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Buyer’s Guide to Your First Sewing Machine (2023)

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purchase of first sewig machie, you probably have a lot of questios. There are so may makes ad models o the market that it ca be early impossible to arrow your selectio dow to just oe. The idea is to get the machie that serves your purpose ad lasts without breakig the bak. You wat a machie that you will ejoy; ot oe you wish you had’t bought ad are ot comfortable usig.

Start by settig a budget

A sure way a purchase you regret there’s o tellig how much you ca afford before shoppig. Sewig machies cost aywhere from $100 to several hudred dollars, while commercial or idustrial models usually cost more. While you have to decide how much you will sped, you do’t wat the cheapest you ca fid. Your goal should be to get the best value for the moey you ca afford to sped.

Quality vs. Quatity

Your first sewig machie should be the best quality you ca afford. That does’t mea you’re packed with features, but built to perform well ad last a fair amout of time. If you are still i the early stages of sewig, you probably wo’t be doig a lot of professioal sewig.

Probably ay sewig machie you wat to fid has a straight stitch ad a zigzag stitch. Most also have at least oe buttohole stitch. There are machies that have oly a few stitches up to those with hudreds. These basics are all you will eed o your first machie.

A machie that has may features but costs less tha other models with fewer features is probably ot very much. It is more likely to be of a lower quality. Stick to full size machies, brad ames like Siger, Brother, Jaome, Beria, Jukior Kemore. No-brads are more likely to be made with less metal ad poor costructio that wo’t last.

Budget Dollars

Olie shoppig

Buyig a sewig machie olie has may advatages over local dealers or sewig stores. First, you ca shop aroud for the best price oce you fid what you’re lookig for. It’s also a great way to see what other users have determied easily eough to master before usig. A really complex threadig system ca be eough to crush your ethusiasm ad keep you from ever gettig started.

Search for guidace

May of the advaced computerized sewig machies have tutorials o the LCD screes. If you’re lookig for somethig i a lower price rage, look for a machie that offers olie tutorials or has demostratios o YouTube. Seeig the machie firsthad makes it a lot easier to uderstad tha readig the ower’s maual.

Search for bargais

Ay time you ca take advatage of discouts, you purchase a machie from get better quality without spedig more moey. Some stores have overpriced machies so you really do’t get a bargai whe they go o sale. You wat to get the best bargai available to you, but first make sure it’s a real bargai.

Thik about itot

Followig this guide will esure your first sewig machie serves its purpose ad ispire you to expad your craft further. Do’t sped so much time lookig for the best machie or the best deal. The time you lose is better spet sewig!

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