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How to Thread a Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2023

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Are you just a beginner in the sewing world? Or do you have experience sewing things by hand, but are wary of the daunting block of a sewing machine sitting in the corner?

Don’t be! Sewing machines have been making projects easier for years, and once you get past the initial step, you’re well on your way to becoming a master.

What’s that first step? Threading the sewing machine.

how to thread a brother sewing machine

In this guide you will learn how to thread different machines and you will unleash your creativity in no time..

How to thread a sewing machine

Singer sewing machines are a common type for both beginners and experienced sewers, and so it will be the first one we tackle.

The approach now depends on the setup of your machine. Look at the top of the machine for the wire guide or a piece of metal on the top of the machine.

On some machines, there will be a small metal piece and a longer plastic piece.. I called this a two-part thread guide and you will learn how to thread both types.

One part Vs. Two-part threading

Since the two-part threading guide may seem more complicated, let’s explain it.

With the instructions you can also see how to do the same with a single thread guide just by following the tutorial for most of the steps.

How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

Getting started

To prepare, make sure your sewing machine off and unplugged, and that you needle to its highest position.

To do that, simply turn the handwheel on the back of your machine towards you to turn it on to lift.

The Steps

Step One

Now find your presser foot, the piece of metal that holds the needle. Move it. To do that, you need to find the small lever that is usually on the side of the machine.

Lift it. This raises the presser foot so you can pass the thread through the threading points on the machine.

Step Two

Then place a spool of thread on the spool pin and secure it in place.

Step Three

Take then the wire and pass it through the lower slot at the bottom of the first guide. Then take it and pull it through the top spot.

Finally, take the thread to the right and pull it through.

how to thread a sewing machine

Step Four

That will be the focal point for threading on a single thread run Singer machine, once you have it where it needs to .

On a two piece wire guide machine, however, you only need to go through the bottom of the second guide and from the bottom to the top. Carefully snap the wire into place.

Step Five

Now, two-piece machine or not, you’The next step is to wrap the thread around the tensioning mechanism.

Leave it through the threading channel and then pass it through the tensioning discs. Follow this by taking the thread under the hook and into the eye where it will stay.

Step Six

You’re almost done! Now take your thread and move it through the guide just above the needle. It is a small hook that holds the tension.

Lead the thread from front to back. When you’re there, make sure we secured everything as desired, and then you’ve completed your job.

You’ve threaded a Singer sewing machine!

how to thread a sewing machine

Threading other machine types

What if you don’t have a Singer machine, but a Janome sewing machine? A popular choice for beginners, the process is much the same, with some differences.

In a Janome machine, the guides a little differently, but once you’ve found them, run the thread through as described above and then through the two separate pieces on your presser foot. There you have it!

For the most part, threading a sewing machine takes time and practice. Many teachers suggest you become familiar enough with the specific process of your machine so that you can do it with your eyes closed.

Always read your owner’s manual to make sure you understand what to do, especially since, in cases such as when trying to thread a Brother sewing machine, turn on the sewing machine and sometimes wind the thread around a bobbin.

The video below shows an example of how to thread a Brother sewing machine.

The process of threading a sewing machine may seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it usually makes sense, especially since some machines even have small pictures and tutorials for you!

If you Once’Once you’ve got the thread in place, you’re ready to begin any sewing project you can think of, having tackled perhaps the hardest part.

Do you have any tips on how to thread a sewing thread? machine?

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