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Bernette B37 Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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Computerized sewing machines offer greater convenience and high-tech skills, but by trade, something complicated them to use. What if you need a smart machine for a simple job? Are there simple models that don’t compromise on efficiency?

The Bernette B37 sewing machine might be a perfect fit.

It is available to purchase on both Sewing Machines Plus and Amazon.

As a computer-controlled model (unlike the Bernette B35) it is easy to set up, offers 50 stitches, runs quietly and offers a whole range of accessories. That said, no product is without flaws. To help you make an informed decision, we evaluate all the good and the bad.

You may find this sewing machine quite pricey, and it struggles with bulky fabrics.

But is that enough to influence our expert opinion?

Let’s inspect the Bernette B37 sewing machine. Then you can decide for yourself!

Bernette B37 Sewing Machine: The Details

The Look

The Bernette B37 sewing machine offers a simple aesthetic, but its looks can be deceiving. The outside is almost entirely white, except for the back, which is black. They make the needle plate of stainless steel, while it completely made the inside of metal.

Bernette B37

To give it a modern touch, it also includes an LCD screen with buttons scattered throughout., giving you access to more advanced functions. In terms of dimensions, the B37 is comparable to a small microwave or toaster.


  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19.2 x 16.5 x 11.2 inches.
  • Stitches: 50 stitches.
  • Rate: 750 bpm.
  • Automated / Mechanical: Automated.
  • Coil: Drop-in coil.
  • Warranty: 10 year warranty.


  • Foot control.
  • Zigzag foot.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Buttonhole foot with carriage.
  • Zipper Foot.
  • Button sew-on foot.
  • Coil (x4).
  • Spool pin felt.
  • Needle set.
  • Second, spool pin.
  • Seam ripper.
  • T-screwdriver.
  • Brush.
  • Bobbin disk (small) (x1).
  • Bobbin disk (large) (x1).
  • Flush net.
  • Dust cap.

Bernina: The Company

Bernette is a company under the umbrella of the Bernina Textile Group. Bernina in Switzerland and according to their website I know them for their focus on both “ quality and innovation. ” Although the company in 1893, it has been making high-quality sewing and embroidery machines ever since. They introduced their first computer-controlled machines in 1998 and now offer high-tech sewing machines, quilting machines, embroidery machines and overlook machines with all kinds of functions.

The guarantee 0]

The Bernette B37 Sewing Machine comes with a 10 year warranty. This allows the buyer to return their machine for replacement or refund should any parts be defective because of faulty parts or labor. The warranty does not cover damage because of normal wear and tear or problems caused by improper use of the machine.


Fifty Stitches

De Bernette B37 sewing machine comes with 50 different stitches. These include 17 utility and stretch stitches, two darning stitches, 19 decorative stitches, five buttonholes and seven quilting stitches. Because it built them right into the machine, you can start a range of projects right away. Whether you’re quilting, working with stretch fabric, or just mending a hole in a shirt, this selection has you covered.

sewing machine review

The built-in stretch stitches let you sew on stretchy knit or jersey fabrics, which some machines cannot handle.

LCD screen

As this is a computerized sewing machine, I equipped it with an LCD display screen. From here you can choose your stitches, adjust their length and width and scroll through other options. Just use the buttons and arrows next to the display screen to scroll and stop when you find the perfect fit.

The information displayed on the LCD screen includes the stitch pattern number to show you which of the programmed stitches the machine will use, the stitch width, stitch length and presser foot recommendation.

Insert Bobbin

This Bernette sewing machine has a drop-in bobbin. Instead of finding the bobbin tucked away in a compartment under the needle plate, it is right in plain sight. This makes it easily accessible for reloading and simple to check for any issues – such as hangs.

Speed Control

You can also change the speed of the sewing machine depending on how fast or slow you prefer. There is a sliding lever that easily slides back and forth so you can select the correct tempo. Experienced enough to go fast? Put it on. New and insecure? Slow it down and take your time. This also makes delicate projects effortless to work on and easy jobs a quick affair.

Best sewing machine

Needle Threader

As a handy feature, this Bernette B37 Sewing Machine provides a needle threader. This will save you time and avoid the frustration of manual threading.

To use the tool, you must first raise the presser foot. Then pull the needle threader down and turn it away from you so that the hook comes out through the eye of the needle. Pull the thread around the guide and under the hook. Turn the upper thread away from you and watch it thread itself neatly. It’s that simple!

