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How to Use a Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2023

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Wondering how to use a sewing machine?

Don’t worry – you are not the only one.

how to use a singer sewing machine

Sewing machines loo complicated, but they are not. It’s just a matter of nowing the basic functions and understanding the core purpose of those more complicated functions. With your machine.

How to use a sewing machine

Sewing machine parts

There are thirteen parts you need to now. That seems lie a lot, but let’s do it one by one:

  1. Power switch. Different machines have different locations for the power switch. Mae sure you know where yours is.
  2. Spool pin. This is just a pin that protrudes from the top of the machine and holds the thread.
  3. Wire guide. It is a piece of metal sticing out of the top of the left side of the machine. It guides the thread from the spool pin to the bobbin.
  4. Thread tae-up lever. Here you pull the thread through when you thread a needle.
  5. Spool winder. This is the machine that winds thread on the bobbin.
  6. Stitch change buttons. They usually sit on a wheel on the side of the machine, but not always. This is how you change which stitch you sew with.
  7. Tension dial. This is also a wheel and near the retrieval lever. This controls the tension of the threat you are stitching with. Too tight and the wire may brea; too loose and the wire may become tangled.
  8. Needle clamp screw. This ensures that the sewing needle is safe and usable. Once you insert the needle into the needle clamp, use the needle clamp screw to tighten it.
  9. Needle plate. It is the metal plate under the needle. Super simple.
  10. Presser foot. This is the small metal foot under the needle clamp screw that holds the fabric in place.
  11. Presser foot lever. This is a metal switch, usually on the side of the machine, that moves the presser foot up and down. This allows you to place your fabric under the needle.
  12. Feed dog. This is a machine under the presser foot that moves the fabric as you sew.
  13. Spool cover and release. This is usually located under the needle plate. Once the bobbin DWu6y2ax on the bobbin, place it here to supply the thread used for the support.

how to use a singer sewing machine

How to set up your sewing machine

Before starting, mae sure that the sewing machine is on a stable surface and at a height where you can use the machine comfortably. Do not plug in the machine yet. When seated, the machine should be at a height where you will not bend over to use it. The needle should be on your left side.

Insert a needle

Insert the needle into the needle clamp post and then screw it on tightly. It is important to mae sure I sealed it so that the needle does not brea or fly out and injure you once the machine is in motion. After installing the needle securely, connect the machine.

Wind the bobbin

Insert the bobbin on the bobbin winder. Wrap the thread around the guide and bobbin. start it; it will start automatically when it is full of wire. Since some sewing machines have different machines for the bobbins, you may need more detail than given here. For more detailed instructions: Please refer to your machine’s manual.

Drive in the needle

Place the spool on the spool pin. Tae a loose end of the thread and pull it through the thread guide and then down and around the thread tae-up lever. You must have guides printed on your machine.

Choose your stitch

The stitch you use will, of course, depend on what you mae. However of thumb, a straight stitch will wor for most seams and patterns. A zigzag stitch is used to prevent the edges from fraying. If you are not sure which stitch to use, consult your sewing pattern.

how to sew with a machine

Start to Sew

The foot control starts the machine sewing.

The harder you press the foot control, the faster the machine will sew.

Place the fabric under the needle.

Hold the loose end of the thread for the first few stitches so that it does not get tangled.

Then it’s fine to have it handed from the bac of the machine.

The machine will sew all fabric on it, so if you want straight stitches you need to move your fabric in a straight line.

Hold the fabric bundle to your left so you have more room around the fabric to move if you are not sewing in a straight line.

how to use a handheld sewing machine

How to use a hand sewing machine

Hand sewing machines use the same principles lie a normal sewing machine.

You use a jog wheel to move and change the needle, and you still need to thread the needle.

To sew, hold the fabric in your hand. left hand and the machine on your right (although this is less important than with a real machine).

Guide the fabric through the machine.

Please note that hand sewing machines are very useful, but are more limited than regular machines. They can comfortably sew a smaller range of materials; polyester, cotton, sil and nylon. It also limited them in the number of stitches they can sew.

And that’s how you use a hand sewing machine!

So now you now all about using a sewing machine!


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