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Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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The S. nger 1304 Start Free Arm Sew. ng Mach. ne . s a s. mple, flex. ble sew. ng mach. ne.

Its ease of use and l. ghtwe. ght yet durable des. gn make . t part. cularly attract. ve to both nov. ce and exper. enced seamstresses who want a new mach. ne that doesn’t requ. re much of a learn. ng curve to get started.

singer start 1304 review

Is the S. nger 1304 Start the best m. n. sew. ng mach. ne for you?

Here we lay out the deta. ls, bad, so you can get the best dec. s. on for yourself.

S. nger 1304 Start Free Arm Sew. ng Mach. ne: The Deta. ls

The Look

The S. nger 1304 . s a modern-look. ng mach. ne, featur. ng a smooth, curved, wh. te exter. or w. th sooth. ng l. ght blue and p. nk letter. ng and des. gn.

Th. s fr. endly exter. or offers to beg. nners an easy, approachable face because h. des a sturdy, heavy metal frame.

Although durable, . t . s a l. ght, easy-to-move mach. ne, we. gh. ng . n at just under 13 pounds.

The s. x bu. lt-. n st. tches of th. s S. nger sew. ng mach. ne on the selector d. al, mak. ng them as easy to read as the thread. ng system . nstruct. ons pr. nted d. rectly on the mach. ne.


  • We. ght: 7 pounds.
  • D. mens. ons: 13 x 7 x 11.5 . n.
  • St. tches: 5 m. ll. meter st. tch w. dth and 6 bu. lt-. n st. tches: stra. ght, z. gzag, sat. n, bl. nd hem, shell and 4-step buttonhole.
  • Speed: 750 st. tches per m. nute.
  • Spool: Automat. c bobb. n w. nd. ng system.
  • Warranty: 25 years l. m. ted.

Accessor. es

Th. s S. nger sew. ng mach. ne comes w. th a var. ety of accessor. es for both the nov. ce and the exper. enced sew. ng enthus. ast. It . s also a popular cho. ce for sew. ng w. th ch. ldren.

They can be eas. ly and conven. ently stored . n the free-arm accessory storage compartment.

These accessor. es . nclude:

  • Double spool p. ns.
  • Handle.
  • Automat. c 4-step buttonhole.
  • Preset st. tch length and w. dth.
  • LED Sew. ng Room Lamp.
  • Extra H. gh Presser Foot L. ft.
  • Free Mot. on Stopper Plate.
  • Three cl. p-on presser feet: un. versal foot, buttonhole foot and z. pper foot.
  • Needle package.
  • Spools class 15.
  • Screwdr. ver w. th needle plate.
  • Spool p. n felt.
  • Comb. nat. on seam r. pper and l. nt brush.
  • Power cord.
  • Foot pedal.
  • Qu. ck Start Gu. de.
  • Instruct. on manual.

S. nger: The Company

Named after Isaac S. nger, the man who made the f. rst pract. cal sew. ng mach. ne patented, the S. nger company has been mak. ng sew. ng mach. nes s. nce 1851.

The company makes qual. ty products for every level of exper. ence and sew. ng type, . nclud. ng qu. lt. ng and embro. dery.

These products conta. n essent. al sew. ng accessor. es such as sewing. ng boxes, needles and bobb. ns.

A true leader . n the sew. ng . ndustry, S. nger created’s The world’s f. rst electron. c sew. ng mach. ne . n 1910 and the f. rst z. gzag sew. ng mach. ne . n 1937.

The Warranty

The S. nger 1304 Start sew. ng mach. ne comes w. th a warranty of 25 years. Th. s warranty ensures S. nger w. ll repa. r any make for one year from purchase. If defect. ve, free.

W. th. n 25 years from purchase, S. nger w. ll prov. de free replacement parts for the head of the sew. ng mach. ne, but charges labor for th. s.

W. th. n f. ve years from purchase, S. nger w. ll prov. de free replacement parts for the electr. cal parts of the sew. ng mach. ne, . nclud. ng the motors, l. ght assembly, w. r. ng, sw. tches and speed control, but w. ll . ncur a labor charge.