Adjust presser foot

This sewing machine allows you to adjust the presser foot pressure, which can help sew of thin or lightweight fabrics.

Decorative Stitch Settings

The quilting stitches and decorative stitches built into the Bernette B37 sewing machine programming can be help you dress up your embroideries and sewing projects with ease. The beautiful patterns come in many styles and require no extra work, the machine with the stitch design.


With a wide variety of flower shapes to geometric squares, this machine makes it easy to embellish your fabrics.

Start / Stop Control

Unlike most sewing machines, the Bernette B37 does not need to use the foot control to be used. The machine has a start / stop button that tells the machine to turn as the foot pedal would.

To adjust the speed, there is a simple slider called the “ Speed control with slider ” that makes the machine sew faster or slower.

Of course this machine sews just fine with the included foot control! But if it is easier or more convenient for you, we can also perform it with a start / stop button and a speed controller.

Presser foot height

The Bernette B37 has two presser foot height levels. Are you trying to sew a larger pile of fabric together? Raise the presser foot above the platform. Fewer pieces of fabric? Just lower it back to the platform.


This sewing machine comes with five different variations of the sewing machine foot, which is very convenient. The Button Foot is just what it sounds like, it helps the machine to sew buttons onto fabric perfectly. The zipper foot makes it easy to attach zippers. The zigzag foot is very suitable for decorative work. With the buttonhole foot you can attach for any batting (with the button foot we mentioned earlier!) and the embroidery foot of transparent plastic so you can see your project.

Bernette review

There are many other types of presser feet available for many projects, but the projects we have listed here are the only ones that come with the sewing machine.

Bernette B37 Sewing Machine Review

The positives

Easy to set up

Since the Bernette B37 Sewing Machine to be simple and effective, it is easy to set up.

Thread the bobbin first: place a roll of thread on the thread spool and place the bobbin on the other spool. Then take a piece of wire and wrap it around the bobbin. Once that , pull out the handwheel and start the machine until the bobbin is full.

Then slide the coil into the compartment.

Then pull the upper thread through the handles of the machine and use the automatic needle threader. When that , you are all set to start sewing!

Easy to use

Daily use during the day is even easier!

Once threaded, your next step is to choose your stitch type, length and width. Then snap on the presser foot (if using a special foot), place your fabric under the needle, lower the presser foot, press the foot control and you’re good to go!


Although 50 stitches may not seem that big, especially when compared to other models, it is sufficient for most jobs. You can access basic stitches, decorative stitches, various buttonholes, stretch and utility stitches. Whether you’re hemming pants, making a garment, or sewing a quilt, you’ll struggle to find an essential stitch this machine won’t cover.


With so many built-in functions, the Bernette B37 is very handy. Dozens of stitches are at your fingertips via the LCD screen, and there is also the automatic needle threader, speed control and start / stop button right on the machine. For medium-sized projects and fast-paced jobs, it makes sewing much easier.

Bernette B37 sewing machine

As a plus; the motor runs quietly, so there is little risk of waking up. the household with projects in the early morning.

The negatives


With almost At $450 on Amazon, it is more expensive than other sewing machines with the same, if not more, features. While the computer-aided design naturally adds to the price, you might find 50 stitches quite limited on the overall cost. However, you pay for durability and convenience, and if the machine meets your needs, it can pay for itself in the long run.

Not for thicker fabrics

Unfortunately, this machine to cut wool, thick denim, velvet and other firmer processing materials. The engine will struggle, because I meant it to be quiet and effective – not overly powerful. You also need to consider how many layers of fabric you put through the machine. Four layers of medium-thickness fabric can pick up and break the needle or cause paper jams.

However, if you only want to use light or medium-weight fabrics, rarely stack materials, and prefer a quiet machine, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall judgment

above all positive and negative points, we recommend the Bernette B37 Sewing Machineon. It offers useful functions, is easy to set up and can handle a variety of projects.

As long as you can afford the price tag and don’t over handle materials, it should serve you well.

Where to Buy the Bernette B37 Sewing Machine

The Bernette B37 is widely available with many sites offering fast delivery and offer a good price.

From our experience, the best prices can at Sewing Machines Plus (which regularly has great discounts) or Amazon.

Check Price on Sewing Machines Plus

Check Price on Amazon

That’s our review of the Bernette B37 sewing machine. Are you going to try it?

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