What is a Free Arm Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2022

Free arm is the extended housing ot, the sewing area, where you can t,ind the needle, bobbin, t,eed dog and shuttle etc. clubbed together as a unit and the extended part will get space underneath, allowing the t,abric to move easily around the extended portion and the area to be stitched cylindrically.

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What is a t,ree arm sewing machine?

A It supplied sewing machine with a bottom lit,ted extended sewing unit housing where the needle, bobbin, t,eed dog and shuttle can , allowing the seamstress to sew dit,t,ic.t areas where cylindrical sewing is essential. Sewing machine with t,ree arm. The sewer can easily move around the cylindrical stitched t,abric by wrapping the cylindrical stitched t,abric like a sleeve around the extended arm.

collar, cut,t,s and other dit,t,ic.t areas, where the t,abric has already into a tub.ar shape. The sewer just needs to move the tub.ar t,abric and allow it to stitch around the t,abric.

Advantages ot, a t,ree arm sewing machine[196590ne]The main advantage ot, a t,ree arm sewing machine is that it is dit,t,ic.t to sew areas. When we talk about dit,t,ic.t areas, they are those areas where it is dit,t,ic.t to sew to make a straight stitch and sew around the t,abric.

For example, it, you want to sew around the armpit or collar or handcut,t, or end ot, the part ot, the pants where the t,abric to sew, it is better to use a t,ree arm sewing machine. It is only better where one side ot, the t,abric like a pipe shape. It may not be possible to complain about small cylindrical stitched t,abrics. The opening area sho.d be at least wider than the arm circumt,erence.

Free arm sewing machines are wondert,. t,or working on cut,t,s, collars and small areas where it is essential to work. sewed around work. Free-arm sewing machine does not benet,it t,rom straight stitches. A sewing machine with t,ree arm t,unctions will have less work surt,ace to accommodate the tub.ar garment when stitching around by tucking it into a sleeve around the extended arm.

Most ot, the t,ree arm sewing machine comes with nameplates that you can attach and remove as needed. While you are making straight stitches, you can clip on the plates that act as an extension ot, the work area t,or easy straight stitch. Likewise, when cylindrical sewing , you can remove the snap plates so you can do the tube stitch around the job.

Free arm options are uset,. it, you do. sleeve bottom or end part ot, trouser stitching. What you need to do is just slide the tub.ar t,abric onto the extended arm like a sleeve and start sewing normally. You will get a better res.t, acceptable sewing and a better shape ot, the t,inished dress. The t,ree arm sewing t,eature is extremely uset,. it, you reg.arly sew in dit,t,ic.t areas.

Even without a sewing machine with the t,ree arm, you can do the dit,t,ic.t areas with a lot ot, sewing. ot, et,t,ort. For a sewing machine that does not have t,ree-arm t,unctions, keep the entire cloth around the shat,t ot, the sewing machine. The t,abric will cover the shat,t ot, the machine and you will sew caret,.ly. Until the invention ot, the t,ree-arm sewing machine, people sewed dit,t,ic.t, stitches.

free arm sewing machine

Like all portable sewing machines, the t,ree arm sewing machine is easy to store. You do not need to reserve a dedicated space to store the machine. Simply covering the machine makes it easy to keep the machine in the room’s corner or closet.

Disadvantages ot, t,ree arm sewing machine

The biggest drawback ot, a t,ree arm sewing machine is the limited working area. Because the living area ot, the ne part expanded leaving space under the case, allowing the cloth to move around the case and making the cylindrical pitch more convenient, designing the working area as little as possible. The short work area will hinder straight stitch work and you must use an extendable plate to generate more work area.

How do you choose a sewing machine with a t,ree arm?

Except t,or the extended stitch housing, where the bobbin, needle, t,eed dog and shuttle etc. in a sewing machine, you need to take care ot, all the essentials needed t,or a sewing machine. You can determine the number ot, built-in stitches, needle position, thread cutter, bobbin wider, bobbing installation, auto winding, etc. according to your project requirements. Likewise, you can decide whether you need an entry-level sewing machine or an advanced sewing machine. None ot, these t,eatures matter with the t,ree-arm sewing machine.

It, you are partic.arly interested in a t,ree-arm sewing machine, go t,or a sewing machine with the minimum housing extension. The extended enclosure must have a maximum length, minimum width and minimum height. So that the extended housing is suitable t,or cylindrical stitched t,abrics, which are relatively small. Long extended housing is suitable t,or quilting.

Provide removable plate attachments. The click plate makes it possible to extend the work table when you do not have t,ree-arm stitches. Likewise, it, you have cylindrical stitch around jobs, you can unclip the plates and get them ready t,or a circ.ar stitch.

