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Janome Hd1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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Are you an experienced or novice eamtre looking for a turdy ewing machine? Are you tired of platic gear or doe your ewing machine often freeze or doe it often not work properly?

Or maybe you’re jut looking for a new ewing machine that comes with quite a few titche and ome great extra?

The Janome HD1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine (av,lable at Amazon and Sewing Machine Plu) might be for you.

It come with an aluminum interior and exterior, a 25-year limited warranty and 14 different titche.

janome hd1000 review

While there have been ome compl,nt from uer about kipping titche and not being able to handle thicker fabric, why not NL7GMNlook for ourelve?

Let’ take a thorough analysis into the variou feature and .nction of the Janome HD1000, and then you can decide if thi i the right machine for you.

Janome HD1000: the det,l

The Look

The Janome HD1000 ewing machine i a f,rly b,c looking rectangular machine.

It’ a leek, all-black (but alo come in white), gloy machine about the ize of a maller televiion.

With about 17 lb. Thi i one of the heavier machine, o it might not be the one you move from room to room or travel with.


  • Weight: 16, 8 lb.
  • Dimenion: 15.6 x 6.3 x 12.4 inche
  • Stitche: 14 titche with a 4-tep buttonhole
  • Speed: 840 titche per minute
  • Automated / Mechanic: Mechanic
  • Coil: Front loader coil
  • Warranty: 25 year limited warranty


  • 4 clickable preer feet including a general purpoe foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot and blind hem foot
  • Bobbin
  • Pin felt
  • Hard cover
  • Needle et
  • Large crewdriver
  • Small crewdriver
  • Ol i.e.

Janome: the brand

Janome i a Japanee company founded in 1921 by Dosaku Oe a The Pine Sewing Machine Factory, then renamed Janome in 1954.

Janome deign both ewing machine and ewing machine that are eay to ue, reliable and made of high q.lity material o that the uer “ can get the mot out of their creativity. ”

They trive to provide the bet cutomer ervice. that they have a loyal cutomer bae.

The Warranty

The Janome HD1000 come with a 25 year limited warranty.

The warranty protect the uer ag,nt any problem they may have with the “ material or workmanhip, except for electrical / electronic equipment, which i warranted for a period. two years from the original purchae date. ”

The firt year you have the ewing machine, you can receive replacement part for f,lure-and any labor cot are free.

After the firt year, defective PC can for free, but you will have to pay for all the labor needed to rep,r your Janome.

The warranty covers nothing that happen becaue you cannot ervice or rep,r your machine, nor doe it cover any damage caued by “ normal wear and tear. ”

Alo, the warranty only applie to machine purchaed through an allowed Janome ret,ler.

heavy duty sewing machine


14 built-in titche

The Janome HD1000 ha 14 different titche built into the machine.

They include the tr,ght titch, zigzag titch, knit titch, tretch titch, buttonhole, decorative and many more.

To elect a titch, imply turn the pattern dial and then turn the dial below to elect the length of the titch. want.

Aluminum Contruction

The Janome HD1000 i an indutrial grade machine with an aluminum inner frame and an aluminum exterior.

Since there are no platic parts that make up thi machine, it i like the machines that were made years ago and lat for generation.

Built-in Needle Threader

The Janome HD1000 alo come with a built-in needle threader, o you don’t have to thread the needle man.lly.

You do not have to take off your reading glae or quint your eye to ee if the thread ha paed through the eye of the needle or not.

Man.l Thread Tenion Control

There i alo a dial on the top of the machine, above the needle, that control the tenion on the thread. The tenion keep your top and bobbin thread conitent.

You alo want to make ure that your top and bottom titche together, and that the tenion i not right can cause titche not locking.

What the tenion hould be all depend on the type of thread you are uing, the fabric you are ewing and what you want to achieve with your project.

Drop Feed with three-part conveyor

The Janome HD1000 drop feed cont,n a three-part conveyor that allow you make ewing and quilting much e,er.

It alo make button ewing, darning and tippling much e,er. Quilter will love thi feature!

Revere lever

The HD1000 alo ha an eay revere lever. Thi allow you to ew in revere to trengthen your titche and keep them from falling apart.

Thi i epecially ue.l if you are working on a project that i till undergoing a lot of wear and tear or i going through a wahing machine.

janome hd 1000 review

Thread Cutter

While a built-in thread cutter i not necearily the mot unexpected on a ewing machine today, it i an inval.ble part of any machine.

