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Eversewn Hero Review (2023)

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If you’ve searched for embroidery machines in the past, you’ve probably noticed that I aimed many at beginners or advanced users, while the average user falls short.

EverSewn saw the need for a machine that can bridge the gap between hobbyist and master and introduced their EverSewn Hero.

eversewn hero review

If you are looking for the best sewing and embroidery machine for intermediate users, the EverSewn Hero is a solid contender.

With over 400 different stitches and 40 pre-installed embroidery designs, you’ll find a range of artistic locations ready to be explored.

Like most machines that are above the beginner level, you also have the option to install new cartridges of your choice. The finish being of very high quality, while the embroidery speed is among the highest available.

With its easy-to-use LCD interface and even easier threading, the EverSewn Hero is the ideal machine for those who are past the beginner stage but not sure yet if they can handle an advanced machine.

Advanced users will still find this machine is fun to use, but some aspects may miss compared to the more complicated embroidery machines on the market.

Is it right for you? Let’s see.

EverSewn Hero: The Details

The Look

The EverSewn Hero is a very stylish machine. The look is modern without falling into the everyday smoothness that most machines have.

Instead, the dark blue contrasts well with the dark gray, showing a machine that does just that. doesn’t. It cries out for attention, but it will .

Because it is longer than it is wide, it can on even smaller desks with no problems.

Although this machine is relatively light, it is less portable than more square machines, so keep this in mind if you plan to travel with your sewing machine.


  • Weight: 26.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 11.5 in.
  • Stitches: 40 built-in embroideries with an additional assortment of 400 utility, alphabet and decorative patterns.
  • Speed: 650 stitches per minute.
  • Automated/Mechanical: Automated.
  • Spool: Drop-in flushing system.


The EverSewn Hero comes with a variety of accessories, which makes it clear why this is arguably the best embroidery machine on the market. for add-ons.

eversewn hero review

The included accessories are:

  • Universal base.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Buttonhole foot.
  • Overcasting foot.
  • Blindhem foot.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Button foot.
  • Easy embroidery foot.
  • Three bobbins.
  • Border and quilting guide.
  • Large spool cap.
  • Small spool cap.
  • Spool pin felt.
  • Second spool pin.
  • Large and small screwdriver.
  • Brush and seam ripper.
  • Three needles.
  • Net.
  • Embroidery Set.
  • Soft cover.

EverSewn: The Company

EverSewn is not one of the old guys in the sewing world, but they are making waves based on their ideology.

Based in Chicago, EverSewn aims to make sewing fun for the intact family and pays special attention to the youngest seamstresses and also involves the veterans among us.

With their Hero embroidery and sewing machine, they tackle a group that doesn’t see much love – the intermediate sewers who want more, but who are not ready to invest yet in the most complicated machines.


They pride themselves on their knowledge of what’s going on. lives in modern times. crafter’s world, and they intend to continue to deliver what . negatives. It’s difficult, but they’re eager to grow with you.

While their Sparrow line at the youngest among us, their Hero sewing machine shows you that. doesn’t. It must have just come out to have fun.

The EverSewn Hero for both experienced teens and adults who first tasted it a while ago. next to you.


LCD Interface

With three different settings in your interface – normal, memory and embroidery – going from the best sewing machine to the best embroidery machine is a breeze.

Navigation is smooth and helps you find what you need when you need it.

eversewn hero review

Spool guard

There is nothing more discouraging than starting a new project only to find that your thread has ended at the worst possible time.

With the coil monitoring systems, the EverSewn Hero lets you know when the thread is running low. When a thread breaks, the EverSewn stops working, saving you the headache.

Easy Pattern Import

If you feel you’ve practiced enough with the pre-installed patterns, you’ll that uploading new patterns is a breeze.

Find the desired design in a suitable format and upload it via the USB connection. It’s fast and gives access to lots of new and interesting craft ideas.

EverSewn Hero Review

The Positives


From the LCD screen to the coil, everything about the EverSewn Hero to be intuitive and easy to pick up.

