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3 Exceptional Products That Make Sewing Safer Full Guide of 2023

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Have you ever thought about how many ways you can get injured while sewing?

It’s a dangerous hobby, sure!

If you are a beginner or about safety, check out these three exceptional sewing tools that make sewing safer.

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Safe presser foot sewing

The needle of your sewing machine is one of the greatest dangers that will affect you while sewing faced. If you’re not careful, you can sew right through your finger!

Fortunately, you can buy a clickable presser foot with long sides and a top shield that prevents you from accidentally putting your finger under the needle.

This Safe Presser Foot is a must have for beginners. It fits most sewing machines and even comes with a low-shank adapter.

Iron-on sleeves

Irons are HOT! They can burn you …

How many times have you burned your fingers for not pulling them away fast enough while ironing?

If this is a problem for you, you need silicone finger guards. They are heat resistant, flexible and offer a good grip. You can iron your fabric without worrying more about touching the hot soleplate!

You can get ferrules at Amazonbut Ms. Sew also has a cheap pair. These little finger guards will become a staple on your ironing board.

Safety gloves for rotary blades

I love good sewing scissors, but a rotary cutter is also very useful! They make fabric cutting so much faster and more accurate.

The exposed knives on rotary cutters are very sharp, however … You can easily nick your finger or cut your arm during use

If you about the safety of the rotary blade, you can purchase protective gloves to wear while cutting. Mrs. Sew sells a Safe Rotary Cutting alue Bundle containing a pair of protective gloves, as well as five replacement blades of 45 mm and a ruler handle with suction cup.

You can never be too careful when sewing. Also read my post on 8 Tips to Avoid Injury While Sewing.

Sewing Safety Products

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