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Brother 1034D Serger Review: Capabilities and Comparison (2024)

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review of brother 1034d sergerHey, sewing friend! Let’s take an in-depth look at the Brother 1034D Serger. You know how frustrating it can be when your fabric edges fray. A serger gives them a polished, professional finish by overcastting and trimming the seams in one step.

While sergers seem intimidating at first, the 1034D makes it easy. Its color-coded threading and lay-in system prevent the nightmares beginners dread.

The adjustable stitch options handle everything from knits to denim beautifully. Consider this serger if you want features like differential feed and rolled hemming at a price that won’t break the bank.

I know you want to serve your sewing community with quality recommendations. This mid-priced workhorse could be a perfect fit for someone looking to grow their skills without overspending.

Let’s dive in and see if the 1034D suits your needs!

Key Takeaways

  • The color-coded threading system makes setup easy.
  • It handles light to medium weight fabrics and is good for garment sewing.
  • The serger provides professional finishes at an affordable price point.
  • It is ideal for intermediate sewers looking to expand their skills and work with knits.

Overview of the Brother 1034D

Overview of the Brother 1034D
Overview of the Brother 1034D.

Sounds like the Brother 1034D serger’s your new BFF – it’ll be cuttin’ and sewin’ up the town in a jiffy with its easy threading and quality stitches! Meet your tailor of dreams, filled with all the features a beginning sergerista could ever desire for finishing your fabrics with finesse.

Just a few turns around those color-coded guides and you’ll be good to go. Lower loopers below and loopers up top allow you to create the overlock, rolled hem, and zigzag stitches of your wildest imagination.

Adjust the thread tension, swap your needles, and find your serging sweet spot on knits or denim alike. Keep your machine humming with regular oiling and cleaning, troubleshoot tangles or skipped stitches if they come up, and check the manual for pro tips.

For just a few hundred bucks, this user-friendly workhorse can handle all your projects with custom stitches galore.

Pretty soon, the whole neighborhood will be knocking at your door to get in on the serging sisterhood!

Key Features of the 1034D

Key Features of the 1034D
Let’s dive into the magic of the Brother 1034D serger! As you set the dials and levers on this serging standout, you unlock a world of stitch possibilities. Adjust the stitch width, length, and differential feed to style denim, knits, silks, and stretch fabrics as you desire.

With a simple swap of needles or presser feet, you can create professional overlock, rolled hem, and cover stitches galore.

Stitch Options

You’ll have a blast creating overlock, rolled hem, and zigzag stitches with this serger’s 22 built-in stitch functions. Change needle types and adjust stitch width to serge lightweight silks or chunky knits.

Follow color-coded threading guides, then tweak thread tensions for balanced stitches. Use the specialty foot to create tiny rolled hems along napkins. Clean lint and change needles regularly to keep your machine humming.

The differential feed prevents light fabrics from puckering and stretching. Explore 3-thread options for decorative touches and various serging techniques like the lightning stitch.

Adjustable Settings

Adjustin’ the stitch length ‘n’ width to match your fabric’s like puttin’ on the right pair of shoes.

  • Adjust stitch width from 2-7mm usin’ the dial for narrow or wide seams.
  • Change presser feet to roll tiny hems on 1/8 fabrics.
  • Loosen upper thread tension for light, delicate materials.
  • Use quality all-purpose thread for balanced tension.
  • Engage the differential feed to prevent stretchin’ on knits.
  • Opt for 3-thread sergin’ to decorate edges on linens.
  • Control fabric feed ‘n’ tensions for flat seams in thread sergin’.
  • The 1034D settings adapt to handle all your sewin’ needs.

Experiment with the adjustable settings like thread tension, stitch length ‘n’ width, presser feet and differential feed. Havin’ options for specialty techniques like rolled hems, varyin’ seam widths and preventin’ tunnelin’ means you can serge all kinds of fabrics with ease usin’ your Brother 1034D.

Once you get the hang of makin’ adjustments for each material, you’ll get professional results every time.

Who Should Buy the 1034D?

Who Should Buy the 1034D
You’re lookin’ for an affordable serger to grow your skills? The 1034D’s the ticket. With 22 built-in stitches, this machine handles all your fabric dreams – denim, knits, silks, even stretch. Adjustable stitch length and width plus a differential feed mean you’ve options for any project.

