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Sewing Supplies Available at Target for Your DIY Projects Full Guide of 2024

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does target have a sewing sectionYou’ve noticed the sewing section at your local Target and wondered what’s available. Target offers a selection of basic sewing supplies to cover your DIY needs. Find sewing machines, fabric, thread, needles, and more.

While Target sticks to the essentials, their prices can’t be beat. Satisfy your urge to craft by grabbing supplies for your next project.

Learn what Target has in their sewing aisle compared to specialty stores like Joann’s and Amazon.

Discover how far you can go with Target’s sewing selection for all your creative endeavors.

Don’t wait to get started on that handmade gift or home decor project you’ve been dreaming up.

Key Takeaways

  • Target offers basic sewing supplies like thread, needles, fabric, and sewing machines.
  • The selection is more limited than at specialty stores like Joann’s or Amazon.
  • Prices at Target tend to be lower.
  • Target provides sewing classes for beginners.

Sewing Supplies at Target

Sewing Supplies at Target
You’ll find everything you need for your sewing projects at Target. From thread and fabric to needles and sewing machines – Target offers sewing basics, like thread in all colors and weights, a selection of cotton and knit fabrics by the yard, hand and machine needles, pins, measuring tools, seam rippers, and other notions.

While limited in selection compared to Joann’s wider array of fabrics, Target covers essentials like lining, muslin, and quilting cottons at competitive prices. Target’s sewing section also stocks beginner-friendly sewing machines and serger models.

For more advanced machines or greater fabric variety, explore other retailers like Joann or Amazon.

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Sewing Machines at Target

Sewing Machines at Target
You can find quality sewing machines for your DIY projects at affordable prices at Target. They offer a variety of sewing machines to suit sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Options range from basic mechanical machines to computerized models packed with features.

Yes, Target has a sewing section where you can browse sewing machines from brands like Brother and Singer. You’ll find portable, small machines great for beginners or kids. They also have heavy duty models with hundreds of built-in stitches for experienced sewers.

Where to Find Sewing Items at Target

Where to Find Sewing Items at Target
You can find sewing items wherever the crafting supplies are, across Target’s stores.

  1. Thread
  2. Needles
  3. Fabric

Target offers a basic selection of sewing supplies like sewing machines, thread, needles, pins, measuring tape, scissors, seam rippers, and some fabric and patterns. While you can find the essentials at Target, Joann or online retailers like Amazon have a wider range of products and more fabric choices.

Target is still a convenient option for picking up sewing basics when you need them quickly.

Comparing Target’s Sewing Selection to Other Stores

Comparing Target
While Target offers sewing basics like needles, thread, and fabric, other stores provide more selection. Joann has a wider variety of fabric options and colors. Amazon sells full sewing machines if you need more than just supplies.

Target Offers Sewing Basics

Target carries the sewing essentials you’d need for simple DIY projects, though Joann and Michaels offer more specialty supplies.

Store Sewing Machines Fabric Selection Classes Offered
Target Limited Basics No
Joann Wide variety More fabric types Yes
Michaels Some models Decor and apparel fabrics Sometimes

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Target has the basic sewing supplies like needles, thread, shears, and some fabric for easy DIY projects.

– Joann Has More Fabric Options

With its vast selection of fabrics, Joann offers you more options than Target for your DIY sewing projects.

  • Joann has a wide range of cotton prints.
  • There are many solid color choices available.
  • You can find a variety of knits and woven fabrics.
  • Lots of designer collections are offered.

Joann provides a work station, sewing machine, project ideas, online tutorials, and sewing classes.

– Amazon Sells Sewing Machines

Amazon sells a wide selection of sewing machines for all skill levels, from basic models to computerized machines with hundreds of stitch designs. You can also find sewing machine accessories like specialty feet and replacement parts on Amazon.

Whether you’re looking to make home repairs, create unique gifts, or join a sewing circle, Amazon has the sewing machines and supplies you will need for your projects. Other places to find sewing machines and equipment for your DIY projects include craft stores, fabric shops, department stores, specialty sewing stores, and online retailers.

Each retailer offers a range of sewing machines, fabrics, patterns, notions, and classes to support your creative endeavors. With some research, you can find the right sewing machine, accessories, materials and inspiration for your next DIY sewing project.

Sewing Classes at Target

Sewing Classes at Target
You can take sewing classes at your local Target store to learn skills like hemming, embroidery, quilting, and more.

Target offers introductory and intermediate sewing classes taught by experienced sewing instructors. Classes range from learning how to operate a sewing machine to creating custom quilts.

Sewing Project Ideas With Supplies From Target

Sewing Project Ideas With Supplies From Target
You’re ready to start your DIY sewing projects now that you’ve taken those classes at Target, so let’s look at some fun project ideas using their sewing supplies.

Target has all the thread, needles, pins, measuring tools, and basic fabric you need for starter projects like pillows, tote bags, aprons, and potholders.

The sewing section at Target can provide everything you need to get started sewing and learn the basics. With some creativity, you can make just about anything using supplies from their sewing department.

Curtain making, clothing DIY, quilting for beginners, fabric upcycling, costume design – all are great projects to try with materials from Target.

Tips for Sewing Beginners

Start with basic supplies – pick up a starter kit at Target with needles, thread, pins, scissors, and other essential tools.

Choose simple fabric and patterns – cotton fabrics like quilting cotton are easy to work with.

Don’t aim for perfection – allow yourself to make mistakes as you learn. Sewing takes practice so focus on the process rather than perfect results.

The key‘s starting simple, being patient with yourself, and building skills over time.


You’ll find a decent selection of sewing basics at Target to support your DIY projects. However, for more advanced fabrics and machines, you may want to shop at Joann or Amazon. The best part is that Target offers beginner sewing classes in-store to help you get started! So even though their sewing section is limited compared to specialists, Target can be a convenient one-stop shop for essential sewing supplies as you elevate your skills.

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