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Brother Sq9185 130 Stitch Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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The Brother SQ9185 130 Stitch sewing and quilting machine comes with quite a long list of promises: it’s a sewing machine, a quilting machine, has 130 stitch options and a monogram font. And all for an extremely affordable price tag.

Are you skeptical yet?

Don’t worry, we were, too. So we explored whether the SQ9185’s promise is true, or whether it actually sounds too good to be true.

Is this one of the best machines on the market? market today?

brother sq9185 review

Curious what we found?

Look at:

Brother SQ9185 Machine: The Details

The Look

Before we get into the skills of Brother SQ9185, let’s take a moment to get this out of the way: this machine is a beaut.

It comes with all 130 stitch options on the arm and a monogram legend on the inside of the top cover, plus a screen was in the center of a lace design.

It’s light for a 9.9-pound quilting machine, but certainly not the lightest out there.

What is certain is this: you can’t unpack all this without y e fingers feel itchy to start.


  • Weight: 9.9 lbs (although it comes for 16.1 lbs.)
  • Dimensions: 0 x 16 x 13”
  • Stitches: A 130 built-in stitches, plus 8 styles of 1-stop buttonhole stitches.
  • Speed: Variable speed control, with a maximum of 850 stitches per minute.
  • Automated/Mechanical: Automated
  • Spool: A drop-in flushing system.
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty.


Brother’s SQ9185 sewing and quilting machine comes with its own range accessories, conveniently stored in a built-in accessory drawer.

The package that arrives at your door also comes complete with an accessory bag, totaling for next Christmas morning -stocking of a collection:

  • A needle set with a twin needle and a ballpoint needle.
  • A seam ripper.
  • A cleaning brush.
  • A small screwdriver.
  • An extra spool pin.
  • A pair of spools (4).
  • A bobbin.
  • An eye.
  • An instructional DVD.
  • An instruction manual.
  • A quilting guide.
  • And finally, but last but not least, 10 clip-on presser feet for every sewing challenge you may face – from buttonholes to monograms to ¼” quilting.

Brother Industries : The Company

Brother Industries (based in Nagoya, Japan) has made a name for itself in the sewing world.

It’s impressive considering the variety of other electronic products it has for the market including printers, PCs, home appliances, you name it.

Have such a wide playing field and yet being able to excel in the production of one product certainly speaks of the company’s urge for quality.

After all, the company started out in 1908 as a small-scale sewing machine bed rife, and sewing has remained at the heart of all these years.

In 010, the production of Brother’s sewing and quilting machines wasijn 4th largest gross profit subsection.

Last month Brother produced its 60thmillionth home sewing machine. And that, dear friends, is a lot of of sewing machines.

The Warranty

Brother’s SQ9185, 130-Stitch Sewing and Quilting Machine comes with a standard 5-year limited warranty.


Periodic maintenance repairs by this warranty, as are some accessories (spools, needles, etc.).

It covers covers labor repairs in the first year, which can come in handy if the circuit board is giving you problems .


130 built-in stitches, including eight styles of one-stop auto-buttonhole size

With a whopping 130 stitch options, the Brother SQ9185 needs no extras.

This enormous selection means you can enjoy a different selection every day. and it will still take you two entire seasons to complete them all.

M In addition, the machine also comes with eight (8) one-stop buttonhole stitches, plus 55 alphanumeric stitches – perfect for those wanting to start with monograms.

Large LCD display with back light

The Brother SQ9185 has a good LCD display on it for stitch selection, positioning and all your monogrammed projects.

best sewing and quilting machine

It’s nice and bright, making it easy to read even in low-light environments, and with icons to show selection.

Variable speed control and start/stop button

Go as fast or as slow as you want with the Brother SQ9185 130 Stitch sewing and quilting machine.

Especially when quilting, a good sense of control over the machine’s speed can be essential – and with the Brother SQ9185 you can go for it with all the control you need.

Whether it’s a slow stitch pattern or a race of 850 stitches per minute, you set the tone.

Stopping is quick, allowing users HA4Gotpx9MUKw5VHX a mistake before it happens. too late, while the’Start’function gives users plenty of time to align your project before sewing.

Includes wide table

Another bit of ingenuity: the Brother SQ9185 comes with an attachable wide table.

This extra table space gives the Brother quilting machine a 33% larger workspace than previous s models.

