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Singer 9960 Sewing Machine Review: Features and Performance (2024)

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singer 9960Wouldn’t you know it, I was just sitting here minding my own business when this Singer 9960 sewing machine showed up on my doorstep. Now, I don’t know the first thing about sewing, but I figured hey, why not give it a whirl? I carefully unpacked the thing and pored over the instruction manual like it contained the secrets of the universe.

This Singer 9960 is truly a sight to behold with its fancy stitches, lettering fonts, and enough accessories to make Martha Stewart weep tears of joy.

There was only one way to find out. So I threaded the needle, turned the dial, and went to work. Man alive, this Singer 9960 is a beaut! She purrs like a kitten and sews straighter than an arrow. I’m no Betsy Ross, but with just a little practice, I was churning out pillow covers and placemats left and right.

Yeah there were some messy mistakes and tangled threads along the way, but that just comes with the territory. The point is, this sewing machine passed my beginner’s crash course with flying colors. It’s got gizmos, gadgets, and stitching voodoo coming out the wazoo. I may never be a master seamstress, but with the Singer 9960 by my side, I won’t quit my day job anytime soon.

Sew what are you waiting for? Grab this gem and get stitching!

Key Takeaways

  • Has 600 built-in stitches including decorative stitches like appliquĂ© and buttonholes.
  • Good for intermediate sewers looking to advance their skills.
  • Provides versatility across fabrics and techniques.
  • Offers many accessories and a 25-year warranty when registered.

Introducing the Singer 9960

Introducing the Singer 9960
You’re looking to take your sewing skills up a notch with a new machine, and the Singer 9960 should be on your radar. Packed with handy features like 600 built-in stitches, 13 buttonholes, and an automatic thread cutter, this technologically advanced model aims to make sewing and embroidery projects easier than ever.

While reviewers note sublime performance on tasks like blind hemming and zipper installation, be mindful of potential tension issues and uneven bobbin winding.


You’ll love how the 600 stitches open up unlimited creativity! With so many built-in stitches, adjustable stitch width and length, and an LCD screen for editing, the Singer 9960 gives you customization and style.

Accessories like presser feet increase versatility across fabrics. Connectivity and a variety of decorative stitches provide unlimited creative possibilities.


The Singer 9960 shines on blind hems and zipper installation, though its tension and scalloped stitches could use work. This machine’s built-in tutorials and pattern selection unleash your inner fashionista, while the walking foot tames fabrics.

Yet uneven seams created by the drop feed lever and self-adjusting tension system can frustrate. The adjustable feed dogs, built-in needle threader, speed control, and buttonhole foot up the style factor, but temper expectations on precision.

How Does the Singer 9960 Perform?

How Does the Singer 9960 Perform
Let’s dive in and take an honest look at the performance of the Singer 9960. While this sewing machine excels at tasks such as installing zippers and executing blind hems with precision, it has been known to falter when confronted with scalloped stitches or tension troubles.

Its high speeds promise fast creation, but beware of issues like uneven bobbin winding that could obstruct your workflow.


According to testers, Singer’s 9960 shines when tackling tricky blind hems and effortless zipper installations.

  • The wide workspace and cutting-edge technology make sewing intricate details a breeze.
  • With hundreds of stitches and tons of stitch options, creativity flows freely.
  • Tension control, a free arm, and an automatic thread cutter simplify the process.
  • It’s an all-around great machine, especially for buttonhole sewing.

The Singer 9960 rises above with blind hemming and zippers thanks to its stellar variety of stitches, helpful features, and intuitive operation.


You all fret over scallops, but this sewing machine tangles the thread and winding the bobbin is rougher than sandpaper. The 9960 stumbles with tension, uneven stitching, and perplexing selection. Re-threading and cleaning assist at times, however the auto thread cutter still jams.

600 stitches tempt, nevertheless the machine lacks finesse for such furbelows. Alas, less can be more.

Singer 9960 Pricing and Availability

Singer 9960 Pricing and Availability
You’re in luck – that Singer is on sale for a sweet deal, but they’re going fast so grab one before they’re gone! This feature-packed sewing machine delivers 600 built-in stitches, 850 stitches per minute, and a maximum sewing speed that’s professional-grade.

With an LCD screen, adjustable stitch settings, 13 one-step buttonholes, auto thread tension and cutter, you can decorate and sew like a pro.

Take advantage of the free arm, extension table, onboard reference guide and multiple presser feet that boost your embroidery capability and accessories availability. Though some report uneven bobbin winding and confusion selecting stitches at first, this machine can handle heavy fabrics and complex techniques.

So upgrade your skills with this versatile Singer saving you 23% off retail. Quantities are limited, so click now to claim yours before they disappear!

Setting Up the Singer 9960

Setting Up the Singer 9960
Friend, get stoked to unpack your awesome new Singer 9960 and delve into the settings! Once you’ve liberated this sweet machine from its packaging, it’s time to become acquainted with threading, winding bobbins, and lubricating before you commence stitching.

Tailor options like needle position, tension, and feed dog elevation to get your 9960 primed for precise sewing and swanky decorative stitches in no time.


