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How to Thread a Zig Zag Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2023

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Thrading a zigzag swing machin is a lot asir than you think. You must first load th uppr and bobbin thrads into th machin. Th swing machin will bgin waving ths two thrads to crat stitchs in your fabric.[1959001]All zigzag swing machins can diffr slightly from ach othr. But thy us th sam stps with thrading. Thrading your swing machin corrctly will mak your swing asir.[1959002]Ar you using th zigzag swing machin for th first tim? Nd hlp to thrad? Lt this documnt b your ultimat guid.[1959003]You will find all th information you nd a zigzag swing machin.[1959004]How to thrad a zigzag swing machin?[1959005]Th stps for thrading your zigzag swing machin ar not that difficult to follow. Thy ar quit simpl and you hav to undrstand thm wll and follow thm accordingly. Ths stps ar:[195900]Stp 1: Wind up th coil[1959007]Th coil stands out as th bottom coil of th thrad of th machin. If th spools of your machin ar non-winding thrad, do so with an xisting spool of thrad.[1959008]You must first plac a spool of thrad on th swing machin’s thrad pin. Pull th thrad to th lft of th machin. Thn wind it anti-clockwis around th pr-tnsion disc.[1959009]Thn start thrading th thrad through th hols in th mpty bobbin. Wind th thrad around th cntr pillar of th bobbin svral tims.[1959010]You can thn plac th coil on th coil pin of th coil. Now you nd to prss th foot control of th zigzag swing machin.[1959011]This allows th bobbin to wind and caus it to b wound until I complt it. Whn you , you can cut th xtra thrad to loosn it from a largr spool.[1959012]Stp 2: Load th wound coil[1959013]If you hav a wound coil, it gos to th small compartmnt undr th ndl. This will hlp fd th bobbin thrad as th zigzag swing machins will continu to sw.[1959014]To insrt th bobbin, lift th prssr foot and ndl to th highst lvl and rmov th bobbin covr. You can plac th bobbin in a round slot.[1959015]Th zigzag swing machin has an arrow that tlls you how to plac th bobbin to rmov from th bobbin. Thn you can pass th nd of th bobbin thrad right through th tnsion spring of th swing machin. This allows you to rplac th coil onc and for all.[195901]Stp 3: Plac th spool of thrad[1959017]Now lt’s st up th top spool of th machin’s thrad. You must plac a spool of thrad on th thrad pin of th machin. Thy also rfrrd this spcific pin to as th nam spool pin or spool pin.[1959018]Stp 4: Thrad through th thrad guid[1959019]Aftr pulling th thrad on th lft sid of th machin, fd it straight through th thrad guid.[1959020]Stp 5: Pull th thrad up through U-shap guid[1959021]Pull th thrad spool straight through th thrad guid in a dp groov on th front of th zigzag swing machin.[1959022]Thn you nd to rturn th wir to th scond dp groov on th lft itslf.[1959023]Stp . : Wrap th thrad around th tak-up handl[1959024]At th vry top of th scond groov of th swing machin you will ncountr a mtal hook that gos along th sam winding handl. Now you nd to wrap th thrad spool around that tak-up handl.[1959025]Stp 7: Thrad th ndl[195902]0[1959027]Try th Dr. pull down towards th ndl of th zigzag swing machin. You nd to thrad th y of th ndl from front to back.[1959028]You should kp pulling on th thrad until and unlss svral inchs of thrad hav passd through th ndl.[1959029]Thr ar many machins that com with an automatic ndl thradr. If you own a machin with such a function, s th swing machin manual for mor information.[1959030]Stp 8: Grab th Thrad[1959031]Onc th bobbin and uppr thrad ar in plac, connct th two thrads togthr. This allows you to sw.[1959032]Us th button, ndl position or button, lowr th ndl and thn go straight up again. This allows th ndl to grab th bobbin thrad and pull it out through th loop.[1959033]You can pass a flat objct, lik a rulr, right undr th ndl. grasp th wir strands. Thn you can asily plac thm whn you xZqDPxNEmNA.[1959034]Can you mak a zigzag stitch on a zigzag swing machin?[1959035]You can asily mak a zigzag stitch with no problms with a zigzag swing machin. Th procss is not that difficult, and with a littl guidanc, you can also do a zigzag stitch lik a pro.[195903]So if you ar quit intrstd in larning it, lt’s look at th stps for making th zigzag stitch by th zigzag swing machin. Ths ar:[1959037]Stp 1: Thrad th ndl and bobbin[1959038]To start swing, you normally st up th swing machin as you do. Aftr that, you usually nd to thrad th ndl and bobbin and prpar th machin for us.[1959039]Kp in mind that th thrad tnsion is not that tight, but it shouldn’t b that tight ithr. If th tnsion is much too high, th wir will brak.[1959040]Also you ar fr to us any typ of thrad according to your nds. Sinc th zigzag stitch stands out as a dcorativ stitch, pILg. HP0TTKopt for thrads of contrasting shads. Such wirs will yild som attractiv rsults.[1959041]Stp 2: St th machin to a zigzag stting[1959042]Th zigzag swing machin shows you what th zigzag stting is right on th machin itslf. Othrwis, follow th instructions in th manual[1959043]On many swing machins, th zigzag stting rprsnts th straight zigzag stitch down and up. This stands out as th zigzag stting for th normal. Bttr to go for this stting than th on with a littl slant.[1959044]Stp 3: Adjust th lngth and width of th stitch[1959045]Whn it coms to adjusting th stitch width and lngth of th zigzag stitch, try to stick to th dfault stting itslf. Othrwis, you ar fr to chang it as you wish.[195904]Rmmbr that th width points to th paks in th zigzag stitchs. Lngth rfrs to how far apart ach zigzag stitch is from ach othr.[1959047]Stp 4: Plac th fabric and lowr th prssr foot[1959048]Whn you ar rady to sw, plac th fabric undr th prssr foot and lowr it onto th fabric itslf. This will hlp you hold th fabric bttr whil swing.[1959049]You must hold th fabric dirctly in front of th prssr foot and also bhind it to guid it proprly. Do not pull on th matrial but hav a good grip on it.[1959050]Stp 5: Turn th handwhl 1 or 2 tims and prss th pdal[1959051]Whn swing it to turn th handwhl at last onc or twic to sew. Thn slowly prss th pdal and start th swing machin.[1959052]Hold th fabric whil you sw so you can quickly gt it into th machin. Do not prss too hard on th pdal. Swing too fast will mak th stitch look sloppy instad of clan.[1959053]Stp . : Sw to th nd of th fabric and do not doubl up[1959054]Zigzag stitch stands out as a dcorativ and robust stitch, so you only hav to go ovr th fabric onc. If you do, it can furthr th sam further and don’t look good whn you doubl it.[1959055]Stp 7: Ti th nds with a knot and trim away th xcss fabric[195905]Onc your zigzag stitch , and it rachs th nd of your fabric, cut th thrad a fw inchs from th matrial. Aftr that, you nd to ti th back in knots and scur th thrad. Trim or trim th xtra thrad and your zigzag stitch is complt.[1959057]Is it possibl to mak othr stitchs on a zigzag swing machin?[1959058]In short, ys, you can. Th zigzag swing machin dosn’t just mak on typ of stitch. You can mak a straight stitch, mbroidr, dg ovr, bL9Rvk, sw pattrn and join.[1959059]You can also sw zipprs and wait for covr. Th machin coms with a multi-function control panl and nsurs prcis swing.

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