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Singer Featherweight C240 Handy Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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With Singer being one of the most well-known manufacturers, it’s no surprise that we’re talking about the Singer Featherweight C240 Randy Ewing Machine. Don’t let the name fool you.

For a relatively light machine, this is one of the best heavy duty sewing machines you can come across. Feeding your fabric has never been easier thanks to Singer’s IEF system. for the best possible finish.

The Featherweight C240 is light, but also durable. The metal in the machine ensures you do not or hardly’dance’while sewing.

Due to the good lighting, you notice that working until the late hours is less effort. Costs, and we know the late hours can tempt when your project is running smoothly.

As a workhorse, there are a few things the Featherweight C240 is less capable of. Some users find the carrying handle awkwardly positioned, making it more difficult to transport.

The plastic housing may not inspire confidence at first, but after a first project you notice that it’s the inside that really matters. Sewing machine for you.

Singer Featherweight C240 Handy sewing machine: The details

The Look

It may not seem like it, but the Singer Featherweight C240 Randy Ewing Machine with IEF System is perhaps one of the hardest working sewing machines on the market.

Singer knows that working with hard fabrics is not always easy, and we don’t like to break needles in fabric that is too much for our machinery. So they designed their IEF—Integrated Even Feed–system that takes the stress off the needle and you!

With Singer’s classic look, the Featherweight C240’s look is elegant as it works through both silk and denim. Branches of blue flowers stressed the stylish white exterior, adding just the right touch of whimsy.

The selection panel is easy to read, even in dark rooms, and the metal plating reflects enough light to make work easy even late at night.

For a heavy machine, the Spring Weight C240 looks dainty enough to beg for a dance.

best sewing machine


  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17.8 x 8.3 x 12.1 in.
  • Stitching: 70 built-in stitches, including three buttonholes.
  • Speed: Max. speed between 600 and 700 stitches per minute, depending on the complexity of your project.
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Mechanic.
  • Spool: Upper insert bobbin.


The They designed featherweight C240 as a true workhorse and come with the accessories to prove it.

If you later decide you want more accessories, it’s easy to find them as Singer is a popular brand.

The included accessories are:

  • Universal foot 0A for the IEF system.
  • Universal foot 1A for the IEF system.
  • Satin stitch foot 2A.
  • Blindhem foot 3 for the IEF system.
  • Zipper foot 4 for the IEF system.
  • Buttonhole foot 5B.
  • Seamer and lint brush.
  • Border and quilting guide.
  • Clearance plate.
  • Pack of needles.
  • Spools.
  • Spool caps.
  • Extra spool pin.
  • Spoon pen felt.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Hard cover.

Singer: The Company

Since it in 1851, the Singer company offers. Winning first prize at the Paris World’s Fair in 1910 is just one of the many impressive feats they have delivered. can proudly claim.

That this victory was possible thanks to their first working electric sewing machine should surprise no one. To this day, their sewing machines are their pride and joy, and someone easily credited the Singer company as one of the most successful sewing machine manufacturers on a global scale.

The most recent milestone in a long line of successes was the 160th anniversary of Isaac Singer’s first patented practical sewing machine, which started their success and is the foundation for their continued success.

This wouldn’t be possible without paying attention to what the sewing world needs.

With the Featherweight C240, they have tackled one of the most intractable problems in the sewing world; reliable and quality work, even on the heaviest fabrics. projects around the world.

Singer Featherweight C240 review


29 needle positions

Being able to change your needle position isn’t just for show.

From being able to reach tough spots to making it easier to remove your fabric, the mastering the needle position is one way to become a seamstress.

Not to mention it makes handling hard fabrics even easier.

IEF System

The Integrated Even Feed System makes this arguably the best sewing machine you could wish for when working on hard fabrics.

We all know that a smooth feed ensures a smooth finish. So whether you’re working with delicate silk or tough leather, you now know that the IEF takes care of all the work.

Built-in needle threader

With all the advantages mentioned above, why go back to the days of threading your own needle?

