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The Singer Athena 2023 Sewing Machine (Review and History)

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Sewing manufacturers made a whole lot of devices. Not only did Singer, however so did practically every various other producer that assumed they could be successful at making as well as marketing sewing makers. Not all were fantastic and also some machines were liked by some people while others did not care for the very same version.

It may be called the Athena 2000 however the initial version was made in 1975. It was said to be an all-metal machine as well as above the existing versions made long after the 70s finished. Its manufacture date makes it a retro machine, not a classic sewing machine

To get more information concerning Athena 2000 just remain to read our short article. It has the information you would like to know about. This information will help you decide on the area if you will purchase one when you see the price as reduced as $ 5.

When Was the Singer Athena 2000 Made?

This version was made in 1975 as well as it was promoted as the globe’s initial electronic sewing machine Its original price was $800, which in today’s money value may be on par with some of the much more expensive modern-day models sewing machine companies create.

That cost was simply from one source and also they might have gotten the machine when it was on sale. Some individuals have stated that the original cost was $2400 and also an additional stated they paid $ 1000. All that informs us is that the original rate is either shed or Singer had its dealerships place on a great deal of sales to relocate the new design.

The bright side is that the circuit card are or were exchangeable. If they dropped then you might possibly find another one. This series seems to be still in production but that was since 2019 resources.

Throughout the years it appears to have actually undergone a variety of upgrades as the Singer website has owner’s manuals for regarding 5 various Athena designs.

Singer Athena 2000 History

The history of a private sewing machine is far better if you consider individuals that purchased it. From the Singer website, all we obtain is one reference that the firm made the initial digital sewing machine in 1975.

The remainder of that background does not point out the Athena once again. Yet when you search for a proprietor’s manual for the Athena 2000, 5 different manuals stand out up in the results. The design numbers are 2000, 1200, 1060, 2210, as well as 2009.

So Singer did make some upgrades however they were not notable sufficient to place on their historical timeline. The personal background of the possession of the 2000 + is much a lot more interesting as one elderly woman used her 2000 only twice in all the years she had it. One day she gives it to her neighbor’s daughter, who after that took place to make numerous patchworks on the machine

Some sad stories choose the individual acquisitions of this sewing machine however those stories only make the background of this design richer. One woman acquired it at a yard sale one year however was informed it was not worth repairing by a certified technician.

Regretfully, she died before her child figured out that it was repairable and worth fixing. So, the real history of this machine may not be so good yet the individual tales that select it are really unforgettable.

Athena 2000 Review

When this machine was initial built, it was very easy to thread and also wind the bobbin. Also, it featured about 15 various stitch patterns that anyone could make use of like a pro. One of the best facets of the original machine was that it was built with all metal parts.

That made this sewing machine a workhorse, like the devices made during the very early years of the sewing machine market. It can last for 40 years with small problems that might return.

The exchangeable motherboard was a wonderful innovation at the time and just comes in helpful today if good use is available. Among the weaker components may be the drive belt as well as it can break after years of use and also long prior to the metal parts are done.

Its drop-in bobbin on the top of the machine near the feed pet dogs was an attribute used in earlier versions of different sewing equipments as well as making loading the bobbin intriguing. When it included a cabinet it was the ideal talented for the committed drain.

The cedar alternative for the cabinet provided a wonderful aim to the machine and also updated the appearance of any kind of sewing rooms.

Athena Sewing Machine Price and Value

Like any kind of sewing machine, you will certainly pay even more for it when it is new unless it is an uncommon vintage that is still in top condition. The old price for the Athena seems to have actually ranged in between $800 and $2400 in 1975 bucks however you will not get anywhere near that today for the utilized model.

One listing on Craigslist was for $150 and afterwards a lucky person discovered one at a yard sale for $5 however that last cost is not the real worth of the machine has listings for concerning 3 makers and their price is between $110 and $ 160.

Some people in the various sewing machine discussion online forums are prepared to accept affordable offers (their words). So you might have to pay concerning $200 approximately to get theirs. One point we haven’t mentioned so far in all these ‘backgrounds’ of different makers requesting for the worth is that a trade-in will certainly obtain you a lot more worth than if you sold it.

Dealers have discussed area as well as the worth is just a paper worth but it does save you some money in the future. As well as getting you a little bit much more for your machine As well as if you have captured on by now, one of the most value you can get for an older machine like the Athena 2000 is to offer the parts.

Take it apart and make the parts available as more individuals require one or two than they do the entire machine It is something to think concerning and explore.

Discovering a Singer Athena 2000 Sewing Machine available

This is not going to be a huge problem as Rover Bay does a great deal of its sewing machine sales via and they have one listed there at the time of this creating for $ 150. They are not the just one selling this sewing machine with

Then some on the internet companies are marketing these sewing equipments. One cost that captured our eye was $ 40. As discussed earlier, you can consider Craigslist to see that has placed one up for sale at that categorized site.

As well as categorized are a key phrase as you can look to traditional classified advertisements to see if any type of are offered right now. Then check with sewing machine repair stores and even some antique stores to see if they offer any type of. Second hand shops and auction homes are also a great wager as are estate sales and also backyard sales.

