can I bring my sewing machine on an aircraft? Yes. You can bring your sewing machine on the aircraft, as long as you remove any type of sharp items and also prepare it thoroughly by having it in a travel bag that can fit as hand baggage. But there are safety measures you need to make in order to make certain you can bring it via safety and security. [/su_note]

According to the TSA website, you can bring a great deal of sewing equipment including the sewing machine itself during flight. So we can inspect that box.

Currently let’s consider what you need to do prior to you hit the flight terminal.

Can I obtain the sewing machine via protection?

Once more, yes you completely can.

It will have to go in its very own bin, and also you must load it individually from anything else you might induce the airplane. This is just to make it as very easy as well as quick to obtain with safety and security.

But prepare to obtain quit in the waiting line and get evaluated. They could not also open the machine or anything, but when you lug a big hefty item you ought to expect them to pay a little unique interest to you.

The only note regarding sewing devices are:

Yes , you can bring it as checked luggage or carry-on. You must check with the airline company to make sure that the thing will certainly it in the overhead container or below the seat of the airplane.” (Excerpt from the TSA web site.)

So the following inquiry is:

How do we go regarding it?

Let’s check out things we require to take into consideration as well as some protection related safety measures we require to take.

We will begin by considering where you will certainly put your sewing machine on the area: As signed in luggage or as carry-on right into the cabin?

Check-in luggage or as hand baggage?

Before you choose whether to bring it into the cabin or inspect it in you should assume these things:

  • Just how huge is your machine (will it fit in the overhanging bin or below the seat)
  • How hefty is your machine

If it’s a normal size house sewing machine it should usually be no worry whatsoever. You can absolutely bring these on the airplane, as well as you decide on your own if you will bring it with you into the cabin or leave it as inspecting luggage.

The primary consideration is associated with exactly how well safeguarded the sewing machine will remain in the checked baggage area!

As soon as the inspected baggage becomes part of the little vehicles and also wagons to be moved to the aircraft it might obtain a number of bumps. Also, in the various other end when the flight terminal individuals will pick it up and also carry it to the conveyer belt (baggage slide carousel) it might or might not drop down and also obtain deals with a little approximately.

So if you do not have an excellent strong situation for it I would certainly bring it with me right into the cabin so you can make certain it’s not damaged or damaged in the process.

Can I bring sewing needles on an aircraft? Yes, you can. According to the TSA, you can bring sewing needles. You can likewise bring a scissor as long as the blades are shorter than 4 inches from the pivot point.

You are in fact permitted to bring these points in your carry-on :

  • Needles for sewing, knitting, and also crocheting
  • Scissors that are shorter than 4 inches from the pivot point
  • Tweezers
  • Security pins
  • Toenail clippers
  • Mirrors
  • Multi-tools (without blades)
  • Staplers
  • Stick pins

These products are not allowed the carry-on: Razor-type blades, Scissors which are longer than 4 inches from the pivot point as well as box cutters.

There is in fact a quite amusing Instagram profile made by the TSA with lots of photos of what people try to induce the plane. Really funny!!

The guys at TSA are not without wit. I scrolled with the complete checklist (alphabetically) of what you can bring and can not prompt the airplane, as well as I got to the letter “L”. Below I located “lightsabers” among the other things on the checklist. You know the ones from Star Wars.

As well as the directions regarding these are:

Regretfully, the innovation does not presently exist to create an actual lightsaber. Nonetheless, you can load a toy lightsaber in your carry-on or inspected bag. May the pressure is with you.

So great, and wonderful to discover a little humor a serious site similar to this

You require to do this prior to getting here at the airport terminal

Whether you desire to bring the sewing machine as carry-on or you will check it in you ought to do a couple of points prior to you enter the flight terminal:

  • Eliminate the needles Not since you can not bring it on the airplane (due to the fact that you can), however since it can drop out throughout transport.
  • Eliminate the presser foot and also bobbin too (just to make sure)
  • Remove the spool on the pin.
  • Tape down any various other moving parts (or eliminate if you can).