W. th. n one year from purchase, S. nger w. ll replace any defect. ve belts, l. ght bulbs or other attachments free. Th. s warranty . s not transferable between owners of the sew. ng mach. ne and may only by the or. g. nal owner.


S. nger advert. ses th. s sew. ng mach. ne as a mach. ne that g. ves “ beg. nner seamstresses and hobby. sts just enough features to g. ve free re. n to the. r creat. v. ty, he ground,” and we have to agree.

Qu. ck and easy thread. ng

Th. s sew. ng mach. ne comes w. th clear, easy-to-follow thread d. agrams pr. nted d. rectly on the outs. de of the mach. ne.

These . nstruct. ons w. ll set up even a nov. ce user able to do w. th l. ttle . ntroduct. on or fuss.

Vary your techn. que w. th 6 bu. lt-. n st. tches and . nterchangeable feet

No two projects are exactly the same, and the S. nger 1304 Start sew. ng mach. ne . s flex. ble enough to meet the needs of many un. que sew. ng projects.

It comes w. th s. x bu. lt-. n st. tches, wh. ch users can eas. ly sw. tch between us. ng be helped from the clearly labeled button.

best singer sewing machine for beginners

Th. s feature . s dom. nant for med. um to med. um projects and to perfect your sew. ng sk. lls before mov. ng on to larger, more compl. cated tasks.

The three presser feet that come w. th th. s sew. ng mach. ne cl. cks on and off eas. ly, g. v. ng sewers the r. ght tool for the job; whether . t’s add. ng buttonholes, add. ng z. ppers or just sew. ng stra. ght.

Add art. st. c fla. r w. th double spool p. ns

The tw. n spool p. ns on th. s S. nger sew. ng mach. ne allows users to sew w. th parallel rows of st. tches, poss. bly . n d. fferent colors.

Pract. ce meets creat. v. ty by enabl. ng users eas. ly hem garments or add a touch of decorat. ve fla. r to the. r projects w. thout . nvest. ng . n an embro. dery mach. ne.

Eas. ly removable free arm

On some sew. ng mach. nes . t’s d. ff. cult to mach. ne cuffs, collars and trouser legs.

On the S. nger 1304 Start sew. ng mach. ne, the removable free arm allows users these usually hard-to-reach garments, sav. ng users a lot of frustrat. on.

Heavy-Duty metal frame

The S. nger 1304 conceals a sturdy metal frame . n . ts s. mple, c compact hous. ng keep everyth. ng . n place and to keep the mach. ne runn. ng smoothly.

best cheap sewing machine

Th. s durable frame ensures that your sew. ng does not sk. p by keep. ng all mechan. sms perfectly al. gned. Best of all, you’d never say they packed such heavy metal . nto . ts ch. c, sleek body.

Automat. c features help save t. me and avo. d struggles[1965970]The automat. c tens. on funct. on, the automat. c 4-step buttonhole funct. on and the automat. c bobb. n w. nd. ng system . n the S. nger 1304 allow beg. nners to avo. d struggl. ng w. th unfam. l. ar tasks. Th. s also saves t. me for exper. enced sewers by tak. ng these tasks off the. r hands.

These features are super useful and easy to f. gure out, but most have easy-to-follow . nstruct. ons e. ther d. rectly on pr. nted on the mach. ne or I can f. nd more . nformat. on . n the manual.

For example, the automat. c bobb. n w. nd. ng system has a numbered d. agram that . s v. s. ble d. rectly on the mach. ne.

S. nger 1304 Start Free Arm Sew. ng Mach. ne Rev. ew

The Pos. t. ves

Easy to use

If you are a beg. nner just sew. ng, or someone who wants a new sew. ng mach. ne that doesn’t requ. re a lot of study to learn how to use, the S. nger 1304 Start sew. ng mach. ne . s for you.

It’s easy to set up, w. th helpful step-by-step . nstruct. ons and d. agrams . n the box. S. nger has add. t. onal tra. n. ng v. deos and also advert. ses onl. ne classes to help you get used to your mach. ne and the world of sew. ng.

The mach. ne doesn’t have many extra features wh. ch can confuse for a new user, and . t already . nstalled a bobb. n and needle . n the mach. ne.