This machine is easy to operate, making it a great tool for seamstresses transitioning to embroidery or beginner seamstresses.

Having some experience will help you, or ask a more experienced friend with some free time if you need help.

The instructions that come with the machine are clear and easy to navigate, so if you have to refer to the manual to answer questions, you won’t .

Taking the safety precautions also remove any remaining worries – they kick in just in time, so you don’t risk damaging your machine. This can be very helpful if you’re just starting out figuring out your new EverSewn.

Once you get used to this embroidery machine, you’ll find it works on your projects. are quick, easy and fun.

Great stitch quality

Embroidery machines are great because they take so much work off your hands to take. But of course you still want the result to be as stunning as if it were from your own fingertips.

The EverSewn Hero has a high quality finish, which is double. impressive considering the fast speeds it can achieve.

best sewing machine for embroidery

Great pattern selection

Not only do you have 400 stitches up to at your disposal, but you will also for choice with embroidery designs.

With a host of pre-installed options, even those who are not tech savvy can create new designs.

Once you find patterns online that you absolutely love, there’s nothing stopping you from working late into the night.


Speaking of patterns and stitches, you have a world of options to play with l1GG5TIcx,EWaKV using the EverSewn Hero.

From perfecting a few of the 400 stitches to going through design libraries, you’re open to a world of creative wonder with this machine.

It can be a verse sew a variety of materials, from lightweight cotton to sturdy denim, so you can experiment with tablecloth embroidery, patch sewing or try your hand at quilting.

Great for small spaces

You don’t have to clean up your craft room or table to sew the EverSewn Hero sewing embroidery machine to your creative tool collection.

It has a small footprint and is compact enough to safe on several surfaces, desks agents without taking up too much space.

This is perfect for those who work in a small studio, dorm or apartment where every bit of space matters.

While you probably won’t. do have to travel with this machine. It weighs just over twenty pounds so won’t be too much effort to tuck away and turn off when needed.

Customer Service

EverSewn offers a warranty on all their machines. This limited warranty includes ten years of coverage for mechanical parts and one year of coverage for both electrical parts and labor.

This simply means that you encounter any defects or faults in workmanship, please simply contact EverSewn and they will repair or replace your machine for you.

EverSewn for its excellent customer service, so should you need it please contact them up, know you’re in good hands.

Here’s a video showing how to sew patches with the EverSewn Hero.

The cons

Restrictive file format

Although this machine is a real winner in our eyes, it has one drawback that should . Any files you want to upload for personal use must be in the same format EverSewn uses.

Although this is just a matter of converting files, it is an additional hurdle to be easy to avoid.

Automatic Thread Cutter

Although the EverSewn Hero has several functions, an automatic thread cutter is not there one of. as part of the package.

Overall verdict

The EverSewn Hero is a beautiful sewing and embroidery machine that fills the gap between novice and advanced sewers.

If you’re looking for a machine that comes with a ton of preset features, or if you just want a partner to take your craft to the next level, the EverSewn Hero is ready to brighten up your day.

eversewn hero review

With both the intuitive system and the amazing stitch quality, it’s easy to see why so many have fallen in love with the EverSewn brand.

The only downside would be for those who aren’t good with technology. It can frustrate to find the right files for your projects, and while you can easily convert files, it can be too big a job for some sewers.

Where to buy the EverSewn Hero

There’s a chance you’ve heard of the EverSewn brand and if not, they’ve certainly made their way to the top of the competition by years.

Their machines , affordable and work great to exceed the satisfaction of a variety of seamstresses and embroiderers at different levels.

Thanks to their success, their machines can on craft and department store shelves, and the EverSewn Hero is no different, both in-store and online.

Check out the following online retailers to start your search.

But of course you can use this sewing and embroidery machine also found on Amazon.

eversewn hero 400 stitch computerized sewing machine

That was it for our EverSewn Hero review. What do you think? Were you tempted to give this machine a try?

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