I don’t have to top every time you finih a eam or hem to grab a p,r of cior to cut a thread, the time to finih a product work, reduce more than you may realize.

Janome HD1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine

The poitive

Can ew through many fabric

With the Janome HD1000 you can ew through almot any fabric you want to ue.

You can ew by otto n, linen, wool, ilk, atin, taffeta, velvet, medium to heavy knit, blend, rayon, polyeter, upholtery, leather, denim, uede, .r, extra thick fabric and multiple layer.

You by material with thi machine, which means you can freely tackle a variety of pattern and deign.

janome hd 1000 review

Tough and Durable

There i a reaon the Janome HD1000 can handle all thee material, it trong, with a .ll metal frame and a power.l motor.

A mentioned, don’t expect thi machine on a trip or to cla, but it weight make it a great machine for thoe looking for a olid, durable option.

Extra high preer foot lifter

You might think why thi i poitive. Well, it mean you can put thicker fabric or multiple layer on the machine without forcing them under the preer foot (not a good idea.).

So, if you are ewing a quilt or working on a eam or corner with multiple layer of heavy fabric, you can adjut the preer foot to fit all that fabric.

Suitable for both beginner and profeional

Since the Janome HD1000 ha all the b,c feature along with more advanced feature, it i good for novice eamtree and thoe with more experience.

Beginner will appreciate the b,c titche and the eay-to-read intruction and label on the machine, while the more experienced eamtre will appreciate the robut contruction of the machine., the man.l tenion control and the upplied multiple feet.

Thi mean book that newer eamtree can move on to more advanced project with the Janome HD1000 without having to pend more money on another machine.

Cutomer Support

Multiple review on Amazon have tated that Janome’ cutomer ervice i excellent.

They will olve any problem you are having by ending you a replacement part or even walking you through rep,ring the machine yourelf.

A long a you are within the warranty period, pXL76BLyM1lMh3QeObccJ8ynNBzqphd1jXPA1FWec to you free. Anyone who ha had poor cutomer ervice will tell you how important thi i.

There are alo a lot of video online to help you ue the machine or troublehoot if you have problem.

heavy duty sewing machine

The negative

Doe not work on all ubtance

Although the Janome HD1000 work on different fabric, it doe not work on all fabric. Fabric you cannot or hould not ew with thi machine include reptile kin, canva, twill, platic, and rubber.

While not all eamtree ue thee fabric, you never know when the mood for nakekin pant will hit and know that thi in’t the machine to pick them up. to ew.

When Life Give You Lemon …

Unfortunately, there were cae with our teter where the machine did not work a moothly. Some reported that the machine worked fine for a while and then uddenly crahed or overheated.

Extracting a lemon i alway dicouraging. While there wa only one it.tion where the machine did not work right away, there i almot never an excue for a machine not to work on arrival.

But in thee rare cae, you of Janome’ warranty and firt-cla cutomer ervice.

Threading the Machine

Our teter compl,ned the automatic needle threader i not a imple a it hould be and that threading the machine can be a real challenge.

They alo found Threading the bobbin i to be difficult.

While thi i omething to be aware of for beginner, both advanced eamtree may need to be patient in learning to olve thee problem.

Here i a video howing a threading demontration on the Janome HD1000 Black Edition.

Overall verdict

Taking into account all critical review, we recommend the Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine, with ome caution about the drawback.

If you don’t accidentally buy a lemon; it i a veratile and trong machine that hould meet your need for a range of project.

Great for beginner and advanced eamtree alike, creating a machine that can e,ly grow with you by learning new ewing and needlework technique.

However, if you get a dud or don’t inpect it cloely for overheating problem, it could be a headache.

Where can I buy the Janome HD1000 Black Edition ewing machine

The Janome brand for making machine of high q.lity that keep up with our ever-changing technology.

The Janome brand i u.lly an important part of ewing and pecialty tore, making the Janome HD1000 eay to find both in-tore and online.

To compare the bet price, we recommend uing both Amazon and the Sewing Machine Plu.

Check Price on Amazon

Check Price on Sewing Machine Plu

That’ it for our review about it the Janome HD1000 ewing machine. Curiou to give it a try?

Do you want to ee other model before deciding? See our latet uer review.

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