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Brother HC1850 Review: Feature-Packed Sewing Machine (2024)

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brother hc1850 sewing machine reviewAre you looking for a reliable sewing machine that packs in all the features you need to take your projects up a notch? Look no further than the Brother HC1850. This feature-packed computerized sewing and quilting machine has over one hundred built-in stitches, numerous types of buttonholes, alphanumeric stitching capabilities, and beginner-friendly features like automatic needle threading, quick-set top drop-in bobbin, and an automatic drop feed.

It also boasts some great lighting with its bright light that illuminates the entire surface so you can sew even in low light conditions.

So let’s dive into our review of this amazing Brother HC1850 sewing machine today!

Key Takeaways

  • Over 100 built-in stitches and numerous buttonhole types
  • Beginner-friendly features with automatic needle threading and quick-set top drop-in bobbin
  • LCD screen for easy stitch selection and navigation
  • Comes with 9 presser feet and a wide table for quilting projects

Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine Overview

brother hc1850 sewing machine review 1
With its abundance of features and user-friendly design, the Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a great choice for any beginner or experienced sewer looking to create professional results. This versatile computerized model offers 130 built-in stitches, including a monogramming font and 8 one-step buttonhole styles.

The LCD screen provides easy stitch selection with numbered guides for quick navigation.

An Automatic Needle Threader simplifies threading, while an LED light ensures better visibility during work time. Additionally, this machine comes with 9 presser feet – from the buttonhole foot to the spring action quilting foot – that allow you to tackle almost any project without additional accessories like a protective case or extra bobbins that are needed in some models such as the CS6000i or XR9550prw.

Furthermore, it has a wide table designed specifically for quilting projects and free arm capability, which makes working on sleeves easier than ever before!

The Brother HC1850 also stands out when compared to similar machines like the SQ9285 due to its wider variety of stitches, as well as the included monogramming foot, perfect for embroidery enthusiasts who want more options than what’s available on other models in the same price range.

However, do keep in mind that although suitable for basic tasks such as garment construction, heirloom stitching, and decorative patterns, heavier materials may not be compatible with this lightweight machine.

So it might not be ideal if you plan on tackling industrial strength projects regularly.

Features of the Brother HC1850

Features of the Brother HC1850
The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a highly functional model, offering users an LCD display and buttons for easy stitch selection, as well as 8 presser feet to assist with various projects. Whether you’re looking to do garment construction or decorative stitching, the included presser feet can help make your work easier and more efficient.

LCD Display and Button Functions

You’ll appreciate the HC1850’s intuitive LCD display and buttons, which make selecting and customizing stitch lengths and widths a breeze. With an automatic needle threader for easy threading, an LED light to ensure better visibility during work time, and a wide quilting table for larger items or hems, this machine is perfect even for advanced projects.

The built-in programmable thread cutter can be set to trim threads automatically after each stitch completion while you focus on your project; simply select it from the LCD menu! Speaking of menus, you have 130 stitch options at your fingertips, with 55 alphanumeric stitches as well as 8 one-step buttonhole styles available in just seconds.

Simplify sewing tasks by using Brother’s exclusive technology, such as its automatic bobbin setting system that will take out all of the guesswork when working with multiple spools of different colors or fabrics – making sure everything stays orderly! Whether you’re looking into starting dressmaking or trying more intricate embroidery designs, the Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine delivers professional results without breaking your budget!

Presser Feet and Their Uses

Discover the versatility of the Brother HC1850’s presser feet, perfect for a range of projects from garment construction to quilting and monogramming. The machine comes with 9 varied presser feet, including a buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, zipper foot, and zigzag stitch.

It also features an automatic needle threader for easy threading, as well as an LCD display screen that includes a numbered stitch guide, making it easier to select appropriate stitches.

Furthermore, this model is equipped with an adjustable bobbin winding system, which ensures precise tension control while stitching intricate designs or hems.

With so many versatile features available in just one sewing machine package, this device is sure to make your creative projects come alive!

Getting Started With the Brother HC1850

Getting Started With the Brother HC1850
Getting started with the HC1850 is a breeze – its user-friendly design and easy setup make it simple to start sewing right away. It comes with an LCD display and numbered stitch guide for quick, intuitive stitch selection, as well as an automatic needle threader for fast threading.

A bobbin winding system allows you to quickly wind bobbins in no time at all, while the included wide table makes it perfect for quilting projects or larger items that need extra space.

For more advanced tasks such as monogramming or embroidery work on heavier materials like denim and leather, there are optional accessories available such as different presser feet and walking feet. The adjustable speed control lets you customize your stitching speed according to your project needs.

Changing needle size is also made easier thanks to Brother’s innovative drop feed technology, which adjusts automatically depending on the type of fabric you’re working with.

No matter if it’s quilts or baby clothes, the Brother HC1850 computerized sewing machine has got everything covered!

In summary, the versatile Brother HC1850 offers users plenty of features that make any kind of project simpler than ever before – from clothing construction through garment hems to decorative stitching projects.

It also ensures professional results when creating specific embroidery designs using specialized needle sizes. With its easy setup process supported by a great instructional DVD, plus lots of additional accessories coming along in the box, including 8 pressure feet (buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, etc.

Automatic Features of the Brother HC1850

Automatic Features of the Brother HC1850
Taking your sewing to the next level is effortless with the Brother HC1850! It’s packed with automatic features that make any project easier than ever before.

With its adjustable speed, you can choose the perfect stitch length and width for fabric types ranging from delicate silks to heavy denim.

Plus, it comes with eight one-step buttonhole styles so creating professional-looking garments has never been simpler.

The Brother HC1850 makes achieving maximum sewing speeds simple thanks to its advanced technology:

  • Sewing Speed: 850 stitches per minute
  • Fabric Types: Thinner denim but not thick material like leather or canvas
  • Stitch Length & Width: Adjustable up to 5mm x 7mm
  • Bobbin Winding System: Automatically winds bobbins in no time at all
  • Automatic Needle Threader: Quickly threads needles without hassle
  • Automatic Bobbin Setting: Ensures correct tension settings every time
  • One Step Buttonholes: Eight different options available

Whether creating intricate designs or simply mending clothes quickly, users will be amazed at how easy it is to achieve high-quality results using this incredible sewist’s tool of choice. From quilting projects through garment construction right down to hems on baby clothes, there are countless possibilities when working with such an impressive piece of machinery like the Brother HC1850 computerized sewing machine – making sure your creations stand out from those made by hand alone.

Lighting on the Brother HC1850

Lighting on the Brother HC1850
You’ll be able to tackle any project with ease thanks to the Brother HC1850’s illuminated LED light, allowing you to sew like a pro even in low-light conditions. This machine comes equipped with an extra bright primary light and an adjustable illumination level for improved visibility when sewing.

The backlit LCD display on the machine is easy to read in all lighting situations and can help you select stitches more accurately and quickly.

From garment construction through heirloom stitching – users will love how effortlessly they can switch between tasks without straining their eyes or suffering from fatigue due to lack of proper illumination levels.

Plus, the included oversized wide table ensures larger items are easily supported during creation, as well as helping make sure every hem looks perfectly pressed after each session at your sewing station has ended.

No matter what type of fabric material or design you’re tackling – trust that Brother HC1850 has got your back when it comes to delivering professional results each time! With its user-friendly design combined with plenty of features such as adjustable speed control and one-step buttonholes, creating beautiful garments from scratch couldn’t be simpler.

That’s why so many people have fallen head over heels in love with this amazing piece of machinery, which is already available on market shelves everywhere now – making sure anyone looking for effortless quality results won’t need to look further than here first!.

Using the Built-in Free Arm

Using the Built-in Free Arm
Experience flawless sewing results with the Brother HC1850’s built-in free arm, allowing you to quickly and easily sew sleeves and cuffs without worrying about bulky attachments. The machine features an automatic needle threader, a bobbin winding system, and an LCD display for stitch selection and adjustment options.

It is perfect for those who want a hassle-free experience when working on their projects.

Additionally, the Brother HC1850 comes with an oversized wide table that provides ample support for larger items like quilts or hems, ensuring that all your creations look absolutely stunning. If hands-free operation is desired, you can use the included foot controller pedal, which gives you complete control over the type of stitch you wish to use at any given time.

The machine also includes a seam ripping tool and other accessories such as spool caps and a cleaning brush, making tasks that used to be long and laborious now quick and easy. Whether you’re working on a small project or using different materials, the Brother HC1850 has got you covered every step (or stitch!) along your journey towards becoming a master sewist.

Manual Adjustments on the Brother HC1850

Manual Adjustments on the Brother HC1850
You can easily customize your stitches with the Brother HC1850, so you can sew whatever design you envision without having to be an expert! The machine offers manual dials that allow for adjustments to stitch length, width, and speed control.

With a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, it’s easy to work through projects quickly and efficiently.

The automatic needle threader makes setup a breeze, while the bobbin winding system ensures that there is no tangled mess when winding bobbins of any type or size. Additionally, free-motion quilting is made easier thanks to the included drop feed feature, which allows fabric pieces to move freely as they are being sewn together for block patterns like piecing or appliqueing patchwork quilts.

With all these features combined into one compact machine, it’s clear why this model has become such a favorite among hobbyists and professionals alike! Whether you’re just starting out in sewing or have been working on garments for years now, the Brother HC1850 provides everything needed from start-to-finish on any project, regardless of the difficulty level!

You’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at how simple yet effective its manual adjustments make every task seem, giving you more time than ever before spent creating beautiful items rather than troubleshooting knotty threads or jammed needles due to poor setup choices beforehand!

Sewing Denim and Leather With the Brother HC1850

Sewing Denim and Leather With the Brother HC1850
Discover the endless possibilities of creating unique designs with the Brother HC1850 sewing machine, which can handle even thick denim and leather fabrics! It’s 130 built-in stitches provide you with plenty of options to choose from when stitching together garments or decor pieces.

With a maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute, your projects will be finished in no time at all. Plus, it comes equipped with an automatic drop feed feature for free-motion quilting techniques that allow you to create detailed patterns on multiple layers of fabric or leather.

When working on heavier fabrics like denim and leather, make sure to use the correct needle size for best results – a smaller needle is recommended as it won’t snag as easily while stitching through thicker materials.

Additionally, be sure to adjust your stitch length according to how much durability is needed; longer lengths are stronger but may also leave visible seams if used too often.

Finally, remember that this machine isn’t designed for industrial strength sewing, so take extra care when handling heavy-duty materials such as thick leathers – double-check each seam before finishing off any project!

With its user-friendly design and high-quality output levels, this versatile heavy-duty sewing machine has everything you need, whether starting out in crafting or adding something special into home décor items – unleash your creativity today without sacrificing stitch quality or durability by using Brother’s HC1850 Sewing Machine!

Quilting With the Brother HC1850

Quilting With the Brother HC1850
You can take your quilting projects to the next level with the Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine! This computerized model comes packed with features that make it perfect for both experienced sewers and beginners alike.

It has 130 built-in stitches, including 9 presser feet and 8 one-step buttonhole styles, so you have a wide range of options when personalizing fabric pieces. The adjustable speed control allows you to stitch at any pace from slowest to fastest.

The automatic needle threader makes sure each seam looks professional every time.

Plus, this machine comes complete with an oversized table ideal for large projects like quilts or curtains.

With its monogramming fonts and ability to create custom designs using different kinds of fabrics together, even challenging quilting stitch functions are made easier than ever before thanks to this powerful sewing machine‘s capabilities!

Whether creating garments or décor pieces, produce beautiful works of art in no time by utilizing Brother’s HC1850 Sewing Machine today.

Warranty Coverage for the Brother HC1850

Warranty Coverage for the Brother HC1850
Unlock the peace of mind that comes with a 25-year limited warranty on your HC1850 Sewing Machine and make every project worry-free. With Brother’s comprehensive coverage, you can rest assured knowing that any repairs or services needed will be taken care of in no time.

The included warranty terms provide detailed information regarding what is covered, as well as customer support available should issues arise while using the machine.

The computerized sewing machine offers repair services for malfunctions such as thread jams, needle breakages, and more, while also offering return policies to ensure satisfaction from purchases made online or in-store.

Additionally, users have access to an extensive library of instructional videos related to setting up their machines correctly, along with advice for troubleshooting common problems like skipped stitches and incorrect tension settings.

All of this is overseen by professional technicians who are knowledgeable about Brother products specifically designed for home sewers, including the HC1850 model.

Monogramming fonts come preinstalled into this versatile machine, so users can easily create intricate designs without having additional software installed onto their system – making it perfect not just for beginners but also for experienced sewists alike! Moreover, its 55 alphanumeric stitches offer plenty of variety when creating clothing items such as dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, skirts, etc.

From quilting fabrics together and ensuring seams match exactly where desired, to replacing broken needles quickly and efficiently thanks to its easy user-friendly design – investing in Brother’s HC1850 Sewing Machine brings fabric creations to life without hassle or worry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Brother HC1850 be used for embroidery projects?

No, the Brother HC1850 cannot be used for embroidery projects. Its stitch selection and customization options are limited, without an auto-cut feature or walking foot included.

Does the Brother HC1850 have a built-in thread cutter?

Yes, the Brother HC1850 does have a built-in thread cutter. This convenient feature allows you to quickly and easily cut your threads without having to stop sewing or switch tools. The included LED light provides better visibility for accurate results every time.

Is the Brother HC1850 compatible with other presser feet?

Yes, the Brother HC1850 is compatible with other presser feet. It comes with 9 included feet, but you can purchase additional ones to suit your project’s requirements.

What type of maintenance is required for the Brother HC1850?

Maintain your Brother HC1850 for optimal performance. Regularly check needles and bobbins, ensure the correct power on/off procedure, wind the bobbin correctly, and use the correct presser feet.

Does the Brother HC1850 come with a protective case?

No, the Brother HC1850 does not come with a protective case. However, it is recommended to purchase one for added protection and convenience when transporting your machine.


The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a master of its craft, stitching together intricate designs with ease and precision, like an artist painting a masterpiece. It is easy to use, loaded with features, and perfect for any sewing project, from beginner to advanced.

With its robust set of features, automatic settings, and wide variety of stitching options, the Brother HC1850 is a versatile sewing machine that will bring your fabric creations to life. It’s like having a personal assistant that you can rely on to expertly craft your projects with ease.

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