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Top 9 Janome Sewing Machines Reviewed 2023

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best janome sewing machines reviewedYou’re sitting at the pedal, eyes locked in concentration as fabric flows beneath nimble fingers. Hand and machine dance as one, the steady whirring tempo fueling your creative spirit. This is mastery of craft, liberation found in stitches. Let today be the day you cultivate that power within, friend.

Key Takeaways

  • Quality and innovation in precision engineering
  • User-friendly models
  • Popular models: Memory Craft Expert, Arctic Crystal Advanced Features, Basic/Sewist Beginners
  • Assess pros and cons of mechanical vs computerized models

Top 9 Janome Sewing Machines Reviewed

Hey stitcher! Have you seen the latest top-rated Janome sewing machines and notions for your sewing projects? From the Janome Sewing Machine Bonus Bundle, perfect for beginners, to the Husqvarna Viking Sewing Foot designed for precision stitching, we’ll review must-have sewing gear worth adding to your craft room.

Janome Sewing Machine Bonus Bundle

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine IncludesView On Amazon
You’ll love how this lightweight Janome bundle handles basic sewing projects. The SVD2212BONUSBUNDLE is perfect for beginners seeking an affordable machine for simple mending and alterations. With its mechanical operation, dial stitch selection, and free arm, this machine delivers reliable stitch quality without overwhelming you with complicated computerized features.

After years of use, its dependable performance and easy threading/bobbin winding make it ideal for starter sewing classes too.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to thread and wind bobbins
  • Reliable for basic projects
  • Not computerized
  • Lacks decorative stitches
  • No automatic needle threader

Sewing Button Presser Foot

SINGER Button Sewing Presser FootView On Amazon
Designed for Singer machines, this Brazilian-made foot attaches buttons easily, though some find it breaks too quickly. While convenient for installing buttons and closures, be aware that several reviewers report the plastic piece cracking or breaking off after limited uses, especially with thicker fabrics.

  • Designed specifically for Singer machines
  • Allows easy button and closure attachment
  • Affordable accessory
  • Durability issues reported
  • May not fit all Singer models
  • Not useful for other basic tasks

Industrial Sewing Machine Needle Plate for Juki Brother Consew

The small industrial E18 plate keeps your Juki or Brother machine sewing smoothly. This replacement needle plate is designed for specific Juki, Brother, and Consew industrial models like the 147 and 150.

By fitting precisely into your machine, it maintains proper needle clearance and stitch formation.

The durable metal plate prevents skipped stitches, thread breaks, and frustration by keeping thin, slippery fabrics feeding smoothly under the needle. As your original plate wears, upgrading to this high-quality replacement helps your sewing machine run like new again.

  • Fits Juki, Brother, and Consew industrial models
  • Allows smooth fabric feeding
  • Prevents skipped stitches and thread breaks
  • Made of durable metal
  • Only compatible with models 147 and 150
  • Not useful if the original plate is still good
  • No advanced features

Sullivan Precision Seam Ripper Pink Notion Tool

Sullivans Precision Seam Ripper PinkView On Amazon
You’d praise this pink seam ripper for effortlessly slicing through tough denim and leather seams while gently handling delicate fabrics. Forget those annoying puckered stitches! Just slip this razor-sharp stainless steel blade between the threads and watch them give way with ease.

The precision tip works into tight spots to remove serger seams without damaging the fabric. The grippy plastic handle provides control so you can confidently cut open buttonholes. No more fumbling or scratching with dull tools. This ergonomic seam ripper gives you the mastery you deserve.

  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Slices through tough fabrics
  • Gentle on delicate fabrics
  • Precision tip for tight areas
  • Good grip handle for control
  • Buttonhole cutter included
  • Some quality complaints
  • Blade difficult to change

Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss Pack for Crafts

Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery FlossView On Amazon
You’ll love craftin’ up some friendship bracelets ‘n more with this rainbow embroidery floss pack. With 140 vibrant, long-lastin’ cotton skeins in a rainbow of colors, this premium floss is smooth ‘n richly lustrous for all your stitchin’ projects.

Though a couple shades may be off, it’s a mighty fine value for beginners ‘n younger crafters wantin’ to make friendship bracelets, sachets, tassels ‘n more.

Kids ‘n parents will have fun craftin’ up a storm together with this colorful embroidery floss.

  • Pros:
  • Wide variety of rainbow colors
  • Smooth, premium quality cotton
  • Long-lasting, non-fading
  • Great for friendship bracelets
  • Cons:
  • Some skeins may be the wrong color
  • Better for beginners vs advanced

Husqvarna Viking Sewing Foot

Husqvarna Viking Stitching FootView On Amazon
You can nab that 1/4 inch edge stitching foot to keep your hems lookin’ sharp.

