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How to Sew a Pillow Case Full Guide of 2023

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Have you ever wondered how to sew a pillowcase?

Maybe you need a pillowcase but have you haven’t found one that is in a color or pattern you want. You may need to learn how to sew a pillowcase for the body, as it does not sell them in most stores.

You may want to learn how to sew pillowcase covers, because just too expensive to buy them at full retail price.

sewing pillow cases

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Don’t worry. Sewing pillowcases is easy – and we’ll show you exactly how to make your own.

How to sew a pillowcase: tool

You don’t need a sewing machine to assemble a pillowcase, but using one may speed up the project.

As long as you If you have a needle, a spool of thread and the desired fabric material, you can sew a pillowcase together in no time at all.


When it comes to pillows, it’s about what you like to feel against your head and body.

Satin is often the first recommended material for pillowcases because they Known for preventing creases and feeling soft, it’s also pricey.

Flannel and cotton are quite common materials for pillowcases and also much cheaper. You can get away with rougher materials for decorative pillows, although people can still sleep on them.

Needle and thread

Sewing by hand is simple, but time-consuming.

Unravel a piece of thread twice as long as the project you are sewing – plus an extra 4-

Place the thread through the eye of the needle and pull until both sides of the thread are the same length.

With both ends of the thread in your fingers, tie them together by looping them in a circle and pushing both ends of the thread through.

To be careful, tie them one or two more times in the same place so it doesn’t come off accidentally. This will be your starting button that will hold the rest of your sewing in place.

how to sew pillow case

Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash


If you’re using a sewing machine, start and end each line by sewing forward a bit, doubling your work by using the reverse switch, and moving forward in the same area. This ensures that your work .

Sewing pillowcases: normal and body pillows

Measure the size of your pillow and add an inch to the length.

With your fabric folded in half, cut out the measurement by the width along the fold so that you have one piece.

Lay it out, unfolded, with the pattern facing up. This is the main body of your pillow.

Next you will need the cuff that protects the opening of your pillowcase.

Cut out the cuff on another or the same folded piece of fabric. Use the same length as before for your width and cut a length of about 12 inches. Do not unfold.

Keep the cuff folded and lay the cuff along the right end of the main fabric so that the raw edges are both in the same direction and aligned.

Use fabric pins to secure the pieces of fabric together so that they do not move as you sew.

If you have a sewing machine used, sew as close to the edge as possible while maintaining a straight line. If you are sewing by hand, use a long needle to make a basting stitch close to the edge. Keep the stitches as straight as possible. Remove the pins as you go.

When that’s done, position the cuff so you can’t see the stitching you just made. Laying in front of you with the cuff to the right, fold the cuff and main fabric in half along the width so that the raw edges meet. The underside of the fabric should now face you.

Pin the left side and the bottom of the pillowcase to keep the fabric from moving as you sew those edges together. Turn over and tuck your pillow in!

Watch this helpful video to see the full process in action:

Sewing pillowcase covers

Measure the size of your pillow and add one centimeter to the width and length.

Cut out two squares of fabric in those measurements. Lay one down so the pattern is facing you and place the other square on it with the pattern facing down.

Leave about 1/2 inch of your stitch from the edge of the fabric as you sew.

Starting about an inch below the top left corner, sew in place, making a sharp turn to the right and stitch along the top of the pillow.

Sew along the right and bottom sides of the pillow, then go up one inch on the left side. Fasten off or sew back to end that stitch.

Cut the corners of the fabric. Turn the pillowcase over and place the pillow. Fold the raw edges of the left side in 1/2 inch and hand stitch the opening closed with a small to medium needle.

how to sew a pillow case

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

And there you go! Endless design possibilities at your fingertips now that you have the right now-how.

Now you know how to sew a pillowcase and pillowcase covers! Questions?

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