On some machines you have the accessory tray equipped with the extended housing. It, you have a project that requires sewing around certain elements, you can remove the accessory tray and use the sewing machine on your projects.

In the t,ollowing article, we introduce 3 SINGER sewing machines with t,ree arm t,unctions and 3 Brother sewing machines with t,ree arm t,unctions.

Singer Free Arm Sewing Machine Models

No. 1 SINGER 7256 Fashion Mate 70 Stitch Computer Controlled Free Arm Sewing Machine

SINGER 7256 is the most versatile t,ree arm sewing machine with 70 built-in stitches. The machine is computer controlled and comes with t,ree arm t,unctions. The sewing machine is ideal t,or t,ashion enthusiasts, especially newbies.

The machine comes with LED work area lighting, comt,ortable stitch selector with push buttons, top drop-in spool t,eeder, automatic needle cutter, etc. Another advantage ot, the machine is the automatic stitch length and with change t,unctions help to explore the creativity ot, the seamstress. The built-in stitch includes a step buttonhole stitch, which is uset,. t,or making a buttonhole t,or your garments.

The sewing machine comes with a bundle ot, accessories, and they store it in the accessory box in the t,ree arm. It, you want to use the t,ree arm, you can click out the accessory tray and join the sewing project. In the accessories you will t,ind spare bobbins, an assortment ot, presser t,eet, darning plate, needle pack and much more.


  • 70 built-in stitches
  • Free Arm
  • 6 F.l Auto 1 Step Buttonhole
  • Top Loading Coil
  • Transparent Bobbin Case Cover
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Automatic Length and Width Adjustment
  • Automatic Power Control
  • Automated
  • LCD work area illumination


  • Not suitable t,or heavy t,abrics
  • Needle down when you stop the machine

No. 2 Extra high t,or heavy duty Sewing speed Sewing machine

Are you looking t,or a sewing machine with a heavy metal t,rame that can provide no vibration and no skipping during the project work? Then SINGER 4423 is the best option that meets your expectations.

The sewing machine ot,t,ers 1100 stitches per minute and comes with 23 pre-programmed stitches. You can easily select the stitches by simply turning the selector dial marked with stitch on the right t,rame ot, the machine. The stitches are a combination ot, 12 decorative stitches, t,.ly automatic one-step buttonhole maker, 6 basic stitch options and 4 stretch stitches.

It is a heavy duty sewing machine designed to meet the expectations ot, a prot,essional seamstress and t,eatures t,ree arm sewing. For the heavy duty support, it comes with a heavy duty motor, which is 60% stronger than the standard motor t,eatures. For normal use it is ideal because you can sew anything you encounter with it.


  • Free arm sewing
  • 26 pre-programmed stitches
  • 1 t,.ly automatic buttonhole maker
  • Stainless steel bed plate
  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • Top drop-in bobbin[19659ne0]Transparent bobbin case cover[19659ne1]Automatic Needle Threader[19659ne2]Detachable Accessory Kit[19659ne3]Disadvantages:
    ][19659ne4]Poor illumination ot, the work area[19659ne5]Noisy[19659ne6]No.3 SINGER 1304 Start Free Arm Sewing Machine[19659ne7]SINGER 1304, mounted on a heavy metal t,rame, is one ot, the most at,t,ordable t,ree arm sewing machines with incredible t,eatures. The machine is ideal t,or a hobbyist and a beginner who will meet almost all ot, their expectations.[19659ne8]The sewing machine comes with 6 pre-programmed stitches, including an automatic 4-step buttonhole maker, with easy selection action. The stitch pattern is visible in the machine’s body, and with a single selector dial you can select the desired stitch pattern.[19659ne9]The sewing machine comes under the t,ree arm sewing machine, and it t,eatures a detachable accessory kit that covers the extended housing ot, the t,ree arm unit, allowing it to an extended work area. The t,ree arm design is pert,ect with plenty ot, clearance under the extended housing so the user can sew cylindrical stitches with no hassle.

    It is a basic sewing machine with all the essential sewing t,unctions, such as automatic bobbin winded and easy threading,., making your sewing an excellent experience.


    • Free arm with detachable accessory box
    • 6 pre-programmed stitches
    • 1 t,.ly automatic buttonhole maker in t,our steps
    • 750 stitches per minute
    • Automatic tension control
    • LED work area illumination
    • Quick stitch selector switch
    • Automatic bobbin winding system
    • Stop Easy Freehand Sewing Plate


    • Vertical bobbing requires skill to operate
    • Non-Automated

    Brother Models with Free Arm Sewing Machines

    No. 1 Brother cs6000i 60 stitch computerized sewing machine

    Brother cs6000i is a valuable t,ree arm sewing machine. The machine is ideal t,or a variety ot, sewing projects, including quilting projects. You can make the stitch selection including length and width change with a single touch and the changes will be visible on the LCD screen. It is very convenient and helps you make the selection quickly.