Threading’s a breeze with color-coded guides. Lower looper pre-threading is one less hassle, too. There’s a built-in rolled hem stitch so no need to swap feet. The three and four thread overlock will have you hemming circles around your old machine.

For beginners, it’s an easy intro to serging. Dive into fabrics you never could before. Once you get the hang of it, explore those decorative stitches. Unleash your creativity! The 25-year warranty means this machine’s in it for the long haul.

With the 1034D, you’ll be rockin’ a professionally finished look on any garment that crosses your path.

Ease of Use for Beginners

Transitioning from deciding if the 1034D is right for you, let’s dive into just how beginner-friendly this sweet serger is.

Sewing newbie? No worries, the 1034D’s got your back. Like a patient sewing mentor, it guides you through each step, ensuring success from the get-go. Simply follow the color-coded threading diagrams for stress-free setup. The included DVD offers clear visual demos to reinforce the techniques.

With just a few turns of the dials, you’ll have the thread tension balanced perfectly. The adjustable stitch length and width give you options to achieve the ideal stitch on any fabric.

Practice on fabric scraps to get a feel for it before tackling projects. The more you use it, the more second nature it becomes.

To recap, the 1034D excels at user-friendliness. With a little patience and practice, beginners can master professional-looking stitches in no time.

Performance on Different Fabrics

Performance on Different Fabrics
Whether you’re sewing with delicate silk or heavy denim, this little serger’s got you covered. Its adjustable differential feed tames stretchy knits to prevent wavy seams and puckering; smooth sailing ahead for your knit and yoga projects! For thick denims, just switch to a stronger needle, crank up the stitch length and the 1034D will muscle through multiple layers with ease.

Knits and Stretch

Stretch those skills with the 1034D’s adjustable differential feed, conquerin’ knits without skipped stitches or puckers. Play with the serger settings and watch the magic happen! Shorten stitch length, loosen thread tension, and let the fabric gently feed.

The differential feed prevents stretchin’ and distortion as the material glides through.

Try overlock, rolled hem, and cover stitches on knits, spandex, even swimwear. Experiment on scrap pieces to find the sweet spot, then serge away on your activewear projects. Switch to lightweight threads like poly or cotton covered polyester in bold hues to make those sporty seams pop.

With practice, you’ll be churnin’ out professional finishes on delicate knits and super-stretch fabrics in no time. This serger’s got your back, helpin’ you flex your skills on knits of all types.

Denim and Silk

Take a deep breath cause the 1034D’s got the power to tame even the toughest fabrics like denim and silk. You can serge silk with care by using the right needles, threads, tension and stitch length. With its 3-thread overlock, the 1034D glides through silk without snags. Adjust the differential feed to prevent waving.

Try a rolled hem for lightweight silks or sheer fabrics. For denim, reduce presser foot pressure and loosen thread tension. Lengthen the stitch to punch through multiple denim layers. The 1034D handles thick seams without hesitation, giving your toughest projects a flawless finish.

Accessories Included

Accessories Included
You’ll get everything you need to start serging right out of the box! The 1034D comes with an assortment of must-have accessories to have you stitching in no time. It includes serger threads, thread nets and caps to keep your threads tangle-free, needles, tweezers, a lint brush, and a screwdriver for easy maintenance.

The handy threading chart helps guide you through the color-coded threading system to easily switch between 2-needle, 3-thread and 4-thread stitches. Whether you’re working with knits, silks or denim, the 1034D’s innovative differential feed and adjustable stitch length dials let you customize settings for each fabric type.

The included DVD provides step-by-step threading demos and troubleshooting tips for stress-free serging.

Comparison to Other Sergers

Comparison to Other Sergers
Ya compare the Brother 1034d to other popular sergers like the Janome 8002d and Singer ProFinish and find the Brother strikes the perfect balance ‘tween an easy threading system and pro results for intermediate sewers.

Priced around $200, this lil’ workhorse delivers where it counts without extra bells ‘n’ whistles bumpin’ up the cost.

With just 3-4 threads, the 1034d’s got all the essential features ya need for edge finishing and overlocking most fabrics. The free arm lets ya serge sleeves, pants legs, and other tubular pieces with ease.

While the Janome wins for simplicity and Singer for stitch options, the 1034d hits the sweet spot for someone looking to grow their skills without gettin’ overwhelmed.