This new system makes it easier than ever to thread a needle and get you on your way to your finished projects.

Tie-Off Button

Tailing your thread properly is a job that needs to be done right if you’re interested in enjoying your creations for a long time.

With The tie-off button takes this job off your hands, so you can enjoy a quality finish without doing all the hard work.

Singer Featherweight C240 Randy Ewing Machine Review

The positives

Easy to use and great for beginners rs

With this machine’s number of automatic features, it’s no surprise that it’s a cinch to use, especially for beginners.

The manual that comes with the sewing machine is easy to use. read and follow and the quick start guide will get you started in no time.

Some people don’t even look at the guidelines because I designed the machine to be intuitive with arrows to get you started.

From the built-in needle threader to the programmable needle, this sewing machine is a perfect addition to your creative projects.

Whether this is your first machine or you’re making the switch. There won’t be a lot of mess and frustrating moaning with the Singer C240.

Lightweight and stable

Don’t worry about the name; The Spring Weight C240 after the product line and not the lightweight. The metal in the plastic housing is heavy enough to keep the machine stable and keep your stitches even.

You won’t by jumps or jumps from your Singer C240, meaning you won’t frustrated trying to fix the machine’s mistakes.

Although it’s sturdy, it won’t be a problem if you want to make this machine portable. It weighs just over 20 pounds, so taking it to class or helping a friend across town isn’t a laborious task.

It’s compact size makes it a relief option for those with limited space. It won’t take up too much space on your work table or counter top, and if you need to, you can easily find space in your closet or cupboard to tuck away until you need it.

Good lighting

The Singer Featherweight C240 with two LED lights on board, so you never have to stand in the dark. This is useful if you have to sew all night or work in a dimly lit room.

singer featherweight c240 review

If the LED lighting alone wasn’t enough, the double metal plating reinforces this lighting. Taking good care of your eyes is important, so work in a well-lit room if possible.

Warranty and Customer Service

Singer is a brand known for their customer service and warranty.

Their trusted warranty includes 25 year warranty on the sewing machine head, 5 year warranty on the motor, wiring, switches, electrical components and lighterage, as well as 1 year warranty on adjustments, straps, rings, lamps and attachments.

If you find a defect in any of these items during the stated warranty periods, you only need to but contact Singer and they can fix it or replace your machine with no hassle.

Singer for excellent customer service, so if you need to contact them, don’t worry about getting stuck.

The negatives

Starts slow

While the Featherweight 240 can handle decent speeds, you’ll find the default takeoff speed is always the slowest.

While it wouldn’t have been the end of the world, more impressive if we could restart at the same speed as where we left off last time.

Singer Featherweight C240 Handy Sewing Machine with IEF system

Overall verdict

The Singer Featherweight C240 sewing machine can one of the strongest yet easiest to use machines available today

It comes with the features and accessories to be the workhorse in your craft room without ever breaking a sweat.

It for professional seamstresses who often work with denim and heavier materials, or for beginners who want to sew their own jeans. n.

Although it is a great machine for anyone working with hard fabrics, it is less suitable for work like quilting and free-form embroidery. Both beginners and experienced users will get more out of this sewing machine than just value for money.

If you want to add more decoration to your projects, the Featherweight 240 is a great machine to use. help you on your way, but he won’t be able to take you the rest of the way.

Where can you buy the[19459007?]Singer Featherweight C240 Randy Ewing Machine

The Singer brand is not a rarity? Chances are you know someone who owns or has owned a Singer sewing machine.

They date back decades and have basically become a part of history, and outdoor sewing.

While it’s always best to check your specialty, craft, or department stores. Singer machines are usually easy to find. The Singer Featherweight C240 Randy Ewing Machine is no different, available both in store and online.

Check out the following online retailers to start your search.

And of course you can also find this sewing machine on Amazon.

singer c240

That’s all for our Singer Featherweight C240 review. Fancy giving it a try?

Not sure if this is for you? Browse our latest reviews for more inspiration!

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