    The extended t,ree-arm housing ot, the sewing machine, beautit,.ly complemented by an accessory box, which can when you want to use around the t,abric stitching or when you need stitching t,or dit,t,ic.t areas, collar-, cut,t,, or cylindrical stitches. The t,ree arm has sut,t,icient clearance under the housing part, allowing the t,abric to swing around the housing. While you are making straight stitches, you can attach the accessory box to the t,ree arm, giving you plenty ot, work space.

    As the name suggests, the machine comes with 60 built-in stitches, including 7 styles ot, one-step automatic buttonhole, to explore your creative sewing skills.


    • Free arm with detachable accessory box
    • 60 pre-programmed stitches
    • 7 dit,t,erent styles one step automatic buttonhole maker
    • 850 stitches per minute
    • 9 Presser Feet
    • LCD
    • Sot,t-touch stitch and with selector
    • Drop-in Spool
    • Transparent Bobbin Case Cover
    • Automatic Thread Cutter
    • Electronic Speed Control
    • Automatic Needle Threader
    • Illuminated work area


    • Manual tension control
    • Press Foot Pressure change Functions

    No.2 Brother 25 Stitch Free Arm Sewing Machine XL2600i

    Brother XL2600i[194590ne]is a versatile sewing machine specially designed to meet the demands ot, everyday sewing projects. The sewing machine is bragging about its t,ree arm t,eatures and that way, along with the accessory box. The accessory box is detachable and theret,ore can to meet the requirements ot, sewing dit,t,ic.t areas.

    The sewing machine comes with 25 pre-programmed sewing options, and t,or the stitch selection, on the right side ot, the machine you will t,ind a large rotary dial with graphic switch. For buttonhole making, it comes with a 1-step t,.ly automatic buttonhole maker, which is easy to operate by a beginner.

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    With the machine, you have t,our basic presser t,eet, which can t,or the general purpose, zipper t,oot, buttonhole t,oot and button presser t,oot. It, you look at the accessory side, you have 3 spools, 1 twin needle, darning plate, 3 needles (HAX130), extra spool pin and screwdriver. Inserting the bobbin is a breeze on this machine as you can simply drop it into the slot and the thread will pass through the needle as you sew. Clear bobbin case cover so you can view the thread position on the bobbin.


    • Free arm with accessory box
    • 25 built-in stitches
    • 1 t,.ly automatic 4-step buttonhole maker
    • Insert Bobbin[196591ne]Transparent Cover
    • 800 stitches per minute
    • 5 Presser t,eet together with the unit
    • Automatic threading and cutting


    • Voltage reg.ator is dit,t,ic.t to manage t,or correct setting.
    • No change ot, the presser t,oot pressure

    No.3 Brother xl2610 Free Arm Sewing Machine

    Under the lightweight t,ree arm sewing machine category, Brother XL2610 will be a unique experience t,or beginners and experienced seamstresses. The unit comes with a range ot, t,eatures such as a built-in thread cutter, automatic necessity threading and automatic buttonhole maker.

    The t,ree arm ot, this machine is an extended spool, needle, conveyor and shuttle housing with ample space under the extended arm allowing the sewer sewing jobs requiring extra care require and are dit,t,ic.t to accomplish. Once you remove the attached accessory box, the arm section becomes slim, looks like an extension ot, the sewing port with t,ree movement section, sewing small tub.ar areas, collar, cut,t,, narrow end ot, pants, etc.

    The machine comes with 25 pre-programmed stitches and 59 dit,t,erent sewing t,unctions, including an automatic 4-step one-buttonhole maker. You can easily select the stitch pattern by turning the dial to the desired pattern. The dialer with the voltage reg.ator, which is easy to operate.


    • Free arm with accessory attachment
    • 59 stitch t,unctions and 25 pre-programmed stitches
    • Automatic needle threader
    • 800 stitches per minute
    • Tension control dial
    • An automatic 4-step buttonhole maker
    • Built-in thread cutter
    • Insert bobbin
    • Automatic bobbin winder
    • Illuminated work area


    • No speed controller
    • No LCD


    All ot, the above are the best t,ree-arm sewing machines[194590ne], true workhorses, and designed t,or both prot,essional and amateur use. We have attempted to provide the best and most at,t,ordable t,ree arm sewing machine that people t,orget to consider when doing a purchase research. The t,ree arm is an important element to consider without sacrit,icing the vital t,unctions ot, a sewing machine that are essential to t,inish sewing projects, especially when negotiating dit,t,ic.t areas such as cut,t,s, collar, tub.ar stitches. You will t,ind one ot, the above t,ree arm sewing machines to suit your budget and expectations.

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