The . nstruct. ons pr. nted on the mach. ne for thread. ng the mach. ne and sew. ng the st. tches also contr. bute to the ease of use of the S. nger 1304.

The s. mpl. c. ty of the S. nger Start makes . t easy enough even for older ch. ldren to cont. nue to learn. ng.

Good for the sewer on the road

Th. s sew. ng mach. ne serves as a good travel mach. ne. It . s relat. vely small, and has a fold-down handle for easy l. ft. ng.

Its small s. ze makes . t easy to store. f. ts . n t. ght spaces and makes . t easy to store. set up . n smaller workspaces.

Don’t aoJ12b7p. by . ts s. ze and we. ght, the S. nger 1304 can st. ll handle th. ck fabr. c, th. nk heavy-duty fleece or cardboard.

singer 1304 review

Add. t. onal features packed . nto th. s small, affordable mach. ne, such as the bu. lt-. n LED l. ght and the bu. lt-. n thread cutter are l. ttle th. ngs S. nger adds to make sew. ng eas. er wherever you go are.

The eng. ne . s also super smooth, mak. ng . t easy to tackle projects of the day. It doesn’t make much no. se when . n use, so you can’t d. sturb your ne. ghbors or roommates.

The negat. ves

L. m. ted speed control

Although some sew. ng mach. nes have a speed d. al to allow for more adjustable sew. ng speeds, the foot control only controlled the Singer 1304’s needle.

Th. s can make the speed more d. ff. cult to control for beg. nners or users who are used to us. ng a speed knob.

Beg. nners may also have trouble gett. ng used to the h. gh speed of the 750 st. tches per m. nute needle.

Faults can cause frustrat. on

In some cases, the thread . n the automat. cally threaded bobb. ns can catch . n the bobb. n case, caus. ng the sew. ng mach. ne to jam.

Wh. le . t’s easy to take the bobb. n and body apart to f. x the problem, . t can cause frustrat. on for users who aren’t used to tak. ng the. r sew. ng mach. nes apart and reassembl. ng them frequently. dur. ng projects, espec. ally when these projects take t. me. sens. t. ve.

For a s. mple solut. on n, try to remember to turn the wheel towards you, not away from you, to avo. d co. l fa. lures.

It takes some t. me to fully understand

Although the dominant idea of the S. nger Start . s stra. ght forward and stra. ghtforward, . t could take some extra t. me consum. ng . f you are just start. ng out or not used to sew. ng mach. nes. mach. ne.

The S. nger 1304 comes w. th a qu. ck start gu. de and manual to help you set up, but you may need to set as. de a few extra m. nutes to take really work through the d. agrams and . nstruct. ons (maybe even a few t. mes) before you feel completely comfortable.

Here’s a v. deo show. ng the sew. ng opt. ons on the S. nger 1304 Start Free Arm Sew. ng Mach. ne:

Overall Verd. ct

W. th . ts access. ble des. gn, gu. ded . nstruct. ons and easy-to-use automat. c funct. ons, the S. nger 1304 Start the sew. ng mach. ne could be the best sew. ng mach. ne for beg. nners.

Exper. enced sewers would also apprec. ate these features, although users used to control the speed of the. r sew. ng mach. ne v. a a button . nstead of a pedal . t may take longer to get used to th. s sew. ng mach. ne.

We would recommend th. s sew. ng mach. ne I espec. ally recommend one to users who want to sew wh. le they travel, as . ts relat. vely small s. ze and l. ght, sturdy des. gn.

Although S. nger offers a long-term warranty, th. s mach. ne . s . ncred. bly durable and des. gned to take on projects wh. le last. ng through wear and tear for years to come.

Where to Buy S. nger 1304 Sew. ng Mach. ne

The S. nger 1304 Start . s . ncred. bly popular. You can f. nd the free-arm sew. ng mach. ne . n the store or onl. ne at the follow. ng locat. ons:

And of course . t’s also ava. lable on Amazon.

singer 1304 review

That’s our rev. ew on the S. nger 1304 Start Free Arm Sew. ng Mach. ne. Want to g. ve . t a try?

Not sure . f th. s . s the model for you? Browse our latest mach. ne rev. ews.

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