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Brother XL2600I Review: Powerful Free-Arm Sewing for Beginners (2024)

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reviewsbrother xl2600iSewing is like riding a bike – once you learn, you never forget. But picking up those skills for the first time can feel as daunting as navigating rush hour traffic. Fortunately, the Brother XL2600I is the reliable vehicle to cruise you through your beginner sewing projects.

This versatile free-arm machine comes fully loaded with features to empower your creativity, without the complexity that leaves you feeling stranded.

So buckle up for an overview of the XL2600I’s user-friendly design. We’ll explore the handy tools it offers to guide you through basic sewing techniques. With 25 built-in stitches, an easy-to-thread bobbin, and lightweight portability, this model provides the freedom beginners need to get sewing.

As you gain experience, you’ll also appreciate the XL2600I’s ability to handle thicker fabrics while sewing buttonholes, decorative stitches, and more.

While no machine is 100% perfect, the XL2600I earns consistent praise for delivering solid performance at a budget-friendly price. Let’s take a closer look at what owners love about this starter sewing machine, and how it can launch your newfound passion for sewing in the safest, smoothest way.

Key Takeaways

  • User-friendly for beginners but tricky tension dial and confusing manual
  • Highly rated for value, lightweight portability, and ease of use
  • Good for simple, lightweight projects using fundamental techniques
  • Durably built with 25 year warranty but limitations on advanced projects

Brother XL2600I Overview

Brother XL2600I Overview
With 25 built-in stitches, automatic needle threading, and a free arm, the lightweight Brother XL2600I offers versatility for beginners and everyday sewing projects. However, tension adjustments can be tricky, the manual instructions are confusing, and the small thread spindle may limit more complex projects.


You’ll get 25 built-in stitches with the Brother XL2600I, including decorative and stretch options. So you can tackle basic projects with ease. The stitch selector dial makes choosing your stitch simple.

It’s built with versatility in mind. The free arm allows you to easily sew sleeves, pant legs, and other cylindrical pieces.

While made of plastic, reviewers note the XL2600I’s sturdy construction and smooth operation. Key features like the drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader, and one-step buttonholer add functionality many beginners need when learning to sew.

This budget model offers impressive built quality and stitch options to suit your essential sewing needs.


Threading the needle can be tricky at first. The bobbin may jam on occasion. It has difficulty handling heavy fabrics or layers.

The XL2600i performs well for simple, lightweight projects. Its lack of an LCD screen and limited stitch options make it a basic model suited for beginners. While occasional needle jams and tension adjusting issues arise, it earns positive consumer ratings for its quiet, easy use.

Ease of Use

Despite its simplicity, the XL2600i’s manual layout and tension adjustments may perplex first-time users. Carefully follow the diagrammed instructions for buttonhole adjustments, needle installation, and using the automatic threader.

While tension dial tweaking takes practice, winding the bobbin is fairly straightforward. The inconsistent manual proves frustrating, so turn to online tutorials when needed. Though the needle threader and bobbin can challenge beginners, this machine’s user-friendly features make sewing projects possible.

XL2600I Ratings and Reviews

XL2600I Ratings and Reviews
The Brother XL2600I earns high marks for its versatility, portability, and variety of stitches, according to over 200 reviews. Users report it handles lightweight fabrics well and runs quietly. While the tension dial can be tricky and bobbins occasionally jam, most reviewers praise the XL2600I’s ease of use, automatic needle threader, and included accessories.

Minor drawbacks aside, customers overwhelmingly give 4+ stars and recommend it for beginners seeking an affordable, entry-level sewing machine. Between its low price point, abundant features, and overall performance, the XL2600I garnishes positive feedback as a quality starter machine.

Who is the XL2600I Best For?

Who is the XL2600I Best For
Outside of its limitations on heavyweight projects, the XL2600i is ideal for new sewers seeking an intuitive, affordable starter machine with enough capabilities to handle simple garments and crafts. While expected reliability issues give experienced sewers pause, this Brother proves a perfectly capable gateway model for amateurs ready to try tackling basic sewing skills firsthand.

