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Singer 7258 Stylist Review (2022)

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Singer 7258 Stylist is synonymous for all kinds of embroidery which has actually been designed with the spirit of practical style as well as innovative innovation. This item was presented by Singer recently which is the leader in developing items for each level of stitching. Singer is the business which is devoted for aiding individuals to share themselves with the act of embroidery.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches
  • Equipment Weight: 14.6 pounds
  • Integrated Sewing Sitches: 100
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 10 Presser Feet
  • Needle Up/ Down

Layout as well as Structure

The singer stitching machine comes with virtually 100 sewing patterns along with 7 completely automated one-step buttonholes The set up of the singer stitching equipment will be a wind which has a horizontal string delivery and automatic needle threader The system is created with a top filling bobbin system which is incorporating the magnet-type vertical axis rotating hook.

On the other hand with Brother CS6000i , which has LCD present screen the present one includes one of the most improvised LED display screen There is push-button stitch choice with which you can select the desired stitch with push of a button. This machine likewise includes the sewing’s largest shortcut feature, which is automatic needle threader There is an automatic stress which would certainly guarantee excellent stitch high quality. The stylist features the inflexible inner skeletal system which provides it with optimum longevity.


Singer 7258 sewing machine contains several of the features which are accountable for making your stitching much easier. Some of the features that will make you like embroidery are as complies with:

Push-Button: The push-button stitch choice will allow you to conveniently select the preferred stitch with an easy press of a button. There are some maximum settings for size as well as size, which would certainly have been set instantly.

Programmable Needle: You have the choice to pick whether the needle needs to be up or down when the device stops in order for less complicated quilting.

LED Display: This lamp would brighten the surface area of embroidery which supplies you with ideal watching. This resilient bulb would remain great, regardless of, for how long you are running the maker.

Speed Control: To your surprise, this sewing device version might run without the use of foot controller. The digital rate control feature will allow you to gain total control over the speed. There is additionally start/stop switch

Automatic Tension: This system would certainly make certain of attaining an exceptional stitch quality, despite, whatever fabric you are stitching.

Presser Foot: There is a snap-on presser foot would certainly permit to change from one to an additional effortlessly. You will certainly require no screwdrivers for the objective of transforming the feet.

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Extra Features

The Stylist sewing equipment has been created with some extra-ordinary functions which were responsible to make this device as an exceptional sewing device of existing times.

Integrated Stitches: The stylist stitching device comes with as much as 100 integrated stitches, to ensure that, you will certainly have the ideal stitch for every and also every task. This includes nine vital, 8 stretches and 76 attractive stitches.

Bobbin System: This embroidery machine includes jam-proof and also top-loading bobbin system which guarantees a smooth as well as peaceful sewing. With this mechanism, it will certainly be simpler to place the bobbin. There is a clear cover, which will certainly make it hassle-free for you to check the supply of bobbin thread.

Bobbin Winding: The singer stylist includes an automated bobbin winding system. You will certainly have to just adhere to the phoned number diagram that is printed on the machine for winding. Additionally, the needle bar would immediately disengage during the bobbin winding. This makes winding more secure.

Free Arm Storage: You can avail the on-board storage of accessories with the cost-free arm storage area. This would certainly mean that the devices are constantly useful.

Reduce of Use

This maker can be operated with much simplicity by utilizing the in-built stitches and 10 presser feet at the first step. The automated needle threader makes the threading much easier. On top of that, there is an electronic vehicle pilot which would certainly allow you to sew with no foot pedal and also you can quickly adjust the speed There is an vehicle tie-off feature which can tie-off the straight stitches with the press of a button. There is an automatic reverse switch for you at the practical area which will sew the stitches in reverse by simply pressing. With the assistance of the programmable needle up/down , you can program the needle to quit in the highest possible position, thus; you can eliminate the material with much ease.

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The sewing maker examines that the Singer Stylist machine has numerous advantages over other comparable products out there which makes it stand apart in the competitive market.

  • You can use the car tie-off feature for decorative stitches also.
  • With a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute , you can sew very swiftly.
  • In this equipment, the amount of stress put in by the presser foot is automated.
  • The presser foot lifter has been offered with 2 elevations as well as uses extra clearance.
  • The Stylist device has a center zigzag taper for tapering the stitch to the center.
  • This has various other advantages like twin need capacity, 13 needle positions , maximum power control and six segment feeding systems.
  • This includes 10 presser feet which provides devices for all your sewing as well as quilting requirements.
  • The package also includes a number of accessories made use of for different objectives and also DVD, which consists of tutorials about procedure.


The presser foot can not be changed as it is automatic and the stitch size has actually been restricted to 5 mm.

Final thought

With great deals of outstanding features, this easy-to-use Singer 7258 Stylist embroidery machine will certainly be your best acquire for this season. You can make the best use this equipment for various type of stitching like style embroidery, quilting, decorative sewing and a lot more. This totally computerized equipment will certainly look to be your true style friend in all methods.

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