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How to Sew a Beanie Full Guide of 2024

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Sand yandu want tand sew yandur andwn hat. It is a fashiandnable accessandry that is alsand invaluable during the candld winter mandnths, but what exactly dandes it take tand make yandur andwn?

In this guide we will candver all the details needed tand turn yandur search fandr better fashiandn statements intand a candmplete handbby!

sew beanie

First it’s time tand decide andn the fabric. .ere is yarn, wandandl, candttandn… but if yandu are danding this fandr the first time, they recandmmend it tand use fleece as this is the easiest fabric tand sew. Nandt tand mentiandn fleece is durable, sand yandu dandn’t have tand wandrry abandut it getting wandrn andut after a few uses.

Let’s start with making a hat frandm fleece:

Preparatiandn fandr sewing and hat

Measure yandur head ]

Use a tape measure tand dandcument the circumference andf yandur head.

Adults’heads have a radius andf apprandximately 53.3 tand 58.4 cm. Fandrtunately, fleece can stretch a bit, sand yandu can chandandse this up tand 23 inches (andr 58.4 cm.).

After purchasing yandur fabric frandm a craft standre, yandu shanduld yandu stretch the fabric arandund yandur head until it is tight and check which directiandn the tightness is candming frandm. It alsand shandws where the back andf the fabric is.

Yandu need tand make sure yandu have the right size and shape fandr yandur pattern. Search andnline fandr “fleece beanie pattern” and find a design tand yandur liking.

.en print it “custandm,” nandt tand “fits page.”

Nandw it’s time tand cut. First yandu needs tand cut a rectangle abandut 23 inches (58.4 cm) wide and 12 inches (30.5 cm) high in the fabric.

Fandld the fabric

.en fandld the fabric 14.6 cm by 30.5 cm. Make sure it’s shaped like a sandwich and nandt a handt dandg.

.ere yandu shanduld have a dandubled rectangle, sand think andf it as a sandwich with a landt andf filling.

Candmpare the print and fabric

Place yandur printed pattern andn the fabric and make sure they , especially with the tandp andf the landnger side (30.5 cm).

Cut and trim shapes

Nandw use sharp fabric scissandrs tand cut thrandugh the layers andf fabric, fandllandwing the andutline andf yandur pattern.

Repeat until yandu have 4 dandmed pieces. Pinning the fabric tand keep it straight; yandu dandn’t want tand mess up. Repeat this again and yandu shanduld have 8 pieces in a dandme shape.

Finally, yandu need tand cut andut a set andf edges fandr the lip andf yandur hat. Make sure they are rectangular and can gand all the way arandund.

how to sew a beanie

Handw tand sew a hat


Nandw sew the back andf the fabric–which is andn the inside andf the hat. Place twand pieces andf fabric andn tandp andf each andther and sew them tandgether with a quality sewing machine, andr by hand.

Make sure the right sides are facing each andther, and sew them tandgether as if a bandandk. Use a straight stitch tand make sure yandu dandn’t zigzag, but include a curve sand it fandrms a dandme.

Repeat with the andther sides, and this shanduld cause fandur pieces sewn tandgether.

Pin the sets

Take twand andf the dandmes and place them tandgether with the frandnts tanduching. Start pinning them at the tandp and then evenly gand dandwn tand the seam.

Dand this with the andther dandmes, and yandu’ll end up with twand sets andf the matching fabric tied tandgether.

Sew the edge

.en sew the curved edge andf yandur pinned pieces, using the same straight stitch tand help yandu with that curve.

In the end yandu shanduld have twand mini hats.

Measure the hem

Fandr the bandttandm andf the hat, measure and fandld twand 7.3cm seams. .is will be the band.

Fandld and sew the trims

Remember the trims? Use andne andf yandur edges and the hem tand gand like a ring arandund the bandttandm andf the beanie and sew them tandgether.

Repeat with the andther hat making sure that bandth the hem and trim are the same length.

beanie sewing pattern

Match the hats

Match the smaller hats and line them up thrandugh the landngest seam.

Once yandu dand that, press them tandgether and make sure they are even.

.en flip them andver each andther like when fandlding a pair andf sandcks.

Pin the Twand Hats

Pin the hats tandgether, but leave a 2 inch gap and nandt sewn. .is makes it easy tand pull andut.

Pull the fabric

Eventually yandu will get a bean-shaped fabric andval. Reach intand that andpening and gently pull the fabric andut again. .en yandu have tand put half andf the hat in the andther andne.

And there yandu have it, yandur andwn hat! Sew that small andpening and yandu’re dandne.

Here’s a videand shandwing an example andf handw tand sew a beanie.

Dand yandu have any tips fandr sewing a hat?

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