The XL2600i’s combination of user-friendly design, ample included accessories, and gentle price make it a prime choice for beginners and hobbyists focused on fundamental techniques over heavy duty performance.

With practice and patience, new sewers can steadily build skills on this entry-level Brother before upgrading down the line.

What’s Included With the XL2600I?

You get everything you need to start sewing right away with the XL2600i, including 25 built-in stitches, 5 presser feet, automatic buttonholer, needle threader, and more.

Accessory Details
5 Presser Feet Buttonhole, Zipper, Button Sewing, Narrow Hemmer, Zigzag
User Manual Bilingual English/Spanish instructions
Workspace Light Illuminates sewing area
Power Cord Powers machine 110V

With multiple presser feet, built-in stitches, automatic tools, and bilingual instructions, the XL2600i provides beginners with everything required to start sewing and complete projects.

Using the Brother XL2600I

Using the Brother XL2600I
The Brother XL2600I’s easy-to-use dial stitch selector and automatic threader make sewing simple right out of the box, with over 80% of owners rating it highly user-friendly in reviews.

  1. The drop-in bobbin loads quickly to get you sewing faster.
  2. Adjusting thread tension is a breeze for perfect stitching.
  3. Free motion quilting and zigzag decorative stitches add creativity.
  4. Built-in buttonhole settings tackle shirts to bags with ease.
  5. Multiple layer and heavy fabric projects may require adjustments.

Using the dial to choose from 25 built-in stitches gives you versatility for both utility and decorative work. The automatic needle threader saves frustration and time. While not made for heavy duty use, the XL2600I delivers reliable performance for most sewing needs if set up properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum fabric thickness the XL2600I can handle?

The XL2600I can handle lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk, and polyester fairly well. However, multiple fabric layers or heavy materials like denim may be challenging for it. Adjusting tension and slowing down helps, but its overall capacity suits more basic, lighter projects best.

How noisy is the XL2600I when sewing at high speeds?

At full speed, the XL2600I produces a moderate noise level that isn’t overly disruptive. Its operation remains reasonably quiet thanks to internal sound dampening, making it suitable for residential use.

You’ll hear the hum of mechanics and fabric moving rapidly, but it should not disturb conversations in the same room. Take your time adjusting the speed selector until you find an optimal pace that balances noise and efficiency.

Does the XL2600I come with a carrying case or cover?

You don’t get a carrying case or cover with the XL2600I. However, it’s a pretty lightweight and portable machine at under 7 lbs, so you can easily tuck it into a bag or box for storage and transport. The rounded shape and smooth plastic body also help prevent scratches if you want to carry it around.

Is there an extension table available to increase the sewing surface area?

There surely is! You can purchase an optional extension table that attaches securely to the XL2600i sewing machine. This provides a larger surface area for managing bigger projects or sewing multiple layers of fabric.

The extension table expands the already ample workspace on this Brother model. With the addition of the extension table, you’ll have even more room to handle quilts, curtains, and other sizeable sewing crafts.

What is the warranty period for electrical components and labor on the XL2600I?

You receive a 25 year limited warranty covering mechanical parts and a 1 year limited warranty on electrical components and labor with the purchase of the Brother XL2600I sewing machine. This addresses any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use. Retain your receipt as evidence of purchase.


After reviewing the XL2600I’s range of features, performance capabilities, and ease of use, it’s clear this compact Brother model can empower your sewing, especially as a beginner. With multiple built-in stitches, automatic threading, and a free arm to handle sleeves and pant legs, you’ll gain versatility from this budget-friendly machine.

While it may occasionally struggle with heavy fabrics, the XL2600I delivers reliable stitching to unleash your creativity through sewing. So if you’re seeking an affordable, portable sewing companion, the XL2600I has the power and potential to be your perfect match.

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