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ReviewsBernette 35: Swiss-Made Sewing Machine – Pros, Cons & Features (2024)

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reviewsbernette 35The Bernette 35 is a Swiss-made sewing machine that punches above its weight.

You’ll be impressed by its 23 stitches and 60 stitch functions, making it a versatile companion for quilting minis and simple projects.

No more worries about thread breaking – this machine is built for durability.

And with its user-friendly interface and compact design, you’ll find it a dream to operate.

While some reviews of the Bernette 35 note minor quirks like the accessories tray and needle threader, its affordable cost and robust quilting capabilities more than make up for it.

Want to learn how this little powerhouse could transform your sewing experience?

Key Takeaways

  • This little Swiss sewing machine punches way above its weight class – don’t underestimate its quilting capabilities and stitch versatility just because of its compact size and budget price tag!
  • While some quirks like the accessory tray placement and finicky needle threader might irk perfectionists, most sewists find the Bernette 35 an absolute dream to operate thanks to its straightforward, user-friendly design.
  • Quilters, get ready to be wowed – this sturdy stitching companion has no issues with thread breakage and handles binding and layered quilting techniques like a total pro. Your miniature quilting projects just found their perfect partner!
  • Think of the Bernette 35 as the low-maintenance bestie who’s always down for a crafting adventure. With its easy oil upkeep and familiar Janome-esque vibes, it’s a travel-ready ride-or-die for prolific sewists on the go.

Overview of the Bernette 35

Overview of the Bernette 35
The Bernette 35 is a Swiss-made sewing machine that offers 23 stitches and 60 stitch functions, along with standard accessories like a presser foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot. While it lacks a computer system, this basic beginner model is easy to use and ideal for quilting minis or simple projects.

Key Features

You’ll love the Bernette 35’s versatility and portability! This Beginner-friendly machine offers:

  1. 23 stitches and 60 stitch functions
  2. Quilting capabilities without thread breaking
  3. Affordable cost and warranty
  4. User-friendly interface for easy operation

Its bernette b35 sewing machine design packs power into a compact, portable package perfect for quilting on the go.

Accessories Included

Out of the box, you’ll find some handy accessories like a zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and blind hem foot for versatility. The included storage tray helps keep things tidy, and the machine’s compact size makes transport easy. One notable omission is a working needle threader – you may need to get creative there.

No Computer System

The Bernette 35 doesn’t have a computer system, making it easy to use right out of the box. You won’t have to fiddle with complex digital settings, though the lack of a needle threader can be inconvenient. Still, its simplicity is perfect for basic quilting projects and minis, especially since repair services are readily available for this mechanical machine.

Pros of the Bernette 35

Pros of the Bernette 35
For quilters and sewers seeking a reliable machine, the Bernette 35 shines with its no thread breaking issues, making it a strong performer for binding and quilting tasks, even when working on miniature quilting projects. Its similarity to user-friendly Janome machines and easy operation make it an excellent choice for those prioritizing a hassle-free sewing experience.

No Thread Breaking Issues

You won’t face annoying thread breakages with the Bernette 35’s robust thread tension control and sturdy metal frame. Its user-friendly manual guides you effortlessly, offering reliable stitching at an affordable price range.

Strong for Binding and Quilting

You’ll find the Bernette 35 ideal for binding and quilting projects, offering:

  • Strong motor for tougher fabrics
  • Consistent stitch quality on various materials
  • Ample power for layered quilting techniques

Its sturdy construction excels at intricate binding and quilting styles.

Perfect for Quilting Minis

Its compact size also makes it perfect for mini quilt projects, allowing you to easily maneuver small quilting designs and intricate stitching without feeling cramped.

Easy to Operate

You’ll love the Bernette 35’s ease of use – it’s beginner friendly, compact, and low maintenance. With a small footprint and convenient controls, this machine makes sewing projects simple and enjoyable.

Similar to Janome Machines

If you’re familiar with Janome machines, you’ll appreciate the Bernette 35’s user-friendly Swiss design. Its quilting versatility and compatibility with Janome accessories make it a beginner-friendly option, though repair availability may be limited.

Cons of the Bernette 35

Cons of the Bernette 35
While the Bernette 35 offers numerous advantages, it’s important to be aware of some potential drawbacks.

The accessories tray’s lower position compared to the needle plate and the malfunctioning needle threader could pose minor inconveniences.

However, more significant concerns include the relatively small throat space, which may necessitate a walking foot for larger quilting projects.

Another potential drawback is the potential difficulty in finding repair services for this Swiss-made machine.

Accessories Tray Design

One con is that the accessory tray’s placement lower than the needle plate makes:

  1. Accessing accessories inconvenient
  2. Tray prone to falling out
  3. Limited storage space
  4. Design flaw needing improvement

The tray’s design could be better for seamless accessory usage.