Lastly, you need to ensure it’s well shielded from wind, weather, and bumps. So the best option here is a tough situation cart made for your sewing machine Then you can be absolutely certain it won’t get harmed, as well as it’s also the most convenient means to lug it around the flight terminal.

Remember you could need to walk a cross country to reach the gate, and a sewing machine is not precisely the kind of item you wish to be carrying around on a cross country.

So allow’s take an appearance at these travel instances and also bags.

Traveling instances and also bags

You need a good strong luggage for your sewing machine if you travel a lot. Specifically, if you have to bring it on the train, bus, etc. You ought to always go with a version that is developed especially for your machine By doing this you will be definitely sure it fits well.

A soft dust-cover sort of cover will certainly not be an excellent choice for traveling unless you just carry it in as well as out of the car. Then you will possibly be just fine.

If the traveling situation or bag does not fit your machine specifically the machine will be able to relocate around. That’s not optimum. You need to make certain the machine is attached and also secured inside the travel instance.

[su_note note_color=”#e7ffcf”] Over at SewingMachinesPlus they have actually made it truly simple to locate the best travel bag or situation for your machine Just choose which style of bag you are looking for and after that select the brand of your sewing machine Examine it out here [/su_note]

The best bag will certainly always be a tough case bag. They are available in a great deal of different layouts and styles.

If you take a trip to the course on a regular basis or you are an actual traveling pest, you should absolutely get a difficult case. That would be our suggestions. It’s also an excellent concept for your wishlist at Christmas


A whole lot of people bring their sewing machine on their watercraft.

Why not bring your pastime along when you are going on a longer trip? Maybe you are going away on a large watercraft where you can do tasks in the process or maybe you simply intend to be able to deal with things in the process like drapes, sail etc.

Let’s take an appearance at exactly how you can do it and what you should take into consideration before leaving.

Just how to power the sewing machine on the boat?

Powering house devices and also various other electrical items on a watercraft takes a little preparation ahead of time. You wish to think concerning things like:

  • Can our generator or source of power produce adequate power?
  • The amount of watts, volts as well as amperes does the machine requirement
  • Will I have adequate area?
  • Can I

We have actually provided some light-weight and also portable sewing machines below. These benefit smaller sized tasks en route, but if you wish to have the ability to sew boat canvas, vinyl, sails and other sturdy material you may find on a watercraft you require a sturdy machine

[su_service title=”Good heavy duty machine” icon=”icon: hand-pointer-o”] The best sewing machine for a boat is a light-weight heavy obligation machine We constantly suggest the Vocalist 4411 Study for that type of stuff. That would certainly be a fantastic machine to have actually onboard if you intend to be able to take care of the fabric of a sail, tarps, covers furniture work etc. [/su_service]

Sewing in a recreational vehicle

Just like sailors a great deal of RVers love to bring their sewing machine in the recreational vehicle.

Perhaps you intend to be able to relax with a sewing project throughout the trip or possibly you wish to bring it to fix the curtains or doing some upholstery job.

Here you additionally need to make certain your generator can produce enough watts for a sewing machine

The brief response is that you can conveniently power your sewing machine from the generator or whatever power resource you may have in the recreational vehicle.

It just draws like 85 watts, so that will certainly work simply fine.

After that you need to have room for it. Undoubtedly, space is a large issue when you relocate your life when traveling in an RV. There are small portable and also light-weight models you can purchase for cheap. Those are an excellent choice for sewing throughout travels.

Allow’s take a look at some good portable devices you can induce the watercraft, the motor home, or simply during travel generally.

Best light sewing traveling sewing machines

If space is tight or you just want a tiny as well as mobile sewing machine there are numerous terrific choices you can go with

Over at Amazon, they have a whole area with little sewing equipments and you find the best brand names like Singer, Brother, Janome etc.

Vocalist 1304 (SUPER lights!)

