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Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Review (2023)

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Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine is the most recent and the sophisticated kind of stitching makers produced by Singer. Singer is the proud producers of the world’s most sophisticated embroidery as well as needlework equipments. And also, this business has not dissatisfied the consumers this moment also. The present version is one of the most enticing item and you can entirely computerize your embroidery process with the help of this.

Technical Specifications

  • Measurements: 17.2 x 8.2 x 12 inches
  • Machine Weight: 20 pounds
  • Integrated Sewing Sitches: 600
  • Optimum Sewing Speed : 850
  • 13 Fully Automatic Perfectly Sized Built-In Buttonhole Styles
  • Guarantee: 25-year

Appealing Design

The Singer 9960 sewing machine would certainly reach your hands with its interior skeleton been built making use of heavy obligation steel The inflexible support would hold all the systems in a perfect positioning and would additionally supply the required durability to the embroidery maker. The system features two lamps in order to light up the stitching surface. The machine has been created using DC electric motor which would certainly offer an instant beginning and quit with no coasting. There is additionally a extension table which will give you with a bigger working area. Unlike Singer 4423 hefty dutysewing makers, which would certainly give you with the stitching rate of 1100 stitches per minute, the current version supplies a reduced sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute


The current embroidery device model has actually been created with numerous crucial in order to meet the needs of the individual. Those attributes are:

Automatic Needle Threader: Threading will certainly be made much easier with this device by the help of automatic needle threader. You can also see the threading guidelines printed on the stitching equipment.

600 Built-In Stitches: You will certainly be amazed to know that this stitching device comes filled with as numerous as 600 built-in stitches. There is additionally a reference graph on the upper lid of your equipment which would certainly enable you to pick the ideal stitch.

Bobbin Loading: The bobbin loading is less complicated with this machine and is to be packed from the top. There is likewise a clear cover which makes it hassle-free for monitoring the bobbin tons.

13 Fully Automatic Built-In Buttonhole Styles: This version includes 13 fully automated built-in buttonhole designs There is likewise a special buttonhole under-plate This makes buttonhole stitching to be finished in a solitary step. Per the stitching machine evaluations, the number of designs provided by this equipment is fairly unusual to discover in other designs.

Free Arm: There is a detachable cost-free arm in this version which will offer you with a easy access to difficult-to-reach locations like collars and also pant hems.

Brightness Control: The system comes with huge and back-lit LCD screen with the brightness control. This would provide you with clear watching of stitch features. You can also change the illumination of the display.

LED Lights: There are two LED lights which would certainly illuminate the workspace and also are constantly great to touch.

Wide Stitch: You can be able to set your stitches to virtually 7 mm width with which you can create attractive and also decorative stitches.

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Extra Additional Features

In addition to the above stated attributes, there are additionally some added functions in this embroidery device which makes this design as the amazing stitching machine of recent times.

Information Advisor: This maker comes with the electronic information advisor which would include the picked stitch type, length and also size along with the advised presser foot These are shown on LCD screen.

Thread Trimmer: You can trim the string automatically by simply pushing the string cutter button.

Mirror Imaging: By utilizing this attribute, the chosen stitches can be mirror imaged.

Prolongation and Stitch Editing: You can elongate the stitches by the help of this attribute as well as you can control the actual appearance of the stitch pattern additionally.

Automatic Stitches: You can establish the automatic stitches with the optimal size and size.

Automobile Pilot: You can obtain the complete control over the speed even after disconnecting the foot control by using this feature.

Needle Up/Down Button: Pressing needle up/down switch would enable you to transform the needle placement when the equipment is stopped.

Easy Handling Features

the best feeding will be preserved with this device as the feed dogs are relocating in a box activity. With this system you need not stress over the feeding at all. The bobbin winding is more secure with this sewing equipment as the needle bar would immediately disengage when the bobbin winds. The bobbin would certainly quit turning automatically when it is totally loaded. For this reason, the demand of fretting about the overfilling is eliminated.

In this maker, you will certainly have a straight gain access to with 8 popular stitches and the stitches will be changed immediately for twin needle stitching by using digital twin needle control There is an automated locking stitch function to tie-off ornamental stitches by simply pressing a switch. Therefore, sewing is facilitated with this design.

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There are a number of benefits with this Singer stitching equipment version. Those are:

  • You can push the automated reverse button to sew backwards instructions.
  • The horizontal threading with this system would permit you to feed more equally. There is a complementary spindle included for upright threading.
  • There are as many as 25 needle positions with this model.
  • This design would certainly warn you for any kind of possible mistake.
  • There are additionally high-end features like automated stress, extra-high presser foot lifter, maximum power control, on-board storage, 5 built-in alphabets, 6 2nd threads, zigzag taper, 18 presser feet together with snap-on presser feet as well as incentive presser feet and also these can not be beaten by any kind of other design of current times.
  • The item would certainly come to you with restricted 25 year maker warranty consisting of 5 years on digital components and 1 years on adjustments.


The presser foot pressure can not be changed for those who want to fine tune the pressure. The bobbin cover, which is made from plastic will certainly be little loose and might come off very quickly.


You will certainly be shocked to see this multi-purpose maker working well with several advanced functions and also smart innovation. The charitable stitches as well as customization which are offered at budget-friendly cost are the significant reasons for the success of this price. With lots of extraordinary attributes, Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine will certainly be the best acquisition of the period.

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