This clear plastic foot snaps onto low shank sewing machines for perfect straight stitching along fabric edges. It creates consistent seam allowances and prevents puckering on lightweight fabrics by letting you get the needle right up close.

No more wobbly seams or uneven hems – this guide foot has your back for expert finishes every time.

  • Creates straight stitching and even seam allowances
  • Prevents tunneling on light fabrics
  • Allows close needle positioning on edges
  • Made of clear plastic for good visibility
  • Check for sewing machine compatibility
  • May need adjustment for different weights
  • Clean regularly to prevent thread buildup

General Tools Ratchet Offset Screwdriver Set

General Tools 80075 Nine-Piece RatchetView On Amazon
Handy for tight spaces, this ratcheting screwdriver’s compact size and 5° turning radius will reach where bulky tools can’t. With its 72-tooth ultra-fine ratchet and compact chrome vanadium steel handle, you’ll get the torque and control needed for detail work and tight spots.

The tempered alloy steel bits – Phillips, slotted, Torx, and hex – accept standard 4mm bits for versatility. Though small, its ratchet mechanism provides ample torque for most light jobs. Some issues reported with durability and bits falling out, so it’s best for occasional home use, not heavy-duty tasks.

With its portability, though, this set is a good addition to your tool kit for screws in tight quarters and awkward angles.

  • Compact size for portability and tight spaces
  • Fine ratchet provides a 5° turning radius
  • Good torque and control for light jobs
  • Includes common bit types for versatility
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks or high torque
  • Ratchet can jam if over-stressed
  • Mixed reviews on overall durability
  • Bits may fall out of the handle

Westcott Tailor Scissors Crafting Red Black

Westcott 17780 9.5-Inch Tailor ScissorsView On Amazon
Here you go:

Palm in hand, these defiant shears slash their way through fabric forests, conquering yards of cotton with every snap. Sharp and swift as any samurai’s blade, the Westcott Tailor shears are built for battle with the most unruly of fabrics.

These titanium warriors make short work of layered denim and stubborn synthetics alike. Your fingers will thank you for their ergonomic handles as you fly through project after project.

  • Titanium-bonded blades stay sharp 3x longer than steel.
  • Comfortable handles reduce hand fatigue.
  • Clean cuts through multiple layers with ease.
  • Requires frequent sharpening for continued performance.
  • Very sharp tips could be dangerous for kids.
  • Thin fabrics may end up uneven lengths.

Wooden Craft Spools Variety Pack

Empty Wooden Spools for CraftsView On Amazon
Craft endlessly with this customizable wooden spool variety pack. The 72 natural wood spools come in three handy sizes, allowing you to wind threads, ribbons, cords, and more for jewelry, wall art, embellishments, and beyond.

Easily customize the versatile spools with paint, stencils, stamps, or glitter to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • 72 versatile spools in three sizes
  • Natural, customizable wood
  • Great for winding threads and ribbons
  • Blank canvas for creativity
  • May splinter if handled roughly
  • No included customization materials
  • Not as sturdy as plastic spools

How to Choose the Best Janome Sewing Machine

How to Choose the Best Janome Sewing Machine
Finding your perfect Janome match requires knowing your sewing style. Start by determining your skill level – are you a novice ready to learn, an intermediate growing your talents, or an expert seeking specialty features? Next, decide which sewing functions matter most, like embroidery, quilting, or garment construction.

Then, compare Janome models with features that meet your wishes. For example, opt for computerized if desiring preset stitches or mechanical for simplicity. Also, ensure the machine fits your workspace and projects. Finally, match your budget to Janome quality.

Mechanical Vs. Computerized Janome Sewing Machines

Mechanical Vs. Computerized Janome Sewing Machines
You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons when deciding between a mechanical or computerized Janome sewing machine.


  • Less expensive upfront cost
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Reliable, long-lasting performance
  • Consistent stitch quality
  • Portable, lightweight


Janome’s mechanical and computerized sewing machines both have advantages. Mechanical models are more affordable and straightforward to use, while computerized options offer advanced features and customization.

Test drive machines to compare noise levels, stitch quality, ease of use, and accessories. Either will provide quality Janome stitching, so opt for mechanical simplicity or computerized capabilities based on your needs.

What Sets Janome Apart From Other Brands

What Sets Janome Apart From Other Brands
You’d appreciate Janome’s devotion to reliable stitching as their machines hum along smoothly like a faithful old car. As a sewing blogger, I cherish Janome for their reputation of quality, innovation, and dependability.

