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Janome 3160qdc Computerized Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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Buying a nw swing machin can b a daunting undrtaking, bombarding you with an array of options and difficult trms to navigat. It can b ovrwhlming, spci:ly if you want somthing basic.

That’s whr th Janom 3160QDC Computrizd swing machin ntrs. It includs 60 built-in stitchs, so you hav xactly what you nd and nothing more. As a bonus, it faturs an automatic ndl thradr and a lightwight dsign.

janome 3160qdc review

But not vryon has a significant xprinc with this Janom. Som usrs found th includd light too dim, whil othrs wishd it could handl thickr fabrics. Janom 3160QDC Automatd Swing Machin.

Janom 3160QDC Automatd Swing Machin: Th Dtails

Th Look

Th Janom 3160QDC computrizd swing machin looks quit modrn. It has an LCD scrn on th front, surroundd by a grn-blu bordr.

Th I wrap rst in whit with a stitch pattrn on th back. Th ndl and ndl plat of stainlss stl, with an adjacnt compartmnt in th front to stor any mss.

Th machin is fairly compact but sturdy.



  • Wight: 12.6 lbs.
  • Dimnsions: 15 x 8.4 x 6.9 in.
  • Stitchs: 60 built-in stitchs.
  • Spd: 820 bpm.
  • Automatd/Mchanic:: Automatd.
  • Spool: Drop-in bobbins.
  • Warranty: 25 yar warranty.

janome 3160qdc review


  • 7 Prssr ft.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Zippr foot.
  • Automatic Buttonhol Foot.
  • Ovrdg Foot.
  • Blind Hm Foot.
  • ¼-inch s sam foot.
  • Custom zigzag foot.
  • Extra coils.
  • Spool pin flt.
  • Ndl st.
  • Extra spool pin.
  • Sam rippr.
  • Scrwdrivr wrnch.
  • Fluff brush.
  • Sm:l bobbing holdr.
  • Larg bobbing holdr.
  • Spool stand.
  • Extnsion tabl.
  • Hard covr.
  • Instructions for Us.

Janom: Th Company

Janom p25jlBwHop in 1921, first as Th Pin Swing Machin Factory by Gosaku Osm and thn rnamd Janom Swing Co. in 1954.

Janom now has branchs in th US, Canada, Mxico, Europ, Austr:ia and many mor countris.

Janom’s mission is to provid swing machins and IFYHPjR machins that ar asy to us, rliabl and mad from high qu:ity matri:s. Thy want to nsur that thir customrs “ can gt th most out of their crativity.”

Th Warranty

Th Janom 3128 by a 25-yar limitd warranty.

This covrs :l issus with th “matri:s or workmanship, qsr4mWJHKcVtc30ju53B lctric:/ lctronic quipmnt, backd by a two-yar warranty from th origin: dat of purchas.”

During th first yar you own th machin, you can rciv fr rplacmnts for dfctiv parts, as wll as labor costs.

Aftr th first yar, dfctiv parts can for fr, but you must pay for th labor it taks to gt your Ys. rpair nom.

Th warranty hAxq3YbVuOukLUbHvj2YXY causd by mishandling or poor maintnanc of th machin, nor dos it covr “norm: war and tar.”

Th warranty :so only applis to machins purchasd through an allowed Janom d:r.

best everyday sewing machine

Faturs ]

60 built-in stitchs

Th Janom 3160QDC automatd swing Machin coms with 60 built-in stitchs.

Ths includ straight stitchs, zigzag stitchs, dcorativ stitchs, and six diffrnt buttonhols.

This collction is no xaggration, but it provides you with a handy assortmnt suitabl for hm projcts or a mor complicatd quilt.


This Janom swing machin has a drop-in bobbin systm. This mans that 9OXZKVXIPzUmpqhb97HL0M from th top, so thr is no nd to rmov a compartmnt from th front of th machin; th bobbin is clos to th stitch plat.

Onc you’v thradd it, just slid opn th door, slid th bobbin in, and you’r :l st. If somthing gos wrong, you can s it right away and opn it without ffort.

LCD scrn

Bcaus this Janom swing machin is computr controlld, it has an LCD scrn. This :lows you to s which stitch , th stitch lngth and width and any othr options you hav chosn with th controls.

Th scrn maks it incrdibly asy to adjust your options. and monitor your progrss. Evn bttr, it is asy to rad and vry clar.

Ndl Thradr

This Janom 3160QDC computrizd swing machin :so has an automatic ndl thradr. Whil this may sm lik a sm:l addition, it savs a lot of tim.

No mor thrading your swing machin and no mor taking out your rading glasss!


Th controls on this Janom swing machin ar vry asy to us.

With just a fw buttons you can chang your stitch slction, start or stop th machin, cut th thrad, chang th stitch lngth or width or slct th rvrs or stitch lock functions.

