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How to Sew Spandex Full Guide of 2022

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Spadex: that magical fabric that moves with you ad makes your waistbad stretch a few iches more whe you eat extra .okies.

Although spadex is great i our clothig, it ca be a little difficult to sew spadex. sewig machie. But with the right tools and a few simple techiques, you ca sew your ext spadex creatio (whether that’s a swimsuit, workout outfit, or superhero .stume) i o time at all.

How to sew spadex[1965900to]Choose the right eedle

While there are eedles that are uiversal all kids of types of fabrics that ca o spadex, there are also eedles specifically desiged for stretch fabrics. Be sure to look for a ew eedle with this feature.

The ballpoit pe helps prevet fabric tearig ad ot to drop ay stitches.

We’re tryig to make this process easier, ad if buyig a eedle makes sewig that leotard or bathig suit easier for your daughter, why ot sped some extra moey?

Test your stitches i advace

Make sure you stitch your stitches o every ew fabric you use. Get a few extra iches from the fabric store just for this purpose.

Practice o the fabric to make sure you do’t ru ito uexpected problems. Also test it i differet directios.

The stitches may work or look differet depedig o whether you are sewig with or over the thread of the fabric.


Of .urse you’re goig to pi your fabric together to make thigs smoother, but with a stretchy fabric like spadex, you’ll wat make sure your pis are eve sturdier tha usual.[1965901to]You may eve wat to do some quick bastig stitches (a few stitches by had) to hold the fabric i site. It ca save you a lot of frustratio ad time, ad if this is your first attempt with spadex, we wat this process to be as seamless as possible.

Also, if you are usig your sewig machie ca chage the amout of pressure, the presser foot applies to the fabric, try decreasig the pressure.

Reducig the pressure will make your fabric less likely to stretch uecessary ad prevets puckerig (the worst!).

how to sew spandex

Which stitch to use whe sewig spadex

The stitch you use must stretch with the fabric, otherwise you will make the threads pop to the left ad right whe puttig the garmet o.

Here are some elastic stitches you ca use. ca add to your repertoire:


This stitch is o may basic home sewig machies, ad if it is your oly optio, use it.

If you have a choice, do’t do it. It ca leave gaps between stitches, ca pull o tighter garmets, puckers ad is’t the strogest stitch out there, so it’s ot our best optio.

Overcast (Kit) Stitch[1965902to]This stitch creates a .tiuous seam line ad is a wide stitch that ca fiish the edge of the fabric.

It also causes the fabric to lay flat ad stretch (which is what we are after all).

It oly dowside to this stitch: it’s ot the easiest to tear out if you make a mistake.

Triple (straight stretch) stitch

This stitch may look like a regular old stitch to you, but i fact t7NgfatoJpZ4CXceEFp three times, for maximum stregth ad icreased stretch. Guess what? No folds![1945901to]This is also a great stitch for seams that eed to look clea or that will evetually ope (iro).

But as ca probably guess, it is very difficult to get this stitch out oce you have used it.

Triple zigzag (tri.t)) Stitch[196590to0]This stitch is both stroger and more 9OpXyVY tha its brothers, the zigzag stitch. But while it’s good for topstitchig, it’s ot the best for seams as there are still holes.[196590to1]It’s mostly used o elastic ad you may have oticed it. o your uderwear.[196590to2]How to sew spadex usig attachmets[196590toto]Now let’s talk about an attachmet you ca buy your home sewig machie.[196590to4]These are optioal, but do ot guaratee ay pleats of the fabric.[196590to5]Walkig Foot Attachmet[196590to6]This attachmet has (you guessed it!) “walkig teeth ” that mimic the movemet of the lower feed to your sewig machie.
][196590to7]We wat the fabric to move faster through trasport to avoid the dreaded puckerig.[196590to8]Maily this attachmet helps move the fabric through the machie faster ad esures more eve stitchig.[196590to9]This is especially useful whe workig with fabrics that ca be sticky (thik leather or pleather) or whe topstitchig.

As with aythig you add to your sewig machie, check the icluded maual to make sure your machie FslPvsZzoL6fYcIOSjtoZ add attachmets.

Let’s sew

You wat to guide the fabric through your machie while stretchig it a bit.[1965904to]This does’t mea you should stretch it as far as it ca like a rubber bad. Stretch it a bit to help our emesis avoid… wriklig!

Stretchig is ot the same as pullig. Pullig the fabric through the machie ca tear your fabric ad create a risk of stitches.

Hold the fabric i frot of ad behid the eedle ad feed it through it through your machie as you ormally would. You’ll be fie!

Here’s a video showig how to sew spadex to make a bikii.

That’s it. See, sewig spadex is’t as difficult as you thought.

With the iformatio you leared today, wear a ew swimsuit, a uique traiig outfit or your ext Catwoma .stume. i o time.

Do you have ay tips for sewig spadex?

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