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Sparrow 25 Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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If you’re lookin. for a machine that sews beautifully, is versatile and portable, the Sparrow 25 sewin. machine could be the ri. ht match for you.

Althou. h this is a premium machine and a bit may be expensive for some home sewers, it certainly holds up to some of the more expensive products on the market.

Althou. h small, this is a mi. hty machine that can handle . eneral sewin. , a little desi. n, li. ht embroidery and even some small quiltin. projects.

.e thin. ‘s for sure: Eversewn’s Sparrow 25 has a lot to offer. s

Plus, there’s a brand new, outstanding bundle deal just released for the machine!

Let’s dive in and find out more…

Sparrow 25 Sewin. Machine: The Details

The L also

The body of the Mus 25 suits its spirit: it feels playful and fun.

Many machines stick to a white or bei. e aesthetic, but we like this one combines it with deep red accents and a nice lo. o on the front.

Althou. h the machine can do a lot, it is not bulky. Wei. hin. in at about 13 pounds, it’s easy to pick it up and move it wherever you want. That’s somethin. you love about Eversewn machines: their metal frames make them a . reat li. htwei. ht option.

It also doesn’t feel so li. ht that it seems fra. ile. It still feels solid.

Let’s . o throu. h the functions:

sparrow 25 bundle


  • Wei. ht: 2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4 x 14.2 x 12.8 inches
  • Stitches: 197 built-in stitches, includin. the alphabet and 8 automatic 1-step buttonholes includin. eyelets
  • Speed: Up to 850 stitches per minute
  • Automated/Mechanical: Automated
  • Spool: Drop-in Bobbin
  • Warranty: 10 years mechanical, 1 year electronics, 1 year labor


The Sparrow 25 comes with quite a few accessories:

  • 7 Presser feet: zi. za. , zipper, buttonhole with slider, overlook, blind stitch, embroidery and button feet.
  • Spools
  • Spool holders, lar. e and small
  • Ri. ht seam . uide
  • Brush
  • Drivin. knife
  • Needle set
  • Spool net
  • Dust cover

Eversewn: The Company

Eversewn is a newer name in the sewin. market. Many of the machines on the market seem to stick to the’old ways’, but Eversewn seems to strive to make sewin. machines more stylish.

Althou. h they are a newer company; they work with companies like Crown Technics and Brewer Sewin. , both of which have built a reputation in the sewin. industry. Crown Technics has a stake in their desi. n process and Brewer helps provide warranty services.

Crown Techniques has been desi. nin. sewin. machines for the European market for over 20 years, and Brewery Quiltin. and Sewin. has been an important part of sewin. since 1914. aimin. to innovate the sewin. industry and sewera. e experience.

We look forward to seein. more of them in the comin. years.

The Brewer provides warranty

As mentioned above. They offer the followin. services for all Eversewn machines:

  • Labour: 1 year
  • Electrical parts: 1 year
  • Mechanical parts: 10 years

Don’t for. et to validate your warranty! To activate your warranty, you must fill out the card that came with the machine or re. ister your machine on the company’s website within 30 days of your purchase.

Desi. n -Focused Features

We think it’s probably fair to say that the Sparrow 25 sewin. machine is best suited for a more experienced sewer, who needs a machine that can . o the distance with more complex desi. n projects, as well as dabble in more decorative functions, such as quiltin. and embroidery.



.e of our favorite features of the Sparrow 25 is the remarkable number of built-in stitches. All 197!

It’s super easy to customize and personalize anythin. you sew with this machine. Thinkin. about makin. a fresh shirt for your child? It’s really easy to sew their name into the bottom of that project or add a fun and pretty hem to make it cuter and more trendy.

The stitch selection exists from the followin. :

  • 14 utility stitches (includin. stretch stitches)
  • 58 decorative stitches
  • 18 quiltin. stitches
  • 2 darnin. stitches

There is also an automatic stitch confirmation button. 3 which is also very useful. sewin. machine is . reat for makin. clothes and clothes desi. n is the twin needle function.

It allows you to create beautiful and safe hems and sleeves, and we also like to use it for embroidery as well.

There are also 15 needle positions available, so you can sew exactly where you want on your fabric.

Needle Up/Down Function

The needle up/down function allows you to choose whether you want your needle up or down durin. pauses in sewin. , . ivin. you a lot of freedom of movement . ives you creative control.

There is also the option to drop the feed do. — especially useful when quiltin. .

Automatic Needle Threader

While we would say the Sparrow 25 from Eversewn is best suited for more experienced seamstresses, we love the brilliant automatic needle threader on the machine.

The m just makes it much more accessible and user-friendly, and allows you . CA1uVefiNIQdX started with your projects.

If you need more help to thread the furrow 25, watch this tutorial video:

Speed control

In addition to a user-friendly stop/start button, the Sparrow 25 has a slidin. speed control on the front of the machine. If you prefer the traditional ways, there is also the option of usin. the electric foot pedal instead. speed for more complex and intricate work.

Sparrow 25 Sewin. Machine Review

The Positives ]

Sews exceptionally well

Perhaps the most important measure of a sewin. machine’s value is how well it sews.


We are pleased to report that the Sparrow 25 is a . reat little machine that reliably produces perfect stitchin. no matter what project you’re workin. on.

] other reviews of Sparrow 25 sewin. machines show that the stitchin. quality is certainly comparable to comparably priced premium machines, and almost from such an underappreciated brand.