This great addition does large-scale quilting (which isn’t an easy task to start with), or larger projects like dresses, as easy as can be.

One sewing font with 55 alphanumeric stitches for basic monograms

If you love monograms But don’t want to invest in advanced, complicated quilting machines, the Brother SQ9185 is perfect for testing your skills.

It has one basic font that helps you learn the mechanics and practice to your heart’s content.

What else does the Brother SQ9185 sewing and quilting machine need to offer?

  • A simple bobbin winding system
  • A needle position dial
  • An LED lamp for dark nights
  • A smooth 7-point feed system

Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine Review

The positives

Great options for a small price

The Brother SQ9185 sewing machine with features.

It is a sew and a quilting machine, with 130 stitch options, yet still accessible.

brother sq9185 review

If you keep that in mind, this machine is affordable: it offers a lot for, well, not much.

Makes It Easy To Go Big

By marketing itself as a sewing and quilting machine, it feels like the Brother SQ9185 must have compromised to make both options easy to make it clearer. Somehow it kept the best of both worlds.

Accessories such as the attachable table and the various attachable presser feet, make it easy to go big. on when needed, but also to return to sew if desired.

With all its features, it can intimidate to use. Fortunately, the setup is simple and easy for novice sewers, but it also makes it easier for advanced sewers to transition to.

Makes It Easy On the Small Things

But not to underestimate the finer details; the Brother SQ9185 makes the little things even easier to use!

The automatic bobbin winding system means, for example, that you don’t have to pause your creative process to wind it by hand. rinse.

This Brother-sewing machine comes with speed control buttons, as well as a foot pedal which is unnecessary per se, but great for those who really want control over the speed of their sewing.

With The simple threading system allows you to play again in seconds. And the small light as it is, by LED, so you can sew for longer, even in the middle of the night.

Noise is no problem

The Brother SQ 9185 sewing and quilting machine provides a smooth sewing experience.

Nearby NKJlnGtmvSv7LgjwekoEVRLU3OiiTcPh787wHpCznJfGVn05D when they spend the night with this machine, because it runs quietly enough to make peaceful projects.

Know what an advanced user needs

This is perhaps what we like most about the SQ9185; it knows what a slightly more sophisticated sewer needs to grow.

It knows which direction it needs to be headed and offers all the help it can to make it happen. process as smooth as possible.

Once novice users have mastered the art, the Brother SQ9185 makes it easy to tackle other tasks such as patchwork or quilting.

It comes with a quilting guide, an operating guide and easy-to-follow DVD instructions; all accessible when you need it.

The cons

Not for beginners

This ties into our last point: a great machine for a more advanced user, but possibly a complete mystery for early beginners.

The options can beMMYU4fhsCg9O and it is not always intuitively clear how to operate the machine just to sew, or to know which is easier to quilt.

The guide helps, of course, but even that requires some basic knowledge to make the Brother SQ9185 do what it does best.

But once you’ve taken the time to really Getting used to your Brother sewing machine, reading the manuals and taking the time to familiarize yourself with its features can make it a breeze to use.

Too much of a good thing?

We have and noticed that the one thing that the Brother SQ9185 doesn’t always come in handy are the many accessories es.

Granted, you’ll rarely hear us complain about’too much’accessories. But if you’re new to this machine, it’s difficult to figure out which foot fits which stitching or which needle position suits which foot.

This can sometimes lead to general frustration, the machine making disgruntled noises and possibly an extra coffee break or two trying to figure out what the heck you’ve done wrong.

Below is An in-depth unboxing of the Brother SQ9185 including all its many features and accessories:

Overall Verdict

The Brother SQ9185 130-stitch sewing and quilting machine is a thing of wonder: packed with features, comes with a whole range of accessories and works beautifully especially once you’ve mastered all the controls.

This isn’t quite an entry-level machine, though, requiring focus and attention.

brother sewing machine

When used correctly it has quite the creative potential and will simply inspire basic sewers to try out new techniques, patterns and designs.? The Brother SQ1985 will definitely get you started.

For such an affordable price, it’s easy to switch to the Brother sewing and quilting machine without straining your budget.

Where to buy the Brother SQ9185 machine

Brother sewing machines continue to be popular and the Brother SQ9185 130 sew and quilting The machine can online at the following stores:

And of course on Amazon.

brother sq9185 review

Niewould you like to try out all the features of the Brother SQ9185 sewing and quilting machine?

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