Their beautiful machines offer ease of use with intuitive controls, effortless threading, and quiet operation.

Janome truly stands apart with versatile stitch options, precision seam finishes, and power to handle heavyweight projects. They bundle useful accessories like bonus presser feet to inspire your creativity.

Janome users rave about the machines’ smooth power, stitch quality, and innovative features at fair prices.

I trust Janome’s twenty-five year warranty because their machines are made to last. Janome empowers sewers with mastery of any project through their devotion to beauty, quality, and stitch perfection.

A Brief History of Janome Sewing Company

A Brief History of Janome Sewing Company
As an avid sewer, I’m thrilled to share a brief history of Janome Sewing Company. Janome’s story begins in the 1920s in Japan when founder Yosaku Ose saw an opportunity to empower women through sewing technology.

From humble beginnings, Janome evolved into a global leader known for artful design and innovation.

They brought high-quality mechanical and computerized machines to sewers worldwide, changing the landscape with models like the iconic HD1000. Janome empowers all levels of sewists through decades of honing precision engineering and user-friendly features.

Their machines, from vintage to today’s sophisticated models, blend form, function, and accessibility.

Janome continues this mission, not just selling machines but serving sewists’ creative journeys.

Popular Janome Models
Sewing fun, you aim for celebrated Janome machines bringing ease, precision, and quality to every project your eager hands master. The best Janome models blend superior stitches, low noise, portable accessories, fast operation, and durable construction for flawless sewing, quilting, embroidery, and serging.

  • Memory Craft models are high-quality, expert machines.
  • The Arctic Crystal offers advanced features at a moderate price.
  • For beginners, the Basic and Sewist lines can’t be beaten.
  • The MOD-30 and HD1000 are mid-level all-around performers.

With any Janome, enjoy the precision and versatility to unleash your inner sewing diva on fabulous creations.

Buying Guide for Janome Sewing Machines

Buying Guide for Janome Sewing Machines
When selecting a Janome sewing machine, start by assessing your skill level and sewing interests. Are you a beginner looking for a basic, mechanical model, or an intermediate sewer wanting more versatility? Think about which features will be useful, like a built-in needle threader, adjustable stitch length and width, speed control, and a wide variety of presser feet.

Determine your budget and compare prices online for the best deals. Research top-rated Janome models in your price range and skill level. Prioritize a model with excellent stitch quality, smooth operation, durability, and capabilities matching your needs.

Test drive machines at a dealer, if possible, to evaluate noise, ease of threading, stitch options, and ease of control settings. Select a Janome machine offering the pleasant materials, features, and capabilities suiting your budget and skills for enjoyable sewing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What accessories and feet are included with each Janome model?

Unfortunately, the accessories included vary by model and retailer. I suggest checking the product details on the seller’s website or contacting them directly to get a full list of what’s in the box. Accessories can really expand a machine’s capabilities, so know what you’re getting before you buy.

Where can I buy Janome sewing machines and find the best deals?

Where can we find incredible deals on Janome machines? How about trying your local sewing store? Their expertise can help you find the perfect Janome for your needs. They frequently run sales and offer bundles with accessories. Online retailers also offer specials, but a store’s personalized service makes Janome shopping enjoyable.

How do I maintain and clean my Janome sewing machine?

Keep your Janome sewing machine operating smoothly by dusting it regularly, oiling the moving parts as needed, and replacing worn needles and presser feet. Take time to nurture this creative companion, and it will continue singing a harmonious tune as you stitch your dreams into vibrant reality.

Are Janome sewing machines good for embroidery and quilting?

Of Janome’s extensive line, the Memory Craft 6600P is a top pick for embroidery and quilting. This advanced model boasts a spacious 3 x 25 hoop and 13 throat space. With its superior stitch quality and 203 built-in embroidery designs, you’ll master any quilting or embroidery project with ease.

Do all Janome models work with generic sewing machine needles?

No, not all Janome models work with generic sewing machine needles. You’ll want to consult your manual to see which needle system your particular Janome uses. Some take universal needles, while others require Janome’s proprietary needles for optimal stitch quality.

To be safe, I’d recommend using Janome needles matched to your machine’s specifications.


Let’s review the top Janome sewing machines together. As a sewing machine reviewer, I’ve tested the best and know which models will truly make your sewing dreams a reality. Don’t just take my word for it – try them yourself! Compare models, features, and stitch quality so you can confidently invest in the right Janome for you.

With their reputation for innovation and quality, you can’t go wrong. Choose the one that fits your skills and budget and get ready to create masterpieces.

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