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How to Sew Stretchy Fabrics Without Losing Your Mind Full Guide of 2023

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I like stitching with spandex, cotton jacket, and other stretch fabrics They are incredibly comfy to put on since of their stretch. Nevertheless, stitching stretchy material is a little much more difficult than stitching conventional cotton or canvas fabric. Allow me reveal to you a couple of tricks to keep you from losing your mind

Utilize a Ballpoint Needle to Sew Stretchy Fabrics

The number one rule for sewing stretchy fabrics is to use a ballpoint needle or a stretch needle. Universal needles are also sharp. They leave openings and also runs in your materials. If you’re stitching a 4-way stretch fabric, like spandex, a stretch needle is best, but a ballpoint needle will benefit all knits. For the most specialist look, I recommend utilizing a stretch twin needle

as you need to utilize a ballpoint needle when stitching stretchy fabrics, you should additionally use ballpoint pins You can keep them on a separate pin cushion so they do not obtain blended with your regular pins.

Choose a Stretch Stitch When Sewing Stretchy Fabrics

A straight stitch is not suggested for stitching stretchy fabrics It doesn’t have sufficient give and breaks when your material is drawn and extended. A straight stitch might additionally leave ugly curly hems. Rather have a straight stitch, pick a zigzag or another stretch stitch on your stitching devices.

The majority of sewing machines have some stretch sew options. The zigzag is my go-to, yet you can utilize the lighting bolt sew, three-way switch, or extremely stretch stitch. Just keep in mind to check the positioning of the your needles prior to making use of a stretch stitch to ensure it removes your presser feet. You don’t wish to damage your needles. A walking foot will likewise help you make good-looking seams when sewing knit material.

3. Select Polyester or Stretch Thread When Sewing Stretchy Fabrics

What Kind of Thread Should I Use for Stretch Fabrics? Cotton string does not work well with stretchy fabrics since it damages as well conveniently. Always make use of polyester thread with a stretch stitch rather. Nevertheless, I have one secret if you truly wish to utilize a straight stitch– it’s stretch string.

Maxi-Lock Stretch Thread is impressive for stitching with stretchy fabrics You just utilize it in your bobbins with a straight stitch. It gives adequate stretch to avoid your seams from breaking. Wooly nylon is another stretch string option that works well.

I enjoy stretching thread, however it can be a little fussy to collaborate with. Below are a couple of ideas if you wish to give it a shot:

  • Make use of a somewhat much longer stitch length than typical.
  • Stitch slowly due to the fact that stretch thread tangles a lot more easily than normal polyester string.
  • Make use of a strolling foot to protect against your fabric from stretching as you stitch.
  • Wind stretch string in your bobbins by hand.

4. Maintain Your Fabric

One more thing that really helps when you’re sewing stretchy fabric is to utilize interfacing. The fusible tricot interfacing is the best alternative because of its stretch. I such as to use it in the joints whenever I obtain bumpy seams due to the fact that the security assists to stop this. However, it is a ton of added job. Knit remain tape is another exceptional choice.

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