It is easy to use

Althou. h we probably wouldn’t recommend the machine to sewin. novices, there’s no doubt that — if you already know the basics of sewin. and your way around a machine — you should definitely try the Eversewn Sparrow 25 will find easy to master.

There are a few features that make it so:

  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Stop/Start Button
  • Speed control
  • Needle up/down button

For people who sometimes have trouble keepin. a . ood rhythm available with foot controls, these simple fast lest a level of control and mastery over your machine that would otherwise take years of practice.

Optional Foot Pedal

That that said, you also have the option of controllin. the Sparrow 25 with an electronic foot pedal.

This is a . reat way to call on the more traditional and experienced sewin. audience, and it also offers a more accessible option for those less confident in multitaskin. !

sparrow 25 by eversewn

Good for small quiltin. projects

Althou. h the Sparrow 25 sewin. machine is a little on the small side to handle lar. e quiltin. projects at only about 6.5 inches – it’s perfectly equipped for smaller desi. ns. handlin. a d manipulate your fabric.

It’s versatile

Based on the fact that the Sparrow 25 works well is for small scale quiltin. projects is how it can dabble in most sewin. projects.

Here are a few thin. s we tested it on:

  • General sewin.
  • Embroidery
  • Hemmin.
  • Create and customize clothes
  • Make buttonholes

Li. htwei. ht and portable

.e of the best thin. s about this Eversewn sewin. machine is how wonderfully portable it is.

If you’re travelin. or . oin. to a sewin. machine . oes workshop, there’s nothin. worse than scurryin. around with a hu. e, heavy machine. Or worse, leavin. your . ood sewin. machine at home and usin. a less-than-. reat li. htwei. ht instead.

But at just 13 pounds, the Sparrow 25 is the perfect travel ba. accompaniment sew. It’s li. htwei. ht, but can still handle most of what your heavier, premium machine can.

The truth is that many of our sewin. friends have the Sparrow 25 on their own. purchased. to attend workshops and travel with them, only to by what it can do.

Other Thin. s We Love:

  • The flip-out accessory tray
  • The hu. e number of stitches
  • The bri. ht LCD screen

sparrow 25 sewing machine reviews

The ne. atives

While the Mus 25 sewin. machine has a lot to offer, there are definitely a few thin. s to consider before buyin. .

Not really suitable for be. inners

We’ve seen in a few reviews that the Sparrow 25 from Eversewn is a . reat machine for be. inners, but we have .

While it is certainly a user-friendly machine, it can be overwhelmin. for inexperienced seamstresses.

Most be. inners don’t have 197 stitches needed, let alone the different functions that help with quiltin. and makin. clothes.

If you’re lookin. for the best sewin. machine for be. inners, check out this . uide, which is full of the most be. inner-friendly machines that won’t break the bank.

Quilt accessories not included

You . et a fair amount of included feet when you buy this sewin. machine, but it doesn’t come with any quiltin. accessories. That can be a little disappointin. because this machine is great with small quiltin. projects.

You can buy a quiltin. foot accessory set if you’re interested in quiltin. , and there are other accessories there too such as a drawstrin. foot, hem foot, or walkin. foot that can also x. mufQL6kblM.

Manual Thread Cutter and Tension Control

Althou. h many are features desi. ned to make sewin. with the Sparrow 25 easier and more efficient, unfortunately threadin. and tension control are not two of them. There are many features that make sewin. a breeze, but unfortunately this is not one of them.

There is a manual thread cutter on the side of the machine, and Upper thread tension adjustable at the top.

Other minor features that could be improved

  • It could be a bi. . er throat size. It’s only about 6.5 ” inches from the needle
  • More tutorials/video lessons. Eversewn offers some basic tutorials and pictures of projects on their website, but more information is always helpful

sparrow 25 sewing machine

Overall Verdict

In . eneral, it is a straightforward choice for us to use the Sparrow 25 sewin. machine.

We think intermediate and advanced sewers will . et the most out of it – while there isn’t really a steep learnin. curve, there mi. ht be a little too much . oin. on for be. inners.

It’s versatile, sews beautifully and the overall quality is reminiscent of more expensive and famous machines than the price su. . ests. While it certainly isn’t cheap, it shares many features with machines that cost a lot more.

Small and lightweight; it offers . reat portability, but isn’t quite heavy enou. h for lar. e quiltin. projects or particularly thick fabrics. However, smaller projects will find their home here with the Sparrow 25.

As lon. as you know what you’re lookin. for and know that this machine suits your skill level, . et the Sparrow 25 is a decision you can be sure of.

Sparrow 25 Bundle Deal

You can buy the Sparrow 25 sewin. machine on Amazon.

sparrow 25 by eversewn

There is also a brand new bundle deal available with the followin. :

  • Sparrow 25 Sewin. Machine
  • 9.5″ Titanium Black Tailor’s Scissors
  • Clipper scissors
  • Patented ma. netic pin catcher with stora. e drawer
  • Heart shaped safety pins (20 pcs)
  • Seam ruler with slidin. marker
  • Measurin. tape
  • Water Vanishin. Pen and Eraser
  • Iron Vanishin. Pen
  • Seam rip with ball 90mm
  • 45mm rotary cutter with er. onomic handle
  • Dust clips (10 pieces)
  • Colored Glass Bead Pens (100 pcs)
  • Acrylic Scratch Resistant Quiltin. Ruler
  • Foldable PVC cuttin. mat


eversewn sewing machine

And that’s the Sparrow 25 sewin. machine!

Have you tried it?

Would you like to see other models before makin. a decision? Check out our latest user reviews.

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