We advise this Singer 1304 version (web link to Amazon) It only set you back around $ 80, and also you obtain a top quality machine that just evaluates 7 pounds

It has more than 700 evaluations as well as a ranking over 4/5 celebrities! So individuals more than happy with this poor boy and also it also has some trendy features (like to conventional sewing devices) like:

  • 6 various stitches
  • Weighs only 7 extra pounds(!)
  • Automatic bobbin winding devices (quits when the bobbin is full)
  • Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 11,5 inches
  • can do buttonholes (4 actions)
  • 2 presser feet
  • Bobbin Winder
  • 2 spool pins
  • Detachable storage space compartments with room for added bobbins, needles, etc.
  • See all specs here …

Sibling CS6000i (Our referral!)

If you choose Brother devices the CS6000i is a great selection. It’s also really sturdy and also it’s portable too.

It has over 7,000 evaluations! and approximately 4,5 / 5 stars. So it’s the highest and also most rated machine of the three we suggest in this short article. It’s really abundant on attributes however it likewise costs a little bit a lot more than the various other two options. You can obtain it at $130 here at Amazon

We suggest this machine because it has every little thing you require primarily so you don’t require to jeopardize on what type of project you can do on the roadway. Great for taking to class as well as bringing along throughout journeys.

  • 60 stitches (!)
  • Evaluates 13 pounds
  • Measurements: 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches (likewise pretty little!)
  • 1-step buttonholes (7 designs)
  • 9 presser feet
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Auto needle threader
  • Two spool pins
  • Detachable storage areas with area for extra bobbins, needles, etc.
  • LCD display
  • Great for quilting in addition to sewing
  • See all the specs here …

If you do not like electronic display screens or you prefer Singer versions you can continue reading. Otherwise , this is your version.

Singer 2259 (More features)

If you desire a bit much more attributes as well as you desire a Singer design ( many individuals will just make use of Singer designs you must go with this design. But just if you do not like the Brother above, or if you can not use an electronic display.

It simply has more stitches to pick from than the 1304 version (19!) as well as the attribute list is pretty excellent for a machine under 100 dollars and this dimension. It likewise has more than 800 evaluations, and individuals are generally really satisfied with this model generally. It has an average ranking of 4/5 stars.

Right here are the specifications:

  • 19 different stitches!
  • Evaluates 13,6 pounds
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • Measurements: 15 x 6.2 x 12 inches (a little bit bigger than the Singer 1304).
  • Can do buttonholes
  • 4 presser feet
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Flexible tension
  • Two spool pins
  • Detachable storage space areas. Likewise with additional space for whatever you need around the machine
  • See all the specs below …

Other alternatives

They also have some wonderful sewing equipments over at Wayfair. They have truly good rates as well as they really have a remarkably great selection of tiny and light-weight designs. See the light-weight machines at Wayfair here

A travel size sewing machine is simply a fantastic choice if you such as to bring the machine along. It’s great to be able to bring it conveniently as well as you can also use it for kids and also senior that can stagnate about with equipment

What to bring (excellent list for traveling

Right here’s a great packing checklist for when you need to bring your sewing equipment along for the traveling. We have actually focused on what you can lug quickly as well as trying to prevent bringing more than one of the most crucial things.

Besides the sewing machine itself you ought to bring:

  • A scissor
  • String
  • Safety and security pins
  • Measuring tapes
  • Additional bobbins
  • Straight pins
  • Safety and security pins
  • Traveling iron (maybe a portable ironing mat also)
  • Seam ripper

These are all points you require to have completely in your sewing bag. And also you can possibly do without much else when you get on the go. Satisfied journeys– we wish you learned a thing or 2!

We have actually discovered two various other questions individuals ask a great deal in connection with traveling with your sewing or quilting machine We have detailed them here as short questions as well as solutions and also hope you locate them valuable.

Just how to transport a sewing machine You require to cover it thoroughly or carry it inside a difficult case trolley. Before you transport it you must eliminate all detachable parts and also take care of the rest with tape. Make sure it will certainly not get shakes or bumps throughout transport.

The last concern is a great question when it pertains to traveling with your machine Because you might have it depending on its side throughout travel– particularly if you finish up inspecting it in with your check-in luggage.

Can you store a sewing machine on its side? Yes, you can. Yet you need to prepare it first to avoid damage. Place the presser foot down and also remove spools and bobbins. Get rid of the needle as well before storing the sewing machine

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