The color-coded diagram walks ya through the quick ‘n painless threading routine. Turn the dials to adjust settings like stitch length and differential feed based on your fabric needs. It takes a bit to get the tension settings just right, but practice on scraps helps.

After the short learning period, ya’ll be serging like a pro! From knits to denim, the 1034d handles it all with next-level seam finishes. No coverstitch or built-in thread cutter, but this mighty machine delivers quality stitches and professional results without emptying yer wallet.

Ready to step up yer skills without breakin’ the bank? The user-friendly 1034d gives ya the confidence to fearlessly finish edges with flair!

Pros and Cons of the 1034D

Pros and Cons of the 1034D
When comparing sergers, you quickly see the Brother 1034D hits the sweet spot between affordability and pro results for intermediate sewers. With easy threading and varied stitch widths, this 3/4 thread serger helps you achieve professional finishes at home.

The free arm capacity lets you serge sleeves and pant legs with ease. While not the quietest machine, the 1034D’s noise level is tolerable. Some find the lower looper threading tricky at first, but the color-coded diagram helps.

With practice, you’ll be flying through the set-up routine. This serger takes standard needles and works great on most fabrics from knits to denim.

The learning curve is gentle, allowing you to master basic stitches like rolled hems with confidence. Then explore the range of stitch widths and lengths to prevent puckering on delicate materials. Affordable, user-friendly, and packed with essential features, the versatile 1034D serger gives intermediate sewers the power to create durable seams and chic finishes worthy of the pros.

Ready to elevate your skills? This capable little workhorse has everything you need to achieve flawless results on your sewing projects.

Is the 1034D Worth the Cost?

Is the 1034D Worth the Cost
Delivering pro results within reach, the 1034D’s value shines for intermediate sewers ready to upgrade their skills. With just a bit of practice, you’ll be flying through the easy threading routine and utilizing all the built-in stitches this versatile serger offers.

Discover how to prevent puckering on delicate fabrics as you master the classic three thread overlock and chic rolled hem stitches.

The instructional video makes getting started smooth sailing. While you can’t perform a cover stitch right out of the box, you can always upgrade presser feet and needles down the line. Minor complaints have surfaced about long-term durability and the warranty being limited to the US.

Yet most find this little workhorse delivers on performance and durability where it counts.

Boasting professional finishes made simple, the feature-packed 1034D empowers intermediate sewers to keep learning and take their skills up a notch. Ready to create durable seams and sleek finishes worthy of the pros? This capable serger has everything you need to achieve flawless results project after project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the warranty length and coverage for the Brother 1034D serger?

The Brother 1034D serger comes with a 25-year limited warranty that only covers use in the United States.

Does the Brother 1034D serger come with an instructional DVD or videos for setup and use?

The Brother 1034D serger comes with an instructional DVD to assist with setup and use. This video simplifies threading, adjusting settings, and basic operation for beginners.

How noisy is the Brother 1034D serger compared to a regular sewing machine?

The Brother 1034D runs louder than a regular home sewing machine. Its industrial-grade motor hums as it rapidly sews up to 1,300 stitches per minute. But it won’t disturb your family or sewing circle with its moderate noise level.

What accessories or presser feet can I purchase separately for the 1034D?

You can purchase additional presser feet like the gathering foot, piping foot, elastic foot, and more for the 1034D. This allows you to expand the serger’s capabilities for specialty techniques and projects.

How does the 1034D handle very thick materials like canvas or leather?

You’ll want to avoid extremely thick fabrics like leather with the 1034D. It can handle canvas okay, but multiple layers may cause some issues.


Overall, the Brother 1034D serger is a fantastic value that should exceed most beginners’ and intermediates’ expectations. This user-friendly machine enables you to achieve professional-looking finished seams and hems with minimal frustration.

While it may lack some convenience features of pricier sergers, the 1034D’s performance punches above its weight class. With multiple built-in stitches, easy threading, and adjustable settings, this sewing workhorse empowers you to sew knits, denim, silks, and more with ease.

The 1034d serger gives sewers capabilities that will revolutionize your sewing experience for years to come. While not without some drawbacks, this is the best serger for the money. I confidently recommend the Brother 1034d serger for sewists ready to elevate their sewing skills.

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