Needle Threader Issues

You’ll find the needle threader frustrating—it’s faulty. Consider manual threading or exploring threader replacement options, perhaps third-party ones compatible with Bernette 35’s specifications.

Throat Size

Additionally, you’ll notice the throat size isn’t huge, limiting fabric thickness and quilt size. For larger projects requiring longer stitch lengths, adjusting the needle down position becomes tricky.

Need for Walking Foot

You may need a walking foot for quilting larger projects, given the Bernette 35’s smaller throat size. Compatible walking feet are widely available, affordable, and easy to find online or at sewing stores.

Repair Service Availability

You may find it tricky to locate a repair person for your Bernette 35. Consider these options:

  1. Local sewing shops
  2. Online DIY repair guides
  3. Contacting the manufacturer’s support

Features of the Bernette 35

Features of the Bernette 35
The Bernette 35 is a compact and lightweight sewing machine, weighing just over 13 pounds, perfect for easy portability and storage. Its straightforward controls and user-friendly design make it a breeze to operate, even for beginners, while its sturdy build quality ensures consistent speed and powerful stitching capabilities, allowing you to tackle a wide range of projects with ease.

Size and Weight

Its portable, compact design and lightweight frame make it ideal for storage and travel, allowing you to effortlessly take your friendly sewing companion wherever creativity calls.

Ease of Use

You’ll find the Bernette 35 super easy for beginners. It’s a cheap machine great for small projects thanks to:

  1. User-friendly controls
  2. Simple threading system
  3. Automatic needle threader
  4. Lightweight, portable design

An underappreciated gem for hassle-free sewing.

Design and Colors

You’ll love its compact design and colorful appearance. The Bernette 35’s sleek, Swiss styling makes it an eye-catching addition to your sewing space.

Speed and Power

The Bernette 35 delivers impressive speed and power, allowing you to:

  • Handle thick fabrics effortlessly with its high needle speed
  • Maintain precise bobbin tension for flawless stitching
  • Easily control your pace via a responsive foot pedal
  • Enjoy warranty coverage for worry-free long-term use

Local Plug and Voltage

You’ll appreciate the Bernette 35’s plug compatibility, letting you sew seamlessly at local voltages wherever you go – a real convenience for international travel or relocating.

Maintenance and Accessories

Maintenance and Accessories
The Bernette 35 comes equipped with standard accessories like a presser foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot, ensuring you have the essentials for basic sewing projects. Maintenance is straightforward as the machine comes with oil for lubrication, making it easy to keep it running smoothly, although you may need assistance in repairing the needle threader if it malfunctions.

Included Accessories

With the Bernette 35, you get a standard presser foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, blind hem foot, and overcasting foot – all essentials for tackling various sewing projects right out of the box.

Oil for Maintenance

The Bernette 35 comes with oil for proper needle and tension maintenance. You’ll want to regularly oil moving parts to keep your sewing experience smooth. Proper oiling also helps prevent thread breakage. Be sure to store the oil with your accessory kit for easy access.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining your Bernette 35 is a breeze – oil’s included, so regular maintenance is easy. With minimal effort, you can keep this workhorse humming smoothly, ensuring consistent stitches on all your projects.

Needle Threader Repair

You may need to get the needle threader fixed, though. If it’s not working right, here are your options: 1) Replace it 2) Adjust it per the manual 3) Take it in for repair. Don’t stress – even without it, the Bernette 35 is user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum stitch width?

The Bernette 35 sewing machine’s maximum stitch width is around 5mm. This versatile width permits you to explore various stitch patterns and techniques, from precise topstitching to decorative stitches, manifesting your creativity effortlessly.

How many built-in stitch designs are included?

The Bernette 35 comes equipped with 23 built-in stitch designs, including basic utility and decorative stitches. You’ll have plenty of variety to tackle various sewing projects right out of the box.

What is the maximum sewing speed?

With a max speed of 850 stitches per minute, you’ll blaze through projects. This sewing machine packs a powerful punch, ensuring efficiency without compromising precision – ideal for tackling quilting, garments, and any task that demands both speed and accuracy.

Is the machine compatible with embroidery software?

Unfortunately, the Bernette 35 doesn’t appear compatible with embroidery software. As a basic sewing machine designed for beginners, it lacks capabilities for computerized embroidery designs or connectivity features. For embroidery needs, you’d want a specialized machine with computerized embroidery functions.

What types of fabric can it handle?

You can let your creativity fly with this versatile machine! It effortlessly handles various fabric weights – from delicate silks to sturdy denims and everything in between. Quilters, rejoice! Its powerful motor tackles multiple layers with ease, making it a dream for all your stitching adventures.


Need a capable, budget-friendly sewing machine? 60% of reviewsBernette 35 owners recommend it for quilting minis and basic projects. This Swiss powerhouse packs 23 stitches, robust binding capabilities, and no thread breaks into its compact body. While accessories like the tray could improve, you’ll appreciate the user-friendly design and quilting prowess – making it an excellent affordable option.

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