Your regional textile or sewing accessory shops may have some or at the very least baits where to discover one. Some proprietors do permit their customers to publish on a bulletin board system if they want to market their machine

It just takes a little thinking to believe up some excellent locations where you can discover an Athena 200 sewing machine

Singer Athena 2000 Accessories

Locating Athena devices and also components is not mosting likely to be that challenging either. In fact, there might be extra locations offering these items than total sewing makers. The reason for that is that the Athena is not classic neither an antique sewing machine

It was made recently enough and also in terrific adequate numbers to make parts conveniently available also 45 years after the first production. An internet search is the best way to find any kind of accessories that are missing or substitute components.

There is no requirement to connect to them in this article as they are really simple to discover as soon as you position Singer Athena 2000 devices as well as components in the search box on your computer system screen. Varieties of options reveal up in simply a few seconds.

Due to the fact that the Athena was made by Singer almost everyone has components for this sewing machine design and also subsequent versions that followed it in this collection. If the net does fail you then your local sewing machine service center must be able to help you out as well as take care of the sewing machine at the exact same time.

What you pay is in between you as well as him and also your negotiating ability.

Download Singer Athena 2000 Manual

This as well is a basic job as these manuals have not vanished like vintage as well as antique handbooks have actually done over the years. The first stop will be the Singer internet site as it has 5 different handbooks you can download and install. It really did not cost us anything either. Simply click on this link to locate the one you need.

One of our go-to websites for download guidebooks has one as well and also it might have the others additionally. Click below to reach its pages. The advantage regarding this website is you can check out the pages before you pay and download and install the booklet.

Here is an additional place where you can obtain the 25-page manual from. Just click this link to reach its internet site. After that you can go to this web link as well as getting one as well. For our Australian visitors click on this link to visit Singer AU. It might take a few minutes to find as it is not an extremely efficient web page.

As you can see, there are great deals of places to discover this guidebook and download it. That tells you that the Singer proprietors from worldwide can get their hands on a handbook with relative convenience.

How to Thread a Singer Athena 2000 Sewing Machine

The primary step you need to take is to position the spool of string on the ideal spool owner.

Next off, move the take-up lever to its greatest point and afterwards elevate the presser foot to launch any tension discs. After that, you take the thread through the rule of thumb eyelet and afterwards onto the rear thread guide.

Go under the rear string guide to and also via the pretension and throughout the port to the top of the machine Currently ensuring the string is strong bring the thread into the tension disc on the right of the stress separator and also go down the right channel and back up the left.

Next off, take the string to the take-up bar as well as put the strings through the slot as well as right into the eyelet. Return down the left network and also follow it diagonally to the lower string guides. Thread the needle from front to back and also bring around 4 inches of thread through the eye of the needle as well as you are done.

Just how to Use a Singer Athena 2000 Sewing Machine

The initial web page of the handbook gives you a summary of how to use this machine It is a bit difficult for those who have actually never ever made use of an electronic sewing machine in the past. To begin with, you must come to be acquainted with all the switches on this unit prior to transforming it on.

The stitch selection is simple as all the offered stitches have buttons and they have little lights letting you know which one you have actually selected and are presently using. If you desire to make modifications for the particular fabric you are servicing, or want to add your personal choices, there is a panel to remove and you have to by hand to adjust the dials under that panel.

For reverse, you need to touch as well as hold the reverse switch constantly you want the machine to step. Maintain holding the button as the machine will straight sew only no issue the forward stitch pattern you picked.

To eliminate the textile from the machine, raise the needle as well as foot and move the material to the left of the machine Those are the basic guidelines on how to utilize this sewing machine

Just How to Wind Bobbin and also Bobbin Tension

The initial step is to open the slide hatch as well as relocate the bobbin bar to the left. Next off, glide a vacant bobbin into location with the port revealing on the top.

Leave the slide plate open up until the bobbin is wound. Turn on the bobbin winder and also press the straight stitch button. Now move the bobbin lever over to the right and also into the wind placement.

Next, connect the string to the bobbin as well as launch it. Do not keep the thread. The thread needs to go under the presser foot and up and about. When the string has been attached appropriately, start the sewing machine and also place it at a modest rate.

Do not enable the thread to wind greater than the complete indication. Close the slide plate, ensuring the lever remains in the stitch setting, as well as pull the thread back under the presser foot.

Singer Athena 2000 Maintenance

One of the problems you have to take care of on this machine is the circuit breaker. If by opportunity your machine ‘s light goes on and the needle bar is fluctuating as well as you can not choose a stitch pattern, you need to press the red breaker button to reset the sewing machine

On the portable models, this reset switch is found on the base of the machine After that this machine has permanently lubed parts so oiling is not required. The qualified as well as approved Singer technician will certainly look at those parts to see if more lubrication is needed.

According to the guidebook, there are no user-serviceable parts inside this sewing machine If an unauthorized repairman (DIY consisted of) tries to service those parts, any warranties are void.

If you require to change the light bulb, do not attempt to loosen it. There is a tab that needs to be manipulated in order to eliminate the burned-out light bulb.

Some Final Words

The Singer firm racked up a world coup when it designed the first electronic sewing machine It opened the door to all the technical upgrades that have been available in the past 45 years.

The Athena paved the way and also it is still a great sewing machine to make use of when it is made from 100% metal components. Purchase it when it is low-cost currently prior to it ends up being a classic machine

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