No nd to adjust watch facs or prss lvrs; just prss a button and your swing projct is rady in no tim!

janome 3160qdc review

Janom 3160QDC computrizd swing machin

Th Positivs

Easy to st

Ths Janom couldn’t b asir to inst:l – thanks in part to th LCD display and automatic ndl thradr.

Th machin handls th routin dtails you’d rathr ignor and kps your status clar on th computr scrn.

You don’t nd to know Swing Machins bfor using Janom maks it asy for gQ7ThCybDOJ hobbyists to gt startd swing. projct and thn immdiatly slct your stitch dtails. Thn you can div in!

Easy to us

Tstrs :so found this machin asy to ophat. Simply prss th foot control or click th “on” and “off” buttons, and you can start swing.

If you nd to cut a thrad aftr a stitch, just prss a button! If you nd to sw in rvrs, thr’s a button for that too.

You can :so adjust th spd of th machin by prssing th foot control or using th slidr. on th front sid. It’s that simpl!

Whthr you’r just starting out or hav bn swing for a whil, Janom maks sur this machin isn’t a complicatd job.


With so many stitchs, ft to add and a rang of functions, thr ar vry fw limitations with this Janom.

Whthr you’r tackling simpl projcts or crating a whol nw wardrob, this swing machin has vrything you nd.

Th xtnsion tabl nsurs swrs by th siz of this compact machin. It might as wll hlp with biggr projcts.

Th numbr of faturs this machin has will inspir you to lt your crativity run wild. lt.


With only 12.6 lbs. you can asily tak this machin on th road or transport by hand whrvr you want. This Janom is lightwight and has a carrying handl, making it an id: portabl companion.

Th lightweight of this Janom maks it a grat machin to tak to classs. or to hlp with som projcts away from your hom or studio.

Th compact siz combind with th wight mans thr’s no hassl to gt on thymocyte tabl tops, and you can asily stor it in your clost or clost until you nd it!

If you’r a travling swr or hav limitd spac, this swing machines machin will not b a burdn to hav.

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Grat for bginnrs

Bcaus this machin is easy-to-use inst:lation and a brz, th Janom 3160QDC swing machin is grat for thos just starting out.

A numbr of customrs bought this as a gift for th burgoning swr in thir lif, and lovd that thy could asily us this machin and f:l in lov with it.

Th automatic functions ar incrdibly usful and th flushing systm is anti-siz, so nw usrs ar lss likly to mak a mistak.

Bcaus it is portabl bginnrs can asily tak this to classs or whrvr thy larn thir nw skills.

It can daunt to start a nw hobby with a big larning curv. Janom maks it thankfully asy to customiz.


This is a grat machin to grow with. It maks it asy to try out JN7ZBy5I92q and dsigns without upgrading, and th construction is sturdy nough to gt you through PhjPcB5LRO projcts.

Usrs likd th construction of th Janom dspit its compact and lightwight construction. Sturdir machins ar lss likly to jump off th tabl, rsulting in accidnts, so it’s good to not!

Th Ngativs

Dim lighting

Usrs said th includd light was just too dim and didn’t provid nough brightnss to viw th projct.

You nd to sw nar anothr light sourc or bring a light to you. It’s not th biggst problm, but it’s dfinitly worth knowing bfor making a purchas.

Not grat for vry thick fabrics

Although this swing machin can handl a varity of fabrics, it can’t handl vrything.

If you ar swing thickr sams or folding svr: layrs of thick fabric KfZNl7GM5I9Gzjb carful or not us this machin for thos projcts. It’s not havy nough and could burn through.

That said, anything from knits to cotton to lathr to fur to vn sud, as long as it’s not too thick, should asily go through this machin.

Hr is a vido showing what th Janom 3160QDC looks lik out of th box.

Ovr:l vrdict

Aftr combing through th positivs and ngativs, w rcommnd th Janom 3160QDC Automatd Swing on Machin.

With th numbr of built-in stitchs, portability and asy-to-us faturs, it’s hard to spot a fault with this machin.

In addition to th lighting issu and lss durabl natur, find this Janom prfct for a varity of swrs.

Whr to buy th Janom 3160QDC computrizd swing machin

Janom is a nam d ars6Dd9TdNbxsZt in th swing community. 2VT04osgMCXp for thir high qu:ity, accssibl machins and hav many yars of xprinc in th markt.

Th products of this company and their products ar availabl :l ovr th world. ar not that hard to find. You can find th Janom 3160QDC computrizd swing machin both in stor and onlin.

You can usu:ly find Janom swing machins at craft and swing stors, but you can boost your sarch at th following onlin rtailrs.

.d of cours you can :so find this swing machin on Amazon.

Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

That’s th nd of our Janom 3160QDC rviw. Tmptd to giv this machin a try?

For mor rviws, visit our full archiv of machin rviws.

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