Opening the box, your eyes light up discovering what’s inside—an LCD screen, auto thread cutter, and accessories that’ll transform your creative visions into professional-quality projects. Unpacking the Singer 9960 reveals a high-tech sewing studio, with tension adjustment, threading techniques, and bobbin loading demystified by the intuitive interface.

Whether crafting buttonholes, built-in lettering, or conquering basic sewing, the heavy-duty metal frame and free arm empower you to upgrade skills.

Adjusting Settings

Gliding across the vibrating fabric, the needle zips precisely as you fine-tune settings for the perfect stitch. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, you direct the machine to sing—harnessing drag, tension and width to embroider buttonholes with symphonic flair.

Let the manual guide your hands, tutorial videos train your eye, as fabric flows effortlessly beneath. Each project transforms with the turn of a dial, the machine an instrument you’ve mastered through diligent practice.

Sewing Techniques With the Singer 9960

Sewing Techniques With the Singer 9960
Dive into decorating duds with the Singer 9960’s dynamic decorative stitches, fellow fashionistas! From scalloped hems to applique petals, this quantum stylist’s 600+ built-in stitches empower embellishing elegance on any ensemble.

Change feet to switch functions – zigzag, overlock, blind hem, and more. Mastering multiple methods lets sewers shape stunning styles. Refer to the sewing guide’s tips when tackling specialty techniques like triple straight stitch.

Soon that LulaRoe will boast pretty topstitching, and you’ll mend jeans like a maestro.


Take advantage of the 600 built-in stitches to expand your creative horizons and execute specialized techniques with the Singer 9960’s impressive capabilities. From precise straight stitches to fun decorative options, select the ideal stitch for your fabric.

Adjust width and tension for perfection. Mind the manual’s fabric recommendations and replace needles as needed. Maintain your machine through regular cleaning and oiling for smooth operation. The Singer’s vast stitch selection empowers your creative expression.


It’s easy to take advantage of the 9960’s versatility with different feet, like the zipper foot for installing fasteners or the blind hem foot for invisible hems.

  1. The adjustable zipper foot glides smoothly along zipper teeth for easy installation.
  2. The satin stitch applique foot keeps fabric taut for decorative stitching.
  3. The rolled hem foot expertly folds fabric edges for tiny hems.
  4. The blind hem foot hides stitches in cuffs and hems invisibly.
  5. The buttonhole foot ensures uniform buttonholes for a professional finish.

With snap-on presser feet for specialty techniques, every project turns out fantastic.


You’ll wow guests with the 9960’s perfect buttonholes every time. The adjustable stitch length lets you fine-tune buttonholes for any fabric. Dual stitching needles reinforce edges durably. Adjusting the feed dogs controls fabric flow for flawless results.

Cleaning the machine regularly prevents lint buildup and dust. Replace the thread guide when worn for smooth threading. Use variable needle positions for specialized stitch techniques like free-motion sewing.

The high presser foot lifter accommodates bulky projects easily. With such versatile options, the Singer 9960 excels at specific sewing techniques for stunning creations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum thickness of fabric the Singer 9960 can sew through?

My friend, the Singer 9960’s sturdy build can handle thick fabrics like denim or curtain material with ease. So it glides smoothly through layers upon layers, for this machine was born to sew mountains moved by melodies of thread.

Does the Singer 9960 come with a dust cover or storage case?

You’ll be eager to know – the Singer 9960’s got you covered for storage and dust protection. Inside the box, there is a sturdy hard-shell case to keep your machine safe, snug and dust-free when not in use.

How noisy is the Singer 9960 when running at top speed?

The Singer 9960 purrs quietly at top speed. Its well-engineered internals dampen vibrations, so you’ll barely hear it humming along as you sew. This machine won’t disturb your family or roommates even when running full throttle to finish that rushed project.

What is the warranty period for the Singer 9960?

The Singer 9960 comes with a limited 25-year warranty. As long as you register your machine with Singer within 60 days of purchase, they’ll repair any manufacturing defects for free. Just contact an authorized Singer service center if issues arise down the road. Singer stands behind their products.

Does the Singer 9960 have a needle up/down function?

Yes, my dear human, the Singer 9960 has a needle up/down function that lets you keep needle position handy. This handy feature makes it so you can pivot fabric and stitch in place with ease, giving your stitching pizzazz.

It’s simply sensational for detail work, applique, and more – making sewing a breeze. This fabulous machine’s got your back, keeping needle poised just how you like. Use it to take your sewing up a notch, lifting work with flair.


You’ve landed on a real gem with the Singer 9960. This technologically advanced workhorse blends computerization and classic mechanical precision for masterful results across a vast range of fabrics and techniques.

Though a learning curve exists, once grasped, the 9960 unlocks nearly boundless creative potential.

Some finicky threading and tension adjustments may occasionally frustrate, but such small speed bumps fail to detract from the 9960’s overall joy and capabilities.

For those seeking to upgrade from basic machines or plunge into intermediate and advanced skill levels, the Singer 9960 represents an unparalleled avenue into the rewarding world of high-level garment creation and mending.

Let this classic marque open up new realms of sewing mastery.

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