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Brother 1034d Vs. Singer 14cg754 – Ultimate Comparison Full Guide of 2023

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A truthful comparison in between Brother 1034D as well as Singer 14CG754 They may be very closely valued yet there is always a selection to make.

Brother 1034D and also Singer 14CG754 are one of the most preferred sergers in U.S, mainly due to the reason that they are really inexpensive. These two sergers have a magical mix of quality as well as cost and also that is the reason they ended up being so prominent. Even the rates are really comparable, with just a number of bucks dividing both these sergers. In terms of sales volume, Brother 1034D is way ahead of Singer 14CG754 ProFinish server. Brother 1034D is the ‘King of Home Sergers’ Singer 14CG754 on the other hand is the best residence server from your home of Singer. Since these two devices are valued so close, it is worth comparing both, simply to understand which one offers more value for the money spent.

Brother 1034D Vs Singer 14CG754– Features Comparison

Attribute sensible, there are some distinctions in between Brother 1034D and also Singer 14CG 754. First let us have a look at what the differences are,

New Configuration: Singer leads Brother serger below. Singer 14CG754 is a 2-3-4 string server, whereas Brother 1034D is a 3-4 thread serger. So Brother loses out on the 2 string setup.

Stitch Types: Here once again Singer 14CG754 scores. On the Singer machine you get 6 sew types, yet on Brother 1034D you will obtain only 5. On Singer 14CG754 you can do 2 String Wrapped Edge Overlock, 2 Thread Standard Rolled Hem, 3 Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock, 3 Thread Flatlock, 3 Thread Overlock Stitch and 4 Thread Stretch Mock Safety Stitch. On Brother 1034D you can do 4 string overlock, 3 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches.

Equipment Weight: Singer 14CG754 is 4 pounds lighter than Brother 1034D.

Currently allow us to take a look at the functions as a whole.

Serger Features Brother 1034D Singer 14CG754
Sew Configuration 3-4 string 2-3-4 string
Sew Types 5 6
Motor Speed 1,300 Stitches/min 1,300 Stitches/min
Threading System Shade coded Lay-in Shade coded Lay-in
Adjustable Tension Yes Yes
Differential Feed Yes Yes
Retractable knife Yes Yes
Adjustable Stitch Length and Width Yes Yes
Free Arm Yes Yes
Service warranty 25 year limited warranty 25 year limited guarantee

Brother 1034D Vs Singer 14CG754– Performance Comparison

When you compare the performance and simplicity of use, I think Brother 1034D is much better. The Brother maker is a lot easier to thread as well as established. It is a lot more novice friendly. Singer 14CG754 on the various other hand, is not that very easy to thread. Yes, you can thread it in a breeze when you get the hang of it, however from the viewpoint of an out and also out beginner, it is slightly hard. The maker gets on the loud side too. The Brother equipment is much more silent. The top stitch quality is much more or less the exact same on both servers.

You can review the Brother 1034D Full Review here.


I think the complication is not over yet for you. So I will certainly break it down for you.

Opt For Brother 1034D if you want a server that is easy to use as well as carrying out admirably well.

Choose Singer 14CG754 if you think about 2 thread abilities is necessary.

Other than these two points, there isn’t much that divides these 2 sergers. Even the rates are really comparable (now, I don’t understand whether the cost distinction will certainly boost in future or not).